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30th July 2010

Re: Tour de Spiritual
Thanks Moe. It was a beautiful little garden with a bunch of carvings arranged like the nativity. I thought I'd add a bit more colour to it. Lol.
26th July 2010
Buried treasure

Model harvester.
I used to harvest crops in the village with grand parents during school holidays. Didn't quite like it then but misses it now. Goog one dear.
21st July 2010

Tour de Spiritual
Hey Jen, nice blog :) what's with the holy garden on Lindisfarne? p.s. nice hair style ;) - Mo
28th June 2010

Great update
My dear Jennie, your current blogg is very interesting. Will talk to you more about the debate. You seem very happy at the party, that's what we are missing with true Nigerian community. Can't wait to hear all about France venture.
22nd June 2010
New London Hospital

Great posts and nice pictures. I'm glad you are having a good time.
21st June 2010

Well documented!
My dear daughter, this is good stuff and very informed. Just laughing so much at the pic taken with a drunk guy. It's good to be funny sometimes. Good one, keep up the updates.
20th June 2010

I really enjoyed your post about arriving in London. It's quite easy to navigate, once you learn it. You'll have a great time there! My boyfriend and I are headed to NZ in a few months, to live/work there for a bit. We've never been and we can't wait! We hear the most incredible things! We also have a community travel blog where our readers from across the globe can post reviews, photos, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email us at Continued fun on your travels! Heather
From Blog: Aclimatisation
20th June 2010

Fantastic News and refreshing to read!
Loving the News! Awesome!
From Blog: Aclimatisation
24th September 2009

your bike
Please give us a call at 504-861-0023 regarding your bike- there's more problems than just the brakes and tire. Sorry if this is an uncommon way to contact you, but you haven't set up the voicemail box on your phone. cheers, Tom
9th April 2009

Its very inspiring and motivating...i want courage like you
i am very please to havefound this i am very proud to b an african amrican we over come so much we are a proud people we have the best history and im honored to be apart of that thanks for creatin this cite
11th March 2009

my goodnes
so where is this bad boy? i wanna go see it! also i'm mean
23rd May 2006

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Liverpool my home town! I'm in New Zealand veiwing your adopted beautiful country
20th April 2006

Wedding of the Year
Tell Ive she looks fantastic - and we hope they will both be sooo happy. Who let the gatecrashers in? - (Mr Al Fayed had the right idea) - but they look funky lovely and fun. May all your journeys be as great as this one x
From Blog: Nearly There
10th April 2006

Proud Dad
Hi Jennie Mum and Dad are proud of you. God bless you. Dad
8th April 2006

Glad you are having a happy time. See you tomorrow!
From Blog: Hardcore Tourist
5th April 2006

What is a blog??!!
Big boss had to ask his clever wife....."why does Jennie keep asking me to check out her blog? What's a blog?!" ....... so sad when you have to educate these males! Hi Jennie, hope that you are having the time of your life on your trip! Michael says, make sure you don't do any hitch hiking and make sure you find a nice young man to bring back to NZ. We will keep reading this page with interest! See ya, Glenda and Michael.
From Blog: Hardcore Tourist
3rd April 2006

Yo Jennie O....looks like ya havin a wicked time seeing all the sights of stop the UK....boy time flies when ya havin fun....catchya in HK matey :P Take care matey
From Blog: Great plans.....
30th March 2006

New Jersey
Not just The Sopranos but also the Fabulous Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter, come from New Jersey. Amazing Place according to Fiction looking forward to hearing the facts!!
From Blog: New York on Foot
23rd March 2006

Infamous Slave Trade
If you are not all "historied-out" there is a history of the slave trade with particular reference to the Liverpool Traders and personal testamonies at the Albert Dock - we could go when you are here. And of course imigrants to US, from all over, arrived in Liverpool as a staging post - perhaps you remember the Museums from your British childhood? This is a real voyage of discovery and good photos too!
20th March 2006

Looks great
looks like you're having a great time. I thought you would have played the piano!
From Blog: Yee Haww!!
20th March 2006

Amazing Kansas
All I know about Kansas is in the song "I'm in love with a wonderful guy" ( you know corny as Kansas in August...) feel so ignorant. You are having a great trip thanks for keeping us up to date! Glad the luggage turned up and returned with you!!
From Blog: Yee Haww!!
19th March 2006

Bring back some food!!!
Hi Jennie, sounds like you're having fun! Keep practicing your igbo. Can you bring back some of that Indian food -you're making me hungry!! hehehe Take care, AmMO
From Blog: Busy Day
16th March 2006

Nice to see you
What a different world - like an MTV video. Look forward with interest to your thoughts on America! The Nigerian Restaurant like yet another layer - how interesting - what was it like in the neighbourhood? Lots of Love - Regards to your US family!
From Blog: Arrival
16th March 2006

hey, it is soo cool that you started doing this...are you travelling with a laptop? I am sooo happy you are here! yo, stay in touch...until you get to NY! V
From Blog: Arrival

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