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Jennie Ozumba

Hey, my name is Jennie and I'm an English-born Nigerian living in New Zealand. I think that alone will indicate why I love travelling! I haven't travelled for very long periods, but I'm making small steps towards that. I hope to do something more extensive next year.

So far I've travelled to Nigeria, England & US. I'm really keen to visit more African countries, South America and Scandinavia. Yay, for travelling!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne August 9th 2010

This is my last blog and I’m almost wondering what the point is - as I’ve left Melbourne and have been in NZ for 2 days now! I guess writing about experiences never goes amiss. After tornado of a time in USA (whirl wind doesn’t suffice in this situation), I was thrown headlong into a very cold, wintery Melbourne. Slight disorientation is probably an understatement after 19 hours of flying (4 hours from New Orleans to LA and 15 hours from LA to Melbourne) plus a COMPLETE change of temperature. The things we do ay? In Melbourne I was based in the south-eastern suburbs traversing between Dandenong, Noble Park and Springvale. Is it a famous tourist spot, with plenty of things to do? Erm, no. But it was of significance to me as I spent time ... read more
Dandenong Market
Play group in the local school

North America » United States July 30th 2010

Breezing through NY Those of you who know me well know that for the past few months “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys & Jay Z has been playing like a broken record in my head. So of course I couldn’t help smiling when I finally reached New York and could legitimately sing that song. Unfortunately that song is old news in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made”, so I didn’t want to risk looking like a complete idiot by singing that song at that top of my voice in the middle of Manhattan. It’s just as well, because I went to visit my cousin on her job in Oyster Bay, Long Island. There was no such thing as a concrete jungle out there! She has a sweet summer job as a nanny working ... read more
Uzo & I
Naija ladies
Party time

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London July 26th 2010

After my jaunt in the North I stopped off in Southall, West London for a couple of days. I caught up with the Servants to Asia's Urban Poor team for some conversations on grass roots community development. Southall shares similarities with East London, but a different evolutionary path has brought with it a somewhat different vibe. From my brief time there, I got the impression that there’s a bit more cohesion here - the different cultural groups seem more interactive with one another. It feels like there is not as much tense inter-cultural encounters as East London. Apparently it started off as a small town with plenty of farm land and separated from London. From the 1960s the advent of the glass industry kicked off by an English Ex-Indian Army Colonel, led to a steady flow ... read more
Prayer & Feasting
Hindu Temple
Green Fingers

Europe » United Kingdom » England July 20th 2010

This was my 3rd time to Liverpool… 3rd time in 20 years. I spent a small portion of my childhood in Liverpool and we’re fortunate to still have close friends that reside there. So I decided to take a trip back up memory lane. Too bad my memory had huge blanks spots in it! The main purpose of the Liverpool stop off was to see friends and even do a bit of work - processing some of the conversations and interviews I’ve had over the past few weeks. I was able to get a bit of stuff done, which was nice. In amongst that I managed to pop over to Wales for the day with one set of my brother’s god-parents. We dropped by Bodnant Gardens for a walkabout. We were able to tarry awhile over ... read more
Sue & I
King of the Castle!
Alert alert!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland July 15th 2010

Last week I moved like a wandering vagabond up from London to Sheffield, where I stayed one night. From there I spent the weekend in Northumberland with the Northumbria Community and a small jaunt on Lindisfarne Island. It's really cool travelling around places and hearing different people's stories of their locality. I stayed the night in Eastern Sheffield where the houses were apparently built during the Victorian era for factory workers. All the terraced housing is quite an eye-opener as it seems to stretch for miles. Looking at the skyline seems surreal - rows upon rows of identical architecture with their brick chimneys. Contrast this with NZ where a lot of homes have their own back gardens and are very separate to their neighbours. The purpose of Sheffield visit was to have some talks with the ... read more
Street of Sheffield
Church Army HQ
Duke of Darbyshire's home

Europe » France » Centre July 6th 2010

I don't speak French. Not enough anyway. I'm not sure if 2 years of French at high school at 13 - 14 yrs old qualifies as "speaking French". That said, it wasn't too troublesome for me to navigate my way around Paris and eventually head to Taize. However, I won't hesitate to say that having friends in Paris who are Francophones did make me feel so much at ease! It was my first time to Paris and for the 4 hours I spent there, I loved it! The beautiful architecture of L'Arc de Triomph, Notre Dame and the Louvre made my heart feel warm. These sights were only a small taster of what will undoubtedly be another trip in the future. I must say I find it a little perplexing that there is so much space ... read more
Drive by
Don't blink!
Where Old meets new

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London June 27th 2010

I'm here in UK on a study tour on intentional communities. It's not the first time I've been to London, so I don't feel pressured to do seriously "touristy" things. This gives me freedom to stumble across different things that interest me or spark my curiosity. Last week I went to a public debate at East London University titled "Islam vs Christianity, which is the way forward for society?". I was excited - thinking there could be some interesting dialogue. Turned out to be a VERY interesting evening indeed! I met this Bobby on the street whilst waiting for an appointment. I pulled out the lovely "I'm from NZ, can I take your photo?" line. He happily obliged and went on to tell me how he nearly took up a job in NZ but changed his ... read more
"Public Debate" at East London Uni
Women's side
Party time, Naija Style

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London June 21st 2010

Yesterday and today was spent pounding the pavements of the East End and learning about it's cultural & spiritual landscape. Sooo interesting! From the huge Jewish population, through to the Hugunot Frenchies, Bangladeshi population and now the increasing Somali and Eastern-Block populations. Looking at White Chapel, it's hard to believe that there was a Synagogue on almost every corner at one stage. Now there's way more mosques! An interesting sight I came upon in my tour was a tiny wee synagogue (now no longer in use) nestled in between a HUGE mosque and HUGE Islamic centre. Apparently, the Rabbi of the Synagogue & the Imam were quite good friends and would pool resources for things pertaining to security of buildings etc. Nice. So why did I choose the words Juxtaposition & Contradictions in my title? 1. ... read more
Entry to Brick Lane
Funky man
Christ Church Spitalfields

Europe » United Kingdom » England » London June 20th 2010

After travelling 23 + hours and getting maybe 4 hours or so of solid sleep I arrived in London. The folks I'm staying with didn't have a car, so I had to navigate my way on the Tube System with a camping pack and a couple of pieces of hand luggage that were just a little too heavy to be comfortable for more than 5 mins. I'm a newbie when it comes to intrepid travelling... Or just using a camping pack. When I checked in my bag in Auckland, it was under the stipulated weight by 2kg and I was pretty stoked. But putting 18kg on my back along with two rather large hand luggages and walking more than 20m is a little more than challenging. It's excruciating! So I need to learn lessons in packing ... read more
Plaque at Liverpool Station
Liverpool Station, London
P6194544 s

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island April 20th 2006

I can’t believe I’m on the last leg of my journey! I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday morning, and bravely (or probably brazenly) attempted to break into the time difference after a 12 hour flight and 7 hour difference. My cunning plan didn’t really work, as I spent most of the day nodding off in random places - the bus, the train, at a BBQ…. Having said that I’ve had a great time in Hong Kong so far! I think that having one of your best mates as a tour guide also makes such a difference. After lugging over 30 kgs of luggage up too many steps we set off to Stanley Markets for some thorough investigation. Here I learned the art of bargaining with Hong Kong traders. Yeah right! It was more like I kept ... read more
Skinny Tram
High flyers
HK Style BBQ

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