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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region April 8th 2013

After an amazing night’s sleep I wake up, and lay on the double mattress watching the sunrise over the lake. We are up, breakfasted, the hut swept and on our way by 8.30am. Today’s walk is a nice easy three hours around the lake edge, with a quick climb at the end to reach the car park. Joan asks me to drive down the half hour or so down the part sealed mountain road back to the village, its great fun! In St Arnuad we pick up Ana’s car and then all head to the only establishment in the area to sell drinks – the hotel, where I enjoy a lovely 3 berry cider – with berry names I have never heard of before, but it sure tastes good! After we say our goodbyes and Ana, ... read more

We actually get an extra hour in bed this morning as New Zealand have daylight saving and the clocks have gone back an hour, however in huts this doesn’t really happen as you live by the sunset and sunrise. I am up to watch the last of the beautiful sunrise, which really is stunning. By 8.30am we are out and heading down the mountain. Today’s track follows the river down the mountain then out to the lake along the valley. The first few hours are rather tricky for footing, as many of the rocks and vegetation we cross around the water flowing down the mountain side are covered in a thin layer of ice. We all make it down without any issues however, and admire many the waterfalls before disappearing into the forest for the second ... read more

By 8am Dave, Ana and I are zooming along in Ana’s car, food and packs safely stowed in the back. It takes 1hr 30mins to reach St Arnuad, a town in the Nelson Lakes national park where all the walking tracks start from. After a relaxed hot chocolate, we are joined by the rest of our group making us a rather amusing motely crew of 5, here’s the run down; Joan (Dick’s friend) horticulturalist, intrepid leader and fantastic lady aged 69; Lois a rather sturdy, plough through anything lady, a great laugh, and has a thick New Zealand accent, aged 59; Ana – we have been on many walks together now, and had become a good friend, she is a very straight talking, bean pole of a lady who is great fun; David a great humoured ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region April 5th 2013

After a lovely nights sleep I go out for a run this morning, along the seafront, back to Thunanui beach. I sit on the beach for a while and enjoy watching the early morning haze over the sea, with the mountains peaking above the haze in the background. I have a nice chilled day for once, making the most of wearing normal clothes and not walking attire. After doing some laundry and sorting my kayaking trip in Abel Tasman for a few days time, I enjoy fully exploring Nelson in the sunshine. The most notable points include the bead museum, filled with thousands of jars of beads - I was tempted to try and make something in there, but my creativity failed me, and my need for the toilet won, so I headed out to find ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region April 4th 2013

I have a fairly long bus journey from Kaikoura to Blenhim, then a 45min wait and then from Blenhium to Nelson, all in a small, old, hot and rather smelly minibus. It is a stunning drive, especially nearing Nelson, through the Ria valley pass. But it is much like going to a ski resort in the mountain, with lots of very winding steep roads, and we have to stop a few times on the way as poor little boy gets out to be sick. When I arrive I explore the town, for New Zealand its actually quite large – the largest place by far I have been to since Queenstown, and it is rather exciting! I wonder round the shops, and even try on the odd dress and skirt…just to make me feel more human, and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura April 3rd 2013

It’s another early start this morning as at 6am I am at the Ocean Encounter centre and getting kitted out in a full wetsuit, wetsuit jacket, hood, snorkel and flippers. After a short safety briefing video around 15 of us pile onto a boat and speed out into the Pacific Ocean. Whilst we are out on the water, the sky goes from black to a magical redy-orange, as the sunrises over the surrounding mountains. It is whilst we are all memorised by the sky the first dolphins are spotted, and then the whole pod of around 200 start to appear. Over the next 2 hours we take three swims with the dolphins, and each time I swim I have more and more dolphins around me. It is just amazing, I had around 15 dolphins swimming around ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch April 2nd 2013

I sleep fantastically in a proper and very comfy bed, until 2am when the first person gets up and goes out, and again at 4am and at 5am, and I am the fourth person at 6am….the poor two people left in the room! Walk to the city with my life on my back, nearly losing my jumper on the way but luckily realising I had dropped it fairly sharpish, and am at the bus stop at 6.55am. We are soon zooming off through the city as it wakes up and before long heading along the coast. As we approach Kaikoura there is a massive pod of around 200 dolphins jumping and playing in the water – such an amazing sight. We arrive at Kaikoura around 10am, and I discover it is a fair 30min trek to ... read more

The storm continues through the night and I am awoken at several points by thunder. It is still raining heavily when I get up to skype the Baker family, at their Easter Sunday gathering – lovely to talk to you all, and a little envious I can’t indulge in a slice of your chocolate cake Catherine! However, after breakfast the rain stops, and the sun begins to shine. For a change I decide to run one of the tracks, so I run the Arthurs Pass walking track to access the start of the Bealley River Valley track, along the river – a nice fairly flat route, only having to walk a few times to climb up, after this I then run the short distance to the start of the Temple Basin Ski field track (the walk ... read more

This morning I wake up to the sound of the rain and wind lashing against the building. When I get up and inspect, it really is torrentially raining, so hard that I decide not to venture out. After breakfast and some time reading the weekend paper there is no sign of it easing. The Swiss girl, German boy and myself all decide to stay inside around the fire and play jenga for a few hours. Around lunch time the rain starts to ease slightly, and I decide to brave the weather. As I walk the hour or so along the Arthurs Pass walking track, I am sheltered in the forest from the rain, and it really isn’t that bad, quite refreshing, and I am very glad made the effort to come out. However, I am half ... read more

After a lovely full and undisturbed nights sleep I am refreshed (apart from my legs, which ache from my run), tuck into some breakfast and get ready to head off. Just as I am leaving, Danny asks if he could accompany me, which of course I welcome. Far more enjoyable to walk with someone. So by 9am we have signed in at the DOC, checked the weather forecast and track conditions and head off. It’s a steep climb from the outset, and even without the sunshine and a light breeze present we are both sweating before long, clambering over the rocks and over the hillside. Danny sets a perfect pace thanks to his previous army career and we are soon at the tree line. From the tree line, there are several points where you think you ... read more

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