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28th October 2010

Great Deal
Cruises are great but I have to say I still prefer vacation rentals when traveling. They're cheaper than hotels and really great for exploring new places.
9th October 2010
Big Black Dick has a reputation around the Cayman Islands

I was there
I went on a cruise from Aug. 28 t Sep. 4 and we went to this same place in Grand Cayman and saw that statue.
28th September 2010 your photos! One day hopefully I will se it for myself x
21st August 2010

Norwegian Jewel 7 day cruise to Florida Bahamas
the beach was amazing
21st August 2010

Norwegian Jewel 7 day cruise to Florida Bahamas
the beach was amazing
14th August 2010

Bahamas Cruise
Hi, I enjoyed your blog, my daugther and I are going in November for Thanksgiving.
20th July 2010

Thanks for the Memories
Wow - those photo's brought back fond memories. I was stationed at Aviano for 4 years in the early 80's. The Royal Hotel in Giais was one of our favorite restaurants. We lived in Vigonovo about 5 miles from the base. It is a well kept secret and I miss the Alps! Thanks for sharing that part of your life.
28th February 2009

Cruise Comments
Thanks for the comments on the cruise line. Could not decide on NCL or RC/Carnival, it helped. Great blog also :-)
29th December 2008

what do we bring?
Thank you for sharing your information. We are going in January me and my husband and two kids 12 AND 14 TEEN what do wear or what should we bring?
1st December 2008

Thanks for the great info
I, along with my husband, children, parents, brother, and nieces and nephews, are leaving for this trip in about two weeks. Thank you so much for the detailed analysis. I'll post more comments upon my return.
28th October 2008

Looks like you had a great spring break! I found some great spring break tips for Panama City here, too:
11th June 2008

I went on a cruise to Cozumel from Mobile in January. It was awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who is even considering it!!
11th July 2007

Found this Blog accidentally! I leave few miles from this area and I know it since I was born in Aviano, Despite the high influence of a NATO base the villages around still keep the old traditions still well alive! The Mountains trails are few minutes from the town and this as always made me so glad. On summer days I can spend an hour or two with my dog and my girl right after work. Boobes is not the name of the owner, is just a funny name, an atraction for the young airmans from the nearby US base, actually this is now a club with some disputable reputation, there are many other places were you can spend your time and have fun with friend (sorry to ruin your dream) and yes chicke is quite popular arond here, we love to have fresh eggs every morning :D
10th July 2007

Sounds great so far.
Hey, I am so jealous right now. I can almost see what you saw and did so far. Your writing is very descriptive and detailed. Well, I hope you recover from that cough. Like my mama always say "drink plenty of coconut water, it cures all". Can't wait for the update, have fun.
9th July 2007

You made it!
Glad to see that the trip is going great so far. Can't wait to read your next entry. I can tell you are already missed at work and its just Monday. Oh my date was fun, but I will not be going back out with him. No sparks when flying for me. Anyways, be safe!!!!!!
31st May 2007

I read your blog and it made me homesick. I grew up there until I was ten yr. old. I wish I could go back and experience it gain a an adult. Maybe next summer ...great blog, thanks.
31st May 2007

I miss NY
Now you have made me jealous. I can't describe how much I miss NY pizza right now. I never visited the "Imagine" mosaic in Central Park. Did I ever tell that my parents actually heard the shots that killed John Lennon? They lived about 4 blocks away. On a side note: I love how you are the first american to actually write Brasil with an "S".!!!
31st May 2007

I'm glad you had a good time in NYC. I also spotted the R2-D2 in Ft Worth this weekend. Keep in touch - Halef
29th April 2007

Again, kudos on the beautiful photography... I'm still amazed that you can get these images on a Kodak Easyshare... are you sure you are not lying to me???
11th April 2007

I love Savannah
Nice job covering Savannah in one day! I personally didn't think it could be done! This is a place I want to revisit and stay for awhile! Happy travels...
4th March 2007

Thanks so much for this. I'd love to see more pictures!! My husband and I are going on a cruise this summer on the Holiday from Mobile as well...we are docking at Cozumel and Calica. I definitely look forward to it. I would love to see more pictures of the boat and what everything looks like. When you say you have to wait for others to finish their meals, does that mean you have to sit there and wait until they finish so you can LEAVE, or wait on them so you can get the next course?
16th February 2007

Yes, Atlanta is great! (re: previous comment)
Jena, thanks for saying hi. Yup, it seems like we have same interests in traveling (Italy!) and pictures, you have many awesome shots. Whereabout in Brazil you're planning on going to?
10th February 2007

Best time of our lives
What a wonderful time the Holiday afforded this week. The accommodations were superb, the food was beyond description, the atmosphere was down-home friendly, but perhaps the greatest facet of the trip was the over-the-top friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. We definitely will be back--this time we're bringing the whole family.
4th February 2007

Was in Atlanta and all the places you mentioned last May but I didn't see you. Isn't Atlanta great?
29th January 2007

response to Cleve Nelson
I was told Boobe was his last name, but I do not know for sure.

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