Jena Hazlerigs


Jena Hazlerigs

Life is a series of adventures, and here I find myself resting before the next one begins!

Having never stepped on an airplane until I was 21, (I'm 31 now), I'm a bit amazed looking back that I've been able to see the places I have (given the limited budget!) in such a short time. Needless to say, that first airplane ride by myself to Italy got me hooked on the travel bug! Dance is also a huge passion of mine.
List of postings:
2014.11.07 - Cozumel, Mexico - COMING SOON!
2014.11.06 - Belize - COMING SOON!
2014.11.05 - Roatan, Honduras - COMING SOON!
2014.11.02 - Carnival Dream cruise - COMING SOON!
2014.10.31 - New Orleans - COMING SOON!
2014.10 - Savannah - COMING SOON!

2014.09.07 - Panama City Beach, FL - Girls Trip

2013.October.19 - New Orleans
2013.October.17 - Cozumel, Mexico
2013.October.16 - Progreso, Mexico
2013.October.14 - Our group of 13 cruising on Carnival Elation

2012.November.30 - Honeymoon! Cozumel, Mexico via cruise ship
2012.November.28 - Honeymoon! Falmouth, Jamaica via cruise ship
2012.November.27 - Honeymoon! Labadee, Haiti via cruise ship
2012.November.25 - Honeymoon! Cruise on Oasis of the Seas
2012.November.24 - Honeymoon! Pre-Cruise in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2012.January.19 - Nassau, Bahamas (Cruise!)
2012.January.18 - Key West, FL (Cruise!)
2012.January.16 - Carnival Fascination - 5 Day cruise out of Jacksonville, FL

2011.October 9 - Cruise! Carnival Legend Oct 2-9, 2011.
2011.October 7 - Grand Cayman (Cruise)
2011.October 6 - Roatan, Honduras (Cruise)
2011.October 5 - Belize City, Belize (Cruise)
2011.October 4 - Cozumel, Mexico (Cruise)

2011.April 24 - New Orleans, LA
2010.December - Chicago, IL

2010.October.24 - Condado, Puerto Rico
2010.October.23 - St. Thomas / St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
2010.October.22 - Dominica
2010.October.20 - Aruba
2010.October.19 - Curacao
2010.October.17 - 7 Days on Royal Caribbean - Serenade of the Seas (S. Caribbean Cruise)
2010.October.16 - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

2010.03.29 - New York City
2010.01.07 - 4 Day Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.
2009.10.18 - Mobile, AL (Dance Comp)
2009.09.06 - Nashville, TN (Dance Comp)

2009.April.24 - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
2009.April.23 - Roatan, Honduras
2009.April.22 - Belize City Area
2009.April.21 - Cozumel, Mexico - Port area
2009.April.18 - Shazam Dance Cruise kickoff party in Tampa, FL.

2008.November.29 - Bahamas Cruise
2008.August.31 - Bahamas Cruise
2007.December.9 - Bahamas Cruise
2007.September.29 - Georgia, USA.

2007.July 14 - Belo Horizonte Brazil
2007.July.11 - Lavras Novas, Brazil
2007.July.11 - Chapada, Brazil
2007.July.10 - Ouro Preto, Brazil
2007.July.9 - Brasilia, Brazil
2007.July.8 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2007.May.28 - New York, NY, USA
2007.April.28 - North Carolina Waterfalls, USA
2007.April.21 - Atlanta, GA, USA
2007.March.24 - Savannah, GA, USA
2007.March.24 - Tybee Island, GA, USA

2007.January.25 - Western Carribean Cruise to Mexico
2007.January.23 - Tulum, Mexico

2007.January.07 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2006.October.22 - Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA
2006.October.14 - Helen & Cleveland, Georgia, USA
2006.May.02 - Athens, Georgia, USA
2006.March.19 - Dallas, Texas, USA
2006.March.15 - Los Angeles, California, USA

2005.August.5 - Viareggio, Italy
2005.July.31 - Cinque Terre (Monterosso), Italy
2005.July.30 - Tuscany, Italy (horseback)
2005.July.29 - Vatican City / Holy See
2005.July.29 - Rome, Italy
2005.July.09 - Berlin, Germany
2005.July.07 - Amsterdam, Holland
2005.July.06 - Brussels, Belgium
2005.June.24 - Florence, Italy (Festival San Giovanni)
2005.June.10 - San Gimignano, Italy
2005.June.10 - Siena, Italy
2005.June.06 - Florence, Italy (2 months worth!)

