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25th April 2013

Swimming with Dolphins
Hi Kate, This sounds amazing, especially as they are in the wild and not doing it for show. How lucky you are. Love Debbie x
31st March 2013

Wow bet the earthquake experience was both scary and exciting (once all ok). The private toilet in the mountain looks good!!!! Everything sounds amazing & energetic. X
31st March 2013

Kate the photos are amazing definitely on the wish list of places to visit x
15th March 2013

Glow worms
Hi Kate, the photos of the Glow worm are amazing, something I have never seen. I like your reward, you definately deserved it. The trek sounds fantastic, what memories you will have. Hope you have lots of lovely sleep in your double bed. Love Debbie x
11th March 2013

Poor you
Hi Kate, Poor you feeling poorly like you did, bet your Dad contacted you to see how you were!!!. The pictures of the flyover are fab, it looked really good. Lots of Love Debbie xx
8th March 2013

Fun time
Hi Kate, Looks as if you are having a ball once again. The job sounds fantastic and a car. We love the photos so far of New Zealand, makes Jeremy want to go even more. x
28th February 2013

Wow Kate the pictures from your flight and the lake look amazing, this will convince Jeremy even more that he wants to go to New Zealand.
19th February 2013

Happy Valentine's day too
Oh Kate who can the admirer be, how very exciting.
19th February 2013

Very exciting
Sounds exciting Kate, it will be a great experience working with the children and getting them interested with nature, I would love to do something like that. Good luck and look forward to hearing further about it.
19th February 2013

Well done
Hi Kate, great to hear all the had work you put in at work in MK has paid off. Congratulations on being asked to be a bridesmaid.
6th February 2013

Bondi Beach
Your discriptions of the scenery were fantastic, especially of the men which left a pleasant smile on my face and a lovely distraction from the day to day things.
From Blog: Bondi Beach
31st January 2013

Australia Day
Hi Kate, You sound like you had the time of your life. It really is an amazing experience. So pleased you went.
From Blog: Australia Day
24th January 2013

Sydney Bound
Hi Kate, I am sure by the time you read this, you will be in Sydney. Hope you have an amazing time and good luck with the swim.
From Blog: Sydney Bound!
21st January 2013

Sydney planning
Hi Kate, You are more than welcome :)) What a shame we didn't know about the swim when we were there (not). I do not know where you get all your energy from, might go and have a lie down after reading all what you have been up to and have planned. You will have an amazing time. Debbie xx
21st January 2013

Sydney for Australia Day
Hi Kate, Great to hear you are heading to Sydney for Australia Day, really hope it lives up to it. We had a fantastic time there, there was a lot of partying hard. Can't wait to hear all about your time there. Have fun. Debbie xx
From Blog: Bribey Island
21st January 2013

Hi Kate, looks amazing, although I would rather be looking at it than doing it. Well done. Debbie xx
5th January 2013

new sport - seems crazy
Well I guess it was fun - but it looks crazy! Glad you enjoyed the tennis ! Wow - working - a novelty and a bit of a shock to the system! Look for you on Skype over weekend - love dad x
3rd January 2013

Happy New Year
Hi Kate, You still sound as if you are having the time of your life. We have spent the last 5 days in the French Pyrenees ski-ing can you believe it. Jeremy's Brother and Sister-in-law have a house in France so we went over to spend New Year with them with Jeremy's sister Carolyn and her family (9 of us in all). We skied for 3 days in total and had a lesson on each day. It was lovely to be out in the cold and then go back to their house for a quick shower and into our PJ's and obviously a glass of wine or two. I really enjoy hearing all about your trip. Take care and continue to have fun. Love Debbie xx
From Blog: New Years Eve
24th December 2012

It's Christmas !!!
Hi Kate - well its Christmas Eve - we are wishing you a wonderful Christmas in Australia - hope its everything you ever imagined it would be - you have some wonderful friends and are enjoying some amazing experiences. love dad x
From Blog: More city sights
18th December 2012

Sounds amazing and hot
Hi Kate, Sounds like you are already having the time of your life again. We didn't get to Brisbane but have always heard great things about it. We experienced the heat in January a few years ago when we were over that way. Take care.
15th December 2012

Your trip so faf
Hi Kate, enjoying your blog very much & love the pictures. Sounds like you are having an amazing time & lots of fun. Enjoy & look forward to hearing more
15th December 2012

more photos please !
would love to see some more photo's so we can see the places you describe so well !
12th December 2012

Hong Kong still sounds amazing
Hi Kate, Trying everyway to respond, never done blogs before!!!!. The photos of the Christmas displays look amazing, guess where I will be asking Jeremy to take me next year !!. Hong Kong sounds as wonderful as ever, your blogs bring back so many memories. You seen to be having so much fun which is great to hear. Look forward to hearing the next instalment. Take care and keep safe. Debbie xx
10th December 2012

sounds amazing
Well - it sounds like you are having an amazing time - keep the info coming ! x

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