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14th August 2009

Hello from the Liddles
Hi Nath and Jen - sounds like you have had some great experiences and the places you have vistied and pics are wonderful - when you get back I will compare pics with the similar experiences Adam Alice and I have had on our travels - well, the only similarity is probably actaully only wet forestation! Take care you both and see you soon. x David Hello I think you have had some great adventures and will be seeing you soon.x Adam Hi! I think you are having a great time too! love Alice x
From Blog: Ho Chi Minh City
14th August 2009

Pains in the head.
Parental responsibility and being ravaged with guilt go hand in hand. It would be great if, when we get that urge to ensure our genes do not die out with us and thus make us procreate, we had some say in the selection process. Then I could have screened for migraine. My mother had it - days in a darkened room with the brain barely functioning. I too have gone for the darkened room but the lack of brain function was barely noticeable. But I understand it zaps you out. Then you are left with a strange sensation in the head as if it were filled with damp cotton wool which serves to somehow blunt the edge of reality; keeping us distanced from it. Still, sorry. Dad.
From Blog: Hoi An
14th August 2009

What a pig
Sounds the sort of experience which is best experienced reflectively at a dinner party than actually lived through. We have had various sniffles and sneezes and the occasional nights with high temperatures. But nothing to speak of. Perhaps the heavy bout of flu we had at Christmas helped - not that it felt like that at the time. Or perhaps because I'm in the age group that appears to be least affected as we have had so many different flu's that we carry a wide variety of anti bodies. Who knows. Apparently since they introduced "self -certification" for Swine Flu in Blightly firms are going bust with the number of people needing two weeks off suddenly in Tenerrife to come to terms with their symptoms. One wonders what will happen when those symptoms return in the autumn and hey go for a second bout. Steve
2nd August 2009

So Jen - from being a person, I recall, being carried over a slightly muddy patch of a walk round St. Ives to a girl walking through leech infested swamps up to your arm pits! What happened? Personally I just couldn't do it and I really admire you. Steve.
From Blog: Bolaven Plateau
28th July 2009

google view
Looking at the locations you have been to I note the wonderfully complex patterns of rice paddy fields, how incredibly wide the Mekong river is in parts, and, in the setlements and towns what appears to be houses with blue roofs. What are they made of - or do they get up there and paint them for fun? Steve/Dad
23rd July 2009

Copyright stuff
Obviously I fully appreciate your ethical dilemma concerning music. If, However, on the off chance, somewhere deep in the rain forest, you encounter a small bamboo hut purveying software of the musical nature without bugs don't bother to double think my own moral scruples over the expediency of the purchase. Steve/Dad
From Blog: Vientiane
22nd June 2009

Sounds fun
Hi both If that's you with the sunburn Jennie, after all I said, I'll murder you!!!! Ko Tao sounds lovely, especially the clear water and tropical fish. Does the Ghecko have a name? It's the least you can do if he's having to live in your loo!! Tons of love. Mum xx
From Blog: Ko Tao
21st June 2009

The toilet
Dont worry about it. I saw it on a David Attenborough film - those bloody Ghecko's are a load of voyeurs. The only thing to do is try to form an empathetic relationship with it. Call it Anton ( as in Anton Ghecko) and talk to it about its repressed childhood and it fixation with ladies knickers!. Steve.
From Blog: Ko Tao
19th June 2009

This and that
Hi both Good to read your blog and start to follow your travels. Presume by now you're in Chumpon and hoping to get the boat tomorrow? The time difference is a bit confusing of course but we get the drift!! Hope it's all living up to your expectations so far Jennie - obviously Nathan's and old hand!! All's well here. Moved Tom into his Stoke Newington digs yesterday and he's had a job interview this morning so fingers crossed. He's doing a bit of teaching at the snow centre at Hemel at the weekends, which is good. Dad is still really enjoying his job. He's working tomorrow (Saturday) so my chum Wendy is coming over and we're going to have a day out together. Weather here is reasonable but set to get warmer next week! Hope your voyage goes well. Look forward to reading your next entry and seeing some piccies. Love to you both. Mum xx
From Blog: Bangkok
18th June 2009

Style is in the eye of the beholder
Its interesting to see that you e-mailed from just near the hospital! Google delivers the street map but there aren't any street views that I can see. Steve
From Blog: Bangkok

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