2005.March.12 - Panama City Beach, FL, USA

2004.June.11 - Tramonti, Italy
2004.May.30 - Florence, Italy
2004.May.18 - Piancavallo, Italy
2004.May.15 - Venice, Italy
2004.May.13 - Aviano, Italy

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City Beach September 7th 2014

One of my friends, Laurie, wanted a last minute girls trip to Panama City Beach, FL for her 30th birthday, so with just a few days to plan, 4 of us got together and hit the road for a fun weekend! Cruise montage video with lots of silly video clips - YES we are dressed up and lip-syncing to New Kids on the Block: Laurie, myself, Mandy, and Jennifer left the Atlanta area about 6am on Friday for the drive down. Aided by our Dunkin' Donuts coffee and breakfast, we were fueled until we rolled into PCB around lunchtime. Wanting to make it a special weekend for Laurie, we did little special things throughout the weekend. I had ordered a cookie cake online to pick up once we got into town. It worked out so ... read more
Laurie, Mandy, Jen, & Me - Panama City Beach, FL
Me - Panama City Beach, FL
80's night for Laurie's 30th birthday! - Coyote Ugly - Panama City Beach, FL

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans October 19th 2013

...Continued from a 5 day cruise! Several of us opted to stay in New Orleans when we got off the ship and enjoy the day/night there. We went back to the hotel and it was a little later in the afternoon before we managed to rally the troops to get them downtown. (The group vote wasn't as interested in seeing the sights as they were hitting Bourbon street.) We started off at Felix's Restaurant since ACME Oyster House looked like the wait was going to be too long. We saw at least 4 wedding parades which was fun to watch. Apparently that is part of the tradition in New Orleans - you hire a band and party through the streets waving your napkins following the bride and groom who have their white and black umbrellas. It ... read more
Bourbon Street - New Orleans
New Orleans
New Orleans

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel October 17th 2013

....Cruise continued. Our second, and final port, on the Carnival Elation was Cozumel, Mexico. We opted to just hang out and grab a bite to eat since we've been to Cozumel before. Mel and Greg joined us. We ate at Margaritaville and a clown came by and made balloon wear for us. Jason, Mel, and myself all got hats. Greg ended up with his very own flower balloon bra! If you've never been to Cozumel before, there are 3 different cruise ship ports. Each port area has its own shops and bars/restaurants, but to reach the main drag, you'll probably have to take a short ride in a taxi. It is possible to walk it, but a bit lengthy. Cruise Montage Video - read more
Mel  & Me - Cozumel, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico
Greg, Mel, & Jason - Carnival Elation - Cozumel, Mexico

North America » Mexico » Yucat√°n » Progreso October 16th 2013 vacation continued! Our first stop of two was in Progreso, Mexico. This was a new port to all of us. This port is unique in that you have to take a shuttle for several miles just to get to land. It is one of the longest piers in the world, and illegal to attempt the walk. None of us booked any excursions and decided to just head to the beach. Once off the shuttle, we walked several blocks and found an area where we could sit with our feet in the sand and be served. We were surprised at the number of children peddling necklaces and other items on the beach. Jeremy got sucked in and helped a little girl by buying one and just letting her have the whole $20 bill. It wasn't long ... read more
Alvie, Kristie, Ryan T, and Devin - Progreso, Mexico
Me & Jason - Progreso, Mexico
Laurie, Megan, Jeremy, Dana, Me, Jason, & Ryan T  - Progreso, Mexico

