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Wake up to very low cloud but dry…hoorah! About 15 of us from the hostel pile on the shuttle at 7.15am and by 8am are walking into the mist and haze that is this famous landscape. Everyone has a different pace so we naturally all split down with Alex, Graham, Will and I all walking together. The beginning of the walk, to the soda springs was quite an errie feel, thanks to the fact you couldn’t see anything around except the outline of big mountains either side of you. After soda springs we reached an area known as the ‘devils staircase’, and an hour later when we reached the top we knew why, wooden steps in the mountain alternated with steep paths, sure took it out of us. At the top of the ‘devils staircase’ I ... read more

Mike very kindly dropped me at the bus station, and I was on the bus zooming out of Wellington at 9am. We had a few stops at little towns along the way – nothing to note apart from incredibly quiet and small – nothing to them! The lunch stop was a little bigger, but again, eerily quiet, and the only shops included every type of fast food place (MacDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Burger King), lots of second hand furniture/antique style shops…but not high end antiques, and cafes selling Fish and Chips. At Turangi I changed bus with most other people, on to a shuttle to the National Park Village, where we arrived at 4pm, in torrential rain. I have had my heart set on doing a walk known as the Northern Circuit, here in the Tongariro National ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 16th 2013

This morning all three of us head out together, Mike dropping Caroline off at a course and then me outside the Te Papa museum in Wellington. After a quick wonder, and a hot chocolate stop in a lovely little coffee house to shelter from the chilly weather I head back to the museum for 10am. David, who came walking with us in Nelson Lakes in also now in Wellington, so we have planned to meet to go round the museum. Like Ana and many others, all of us travellers follow the same route, so you often bump into people again. The museum is amazing, much like the Science Museum in London. The sections include Fire, Land to Sea etc. The whole place is interactive and very informative, spread over 6 floors you could easily spend several ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 15th 2013

Another lovely lay in (I am clocking up some sleep hours in the sleep bank for the next few weeks) before some climate change discussions with Mike over breakfast. This morning I walk down the ferricous hill and into Petone which takes around an hour. I spend several hours wandering on Jackson street (the high street), observing again, the eclectic mix of shops. Its very undeveloped, which is nice, I enjoy seeing the real side of New Zealand, so you get the odd posh high end boutique, followed by a odds and ends shop, an second hand shop, the Dutch shop, the British shop, all dispersed with several query really nice coffee houses. After trying one out (for an fresh apple juice I have to add, I haven’t started drinking coffee), I make a cute little ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 14th 2013

Still feeling heavenly after my pampering yesterday, we all have a nice lazy Sunday morning, tucking into the freshly baked break Mike has made. We all head into Wellington at 10.30am and up the incredibly windy roads to Mount Victoria look out. With the sun shining and limited cloud, we are rewarded with the most fabulous views of Wellington, all the suburbs, the bay, and out to sea. Mike and Caroline then drop me in the city so I can have a wonder round – as its sunny I explore the doc area which has been redeveloped and is lovely, with some nice buildings and decking/path all around the whole of the bay – stretching as far as the eye can see, most of which I walked. I then wonder through the fresh produce weekend market, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 13th 2013

What a way to wake up on your birthday…totally refreshed after an amazing night’s sleep, in not only your own room but a double bed as well! Luxuries I don’t even have at home! I then read the several text messages which have appeared on my phone overnight, including one informing me to be at 30 Knights Road, Lower Hutt at 9am. Luckily I didn’t sleep in, and after some breakfast we all head in to town. Mike and Caroline drop me off and we organise to meet in the shopping precinct whenever I give them a call and I am ready, and they head off shopping. So 30 Knights Road is a place called ‘total image’ and I have been booked in for some girly pampering…. an hour facial and 30 minutes massage. Well, I ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington April 12th 2013

Goodbye to the South Island – the hostel offers a free transfer to the ferry terminal (very handy) and I am checked in and relieved of my bags by 9.30am. I wander to the bakery in town to pick up a nice fresh roll to accompany and pad out my left over tuna and vegetables from yesterday’s dinner. The ferry departs at 10.30am, and the crossing is stunning – cruising through the Marlborough Sound. As we enter the Cook Straight, you can see the North Island in the distance, and also, all the way along the East Coast of the South Island to Kaikoura. I am very lucky, as the sun is out and the water is as still as a mill pond, so I spend the crossing outside on the front deck, admiring the view, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 11th 2013

With only a few hours sleep I am actually fairly awake (luckily) and by 9am I am on the bus, waving goodbye to Nelson and heading for Picton, my next stop. The bus retraces the route we came, through the windy Ria valley to Blenheim, from there is it then a fairly flat and scenery wise uninteresting drive to Picton, arriving at midday. The hostel I am staying at, is actually the sister of the one in Nelson…yes that’s right, more chocolate pudding. And has the same lovely chilled and very friendly atmosphere, however this hostel is a lot queiter, with just myself, and one other lady arriving in the evening in the 6 bed dorm….result! I have a lovely afternoon, having a quick scoot round Picton, trying to get my head round the contrast of ... read more

Have an amazing sleep on the boat, and manage not to bump my head on the ridiculously low ceiling when wake up, by putting my hand on the ceiling – so when I go to site up, I look at my hand and remember why it is there! Have a nice breakfast of toast and cereal on the boat, and get Rochelle and I get dropped to the shore at 9am. We are both have the morning free, and start our kayaking this afternoon, so we go on one of the walking trails to see the Cleopatra Pools. It’s a nice walk through the forest, and good to get a comparison and see the park on foot, but I am very glad to have a change and admire the beauty by kayak. We reach Watering Cove, ... read more

Although a lie in is much needed, I am picked up at 7.10am by a minibus, so with a small backpack of different items from the last few days in toe, I head to Marahu where my kayaking starts from. At the base I meet some lovely people who are also doing kayaking trips – a Dutch mother and daughter, and an English couple (Jo and James), we then jump in another minibus and are driven 20minutes to the coast. Here the Dutch leave us, but we gain an American couple and a Swiss couple and our adventure and first glimpse of the Abel Tasman starts with a 25 minutes power boat through the national park waters to Oneathuti. At Oneathuti we are joined by our last person, David, who is Spanish, who has a large ... read more

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