Allison/Jeff & Patti/Craig in Aruba


Allison/Jeff & Patti/Craig in Aruba

Our bi-annual cool vacation with our cool friends two doors down on the street where we live!

Our last day enjoying Aruba - how did it go by so fast? Craig decided to go for another session of windsurfing this morning - stepping up to the advanced-level gear - and had a blast. We were all determined to get as much beach time as possible, and it seems like it was extra hot and extra windy today. After baking on the beach for quite a while, the Weavers and Jeff went on a fast tube ride called the Great Big Mable (I don't know why it's called that). Basically, an inflatable sofa holding 3 or 4 people getting pulled at high speeds behind a boat. Very bumpy (in the boat's wake), lots of air time, and lots of Gs pulled on long, wide turns. To celebrate our survival, we went to the pool ... read more
... from our last day.
The Weavers strap in ...
Putting on brave faces ...

This morning, the Crofts and Weavers set out on different excursions. The Weavers went on a snorkeling trip, where they ended up being the only customers so they had basically a private booking! They had a great time, including snorkeling around the largest accessible shipwreck in the Caribbean - the Antilla, a German freighter. Meanwhile, the Crofts toured the ocean bottom in a drier environment - a semi-submersible, where there were seats and windows about 10 feet below the deck. We saw reefs and the same shipwreck mentioned above. It wasn't the best situation for pictures, but I posted a few below that aren't too bad. Back to the beach in the afternoon, after Jeff & Allison were caught in 10 minutes of rain walking back from the boat tour. Although we were about .2 miles ... read more
The Gold Mill.
Outside view of Charlie's.
Fish around the shipwreck.

Ok, so it's not that big of a country. But we did do some serious off-roading, as our newly re-shuffled internal organs can attest to. Our intrepid driver (Craig) got us to some pretty cool places as we spent the day exploring the island away from the beaches. There are a lot of places out there where you won't find any people for miles. Some highlights: a chapel built in 1750 and still in use today; a natural bridge created by the wave action eroding the rocks; an old, abandoned gold smelting plant; and lunch at an quirky little restaurant in San Nicholas - which is also the home of Aruba's legal red-light district (the Dutch are so enlightened...) We took a break from the fancy dinner fare - the Crofts had room service, and the ... read more
The chapel.
Chapel grounds.
View from chapel grounds.

(Sorry I've fallen behind in getting these entries out... ) The day started out with Mr. Weaver reacquainting himself with windsurfing. The rest of our gang went up the beach to watch for a while, and Craig was killing it, zipping around like a pro! We were all impressed. Most of the day was spent on the beach catching serious rays, periodically interrupted by food and drink. We did have to leave the sun and sand a little early to get ready for our sunset cruise. It was a beautiful night for it, with a full moon. The cruise was great, and after sunset spirits were high, with much music and dancing. Craig stole the show when he jumped in on the Cupid Shuffle! (sadly, no pics of that...) We ended the evening with a casual ... read more
Well done, sir.
Patti & Craig
Allison & Jeff

Early (relatively) walk on the beach this morning before everyone was out there - see pics below. Then we were on the beach most of the day. I'm feeling a little fried, as the day was almost cloudless. We finally called it quits around 4 to get cleaned up and dressed for dinner. Dinner was especially nice at a beautiful venue with a fantastic view of the ocean and sunset. Tomorrow, Craig is planning on doing some windsurfing - he's done it before but it has been a while, so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures. Also, we'regoingona sunset sail tomorrow - can't wait for that.... read more
Beach - and resorts.
More beach - looking north.
The water really is this color!

Just what the doctor ordered: we spent the first part of the day at the adult pool enjoying a hot, sunny day. Then after lunch we hit the beach for the first time. The beach and water are beautiful and I'll be sure to post some pictures as the week goes on. Some entertainment was provided at the pool by various lizards/iguanas that come around and make sure you haven't dropped anything edible. At one point, Patti attracted some unwanted attention when she tried to eat a banana... and suddenly had a couple of very close reptilian friends! The beach was pretty crowded, but that just made the people-watching that much more fun. All I can say is that there are a LOT of BIG disparities between the bodies some swimming suits are made for, and ... read more
... a little closer.
H2Oasis - the adult pool area.
Pool, beach, ocean, and sky from our room.

We have arrived!!! Arrival was a breeze - our plane landed at 1pm, we cleared customs, claimed our luggage, got a taxi to our hotel and had checked in by 2pm. Our rooms weren't ready yet, but that gave us time to have lunch and explore the resort a little bit. The we got to our rooms, unpacked, rested up a little bit, then had a sunset dinner on the beach here at the resort - perfect and relaxing way to end a very long first day.... read more
Dinner at Atardi's on the beach.
Our Vacation Partners: Craig & Patti
Allison and Jeff at dinner.

North America » United States » Maryland July 16th 2016

Despite a surprisingly crowded airport even before 6am, we made it to our flight and are in the air. Lots of people in the terminal, but the lines moved along pretty well and we even had time (barely) to have a quick breakfast. Apparently it is raining right now in Aruba, but it's supposed to be sunny by the time we land. The forecast for the rest of our stay is almost the same every day: Sunny, high 90, low 80, and breezy. The only variation seems to be if the winds are 15-25 mph, or 20-30 mph. That seems beyond breezy to me - I feel like instead of sunburn, the bigger danger is being convection-baked! We'll see. Next stop: Marriott Aruba Resorts & Stellaris Casino on Eagle Beach.... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Sykesville July 14th 2016

Just an early entry to get this thing started. I didn't really think I was going to do a blog this trip, but every time I mentioned our upcoming vacation to someone, their first words were "Are you doing a blog?" So, yes, we'll take a shot at it. We really don't have a lot of activities planned other than the same old boring routine: breakfast, beach, nap, beach, drinks, dinner, drinks. Hit the hay, wake up, and repeat x 7. But I'm sure I'll be able to find a few sights worthy of some pictures! Anyway, you can Subscribe to get notified when new entries are posted, or just check the web site when you feel like it: And please feel free to leave comments or messages - it's fun to know someone is ... read more

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