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico October 14th 2013

We love to cruise! You can't beat the bang-for-buck and the ability to wake up every day and be some place new. 13 of us all got together and decided to take a fun 5 day cruise to Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico on Carnival's Elation. Jason and I cruised with: Greg & Mel (first time!), Laurie & Devin, Alvie & Kristie (First time!), Megan & Jeremy (First time!), Dana & Ryan H, and Ryan T. Elation is a smaller ship compared to some of the monsters out there, but she's a fun ship nonetheless. I've been on her sisters: Sensation, Fascination, and maybe one other? We decided to cruise out of New Orleans because of the price, and also to stay an extra day afterwards. (There will be a separate entry on that later!) The Itinerary: ... read more
Jason & Me - Carnival Elation
Carnival Elation

...Honeymoon cruise continued! (Forgive my lack of detail, I'm posting this in 2014.) We ported in Falmouth, Jamaica and took an excursion to Dunn's river falls This was a neat place where the falls connect to the sea on the beach. We started at the bottom and climbed out way up. The staff is very friendly and helpful and has several photo areas where they will take your picture for you in the water. (For free, with the hopes of tips later.) I chickened out about half-way through and exited to watch from the observation areas. (I have a track record of being the only one to fall in the water... see my Dominica entry from 2010!) Jason braved on without me, lol! Afterwards we visited Dolphin Cove where we were able to hold/feed some birds, ... read more
Dunns Falls - Jamaica
On the tour bus - Jamaica
Dunns Falls - Jamaica

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel November 30th 2012

...Our Honeymoon cruise continued! I'd been horribly sick the past day and a half from food poisoning on the ship, but was grateful to be feeling well enough to venture on shore for our last port day of our honeymoon cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. Since we'd been to Cozumel before, we took it easy and grabbed a taxi into the main shopping area and walked around for a bit before deciding to grab a bite to eat at Margaritaville. Yes, it is a chain, but it has beautiful views of the water. Jason even got a chair massage! Cruise montage video from our whole trip: read more
Cozumel, Mexico
Margaritaville, Cozumel, Mexico
Margaritaville, Cozumel, Mexico

Central America Caribbean » Haiti » Labadee November 27th 2012

One of our stops was at Labadee, Haiti. This is a private beach owned by Royal Caribbean. We didn't do any shore excursions and opted to just walk around and enjoy the area. There was a zip line, that I believe is one of (if not THE) largest over open water, but we couldn't justify their price for just one go at it. Reviews also mentioned it was a lengthy wait in line too. While I still think their (Royal Caribbean's) beach at Coco Cay in the Bahamas is my favorite cruise line beach, Labadee was still a pretty area and we enjoyed the day in the sand. Cruise montage video: read more
Jena & Jason - Labadee, Haiti

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico November 25th 2012

(I'm writing this blog entry in 2014, but wanted to share as much as I can remember along with the pictures!) The Oasis of the Seas is HUGE! We had a blast on this ship. We cruised out of Ft. Lauderdale on our honeymoon. There are multiple areas including the pool(s), central park with real trees, and a carnival area complete with a carousal. It even has an ice skating rink. Most ships have a single tower of rooms, this one actually splits the room blocks into two so that you have complete open air in the middle of the ship. The result is balconies that can face the action, or face the water. There is a zipline and 2 flowriders (waves / boogie boarding), putt putt, rock climbing wall, dive show theatre... it goes on ... read more
Carousel - Oasis of the Seas
One of the 2 rock climbing walls - Oasis of the Seas
Jason & Me - Oasis of the Seas

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale November 23rd 2012

For our honeymoon, we decided to cruise on Oasis of the Seas. Not wanting to be rushed, we headed to Ft. Lauderdale a day early to enjoy the city and relax. We stayed at the W Hotel which we loved. We even got an upgrade for our Honeymoon which included a sexy see through bathroom. (Good thing we don't require privacy when we shower!) The shower wall was clear glass into the rest of the living area. The hotel itself was ultra modern and the rooftop pool overlooked the beach and water. There was a large party jacuzzi, bar, and plenty of areas to lounge. The pool had clear glass in the bottom so that those in the "Living Room" lounge below could see up through the pool. We also took advantage of the complimentary Acura ... read more
FT Lauderdale
Me & Jason - FT Lauderdale
Our view - W Hotel

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