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17th October 2020

Jim - Great, great quote at the end. We've stopped at the rest stop in MD many times. I'm sure others have told you this, but we live vicariously through you while reading your blog. Hope to see you soon. Doug
16th October 2020

All's well in Hillsdale, MI
Jim - Very enjoyable blog, as always. Thanks for your plug for Hillsdale, MI from Hillsdale, NY. We are very much enjoying having rejoined Faith and Fellowship after a 6 yr absence. Once COVID is in our rear view mirror, we will very much miss the Sunday, 1000AM sessions. Doug
15th October 2020
Clearing the road (with my axe)

It's a real axe-clearing kind of outfit that guy has.
6th August 2020

Any epiphanies on the road to Damascus?
5th August 2020

Congratulations on your latest adventure!
You are amazing! Did you take pictures of the landscape?
15th February 2018

Amazing photos
What a fascinating and insightful group of photos. I feel like I know this place just from seeing these and reading your descriptions. I've really enjoyed following this adventure; thanks for sharing it with us Jim.
14th February 2018

Like Harry the ending comes suddenly surprising one. But the endhad to come.I was anxiously expecting a similar narrative on the next leg of the trip specially what you thought of the farm.However i will catch
will catch up news somehow. Thxs a lot
14th February 2018

So this is it?
I thought you were going to the South Pole. From my vantage point it was worth it and it looks to me like you see it that way too. The last are some of your best pictures, but the whole trip has been fantastic. Thanks for deciding to do it and inviting us along. Harry
13th February 2018
Breaking melting ice spires

Ice Spires
Jim, the ice spires image is hauntingly beautiful. Cathy
11th February 2018

Thank you
Hi Jimmy..thank you so much for sharing your journey with us...its been fantastic to read all about your journey and of course im able to associate with some of the places you’ve been to and love your enthusiasm for Patagonia...hope you’ve enjoyed KAN ..cant believe I missed you by a couple of days..safe journey home...oh I cant find any more blogs after The Patagonia Steppe..am I missing a link..xxx
11th February 2018

thanks Liz. no, you haven’t missed anything. Still working on the last couple of posts. Everyone in Killi Kaike very well.
10th February 2018

Can't decide?
I have decided that you can't get away from the Andes. Every time you get to Argentina, it's back to Chile. Thanks for sharing the adventure.
9th February 2018
My friend with a photo of his Rampla Juniors team.

Wow Jim, the pics and write up are AWESOME! I'd like to be your agent when you write a book, end up on Discovery or Nat Geo Channels or all three. Great insights.
8th February 2018

Very nice pictures. You should got back in the winter to do some before and after shots. It's obvious you are having a good time. I liked the forest view especially. It's cold here too, but without the views. Harry
8th February 2018

All of your photographs have been spectacular during this trip, but this series is eye-popping. Your rainbow in the mist picture with the ice spires mimicking the crags behind is a big wow. Also really appreciated the photo with the cruise ship because it changes your sense of scale and helps reset your feeling for how enormous the glacier is. Thanks for sharing.
8th February 2018

What Majesty
Thank you, Jim, for beginning my day with awe. Because of your art I can visit the glory of what you have experienced--and again and again. This is treasure. Sally
8th February 2018
My friend with a photo of his Rampla Juniors team.

Excelentes fotos
Jimmy, tus fotos y descripciones del glaciar son excelentes. Qué suerte tuviste de juntarte con los expertos geólogos canadienses ! Llama la atención con los pocos que somos los uruguayos como uno viajando encuentra alguno como el hincha de Rampla que te preparó un chivito. Muchas gracias, Eduardo
8th February 2018

Thank you Jim for sharing your experiences with me both in words and pictures. I wish you a great continuation of your trip and can’t wait to hear all the stories not shared in your blog.
5th February 2018

Sounds like you "old" guys are having lots of fun. With the hot shots shooting right past you until they go down. Thank you indeed.
4th February 2018

The small town of Guadal
for the past month i have been working on Guadal. all i can say is that this is a magical place. there are lakes, watterfalls, focils and many tipes of birds. its fun to go out fishing i caut my first Salmon y was proud of my self then i felt some guilt. but it was worth it. also i have met many interesting persons includiding your self. everyone happy of knowing this wondelfull place. i hope you have a safe journy and keep posting on the blog!
4th February 2018

Tt's back
The photographs are really good Jim, especially the lamb roasting. One gets a feel for the places you pass through from the pictures you take, from the flowers and papa grass to the buildings and the landscapes. Tt's nice to have people to ride with, especially Canadians.
4th February 2018

Now it looks like I thought it would
3rd February 2018

Lost communications
Somehow after you left Antiguos your system says one can comment only on some blog that I can't figure out how to get to. So I'm following but can't comment. Good Luck
From Blog: Los Antiguos
2nd February 2018

You are going to be really pleased when you blow some of these shots up, especially the house on the lake, one of my favorite kinds of shots.
From Blog: Los Antiguos
2nd February 2018

You are in danger of overdosing on all that gorgeous scenery.
From Blog: Los Antiguos

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