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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen August 26th 2008

Well we're off to the Orkneys today. The ferry is six hours over the North Sea so we will be picking up some Gravol for Jay. We caved yesterday to our thirst for sun. We booked a flight out of London for Almeria, Spain on the second of September. That's where they say you can find the most deserted beaches in Spain and the region is also the sunniest part of the country. Our trip to the Orkneys ends on the last day of August where we will make a mad rush via an overnight trip on the ferry to Aberdeen followed by a day in Aberdeen (hopefully we will see St. Andrew's) and then an overnight bus to London. We will get into London at seven in the morning, and then our plane leaves for ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen August 24th 2008

We spent the last ten days or so with Heather's extended family in Johnstone (just outside of Glasgow). The first night we got there Heather's cousin Laura took us to a Sheep Shearing Competition. There were guys there who could shear a lamb in 30 seconds flat! By the end of the night there was a giant bag of wool and a pen full of naked and slightly disheveled lambs. We asked one of the farmers how much the bag of wool was worth and he said it was only worth about £20! We thought that seemed like a lot of work for only forty bucks. We promptly spent the next days pub crawling in Glasgow, enjoying the street theatre at the Edinburgh fringe, going out with Heather's crazy uncle to his favourite bars in Glasgow ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow August 15th 2008

Hello All, well we've finally made it to Scotland after a gruelling 9 hour bus ride yesterday from London. We're in a internet cafe in Glasgow awaiting our meet-up with Heather in a train station just outside the city. Jay has been uber excited for days now. We'd heard that Glasgow was a scary place but so far we've found it to be great. The hostel we're in is massive and they have a free coffee machine so what more do you need really! We got to see some early Olympic coverage too as the heptathlon coverage started at 2:30am here. Our last night in London we made it our sole goal to figure out the underground system and find Abbey Rd. Since there was only 2 of us at the famous road crossing, we decided ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath August 12th 2008

We are spending a couple of days here in Bath before heading for one night in London. After London we are heading to Glasgow to meet up with Heather Catte. It is going to be nice to see someone from home! Bath is beautiful. The stone here is all a redish cream colour. All of the buildings (even the brand spanking new ones!) are made of this Bath stone. We even coughed up the cash to go inside the Roman Baths today. Believe it or not Alex was glad he spent it! It is amazing to walk on the floor that the ancient Romans and Brits did almost 2000 years ago. Yeah they really let us go right in the old part of the building and touch the structure. I thought they would be more protective ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Bude August 6th 2008

Ok this one's for Maureen because she says we're falling behind. We are now finally on a good beach (missed the sun though) in Bude along the Cornwall coastline. It's very cool here, a lot like Tofino but with fewer rich germans and more rich brits. The hostel in Bude is probably the best one yet but unfortunately we only booked 2 nights and they're full for tomorrow so we're moving on to the local caravan & camping park. The good part is that the campsite is a 5 minute walk from the beaches, the bad part is that the weather here is pretty miserable right now. We got a killer deal on surf rentals so we will have the gear at the campsite with us for another 4 days. So far the waves have been ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Bournemouth July 31st 2008

Getting out of Oxford didn't proove to be super easy. We booked a cheap bus called 'Megabus' that picked us up on the opposite side of town. So we packed up our tent and took a series of buses to get to the stop. When we got there the bus was an hour late! This particularly sucked because we were trying to get to the only hostel in Bournemouth before reception closed at 6:30! Needless to say we missed it, and ended up spending the night in an expensive (but rather questionable) hotel. Well we have made it to the Bournemouth Backpackers hostel now and are enjoying it. The people are really friendly, and us Canadians make up the majority of the guests! Funny how that works. Tomorrow we are heading toward Exeter. But on the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford July 27th 2008

Well we're here in Oxford now after a stop off in Liverpool then a nice 2 day visit with Chris and Jim in London. Liverpool was alright, all we managed to see was the original Cavern Club where the Beatles played over 300 times before they were really big. We left after only one day for the big city which was crazy busy and crazy expensive (Tower of London was about $50 CAD each!). We can't complain though as our short visit was very kindly subsidised by Jim. Jay was a little sad to see her mom go but we made the best of it by moving on to Oxford. After walking around town all afternoon we finally found a spot to rest our heads at a local campsite and so far it's worked out great. ... read more

Europe » Isle of Man » Douglas July 22nd 2008

Well we're here on the Isle of Man. We have spent four days here, absorbing the culture, and are preparing to head out for the ferry to Liverpool in the morning. We hope the ride to Britan is smoother than the ride from Dublin. Jay almost lost her cookies on the way here. So far our stay here has been free thanks to an incompetent park attendant who hasn't asked for any fees. We spent one day travelling all over the island by electric rail, steam rail, horse tram, and by a very cool three railed electric mountain railcar. We can't post pictures of these yet... but the're soon to come! We also checked out the museum, which was suprisingly huge. I (Jay) even looked up some family history at the graveyard and the historical archives. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin July 19th 2008

Well we just said goodbye to Chris and Jim yesterday in Dublin. Today we are going to head out to the Isle of Man. While they were here we went to the Guinness tour. It was great to see the source of such a fine pint of glory! (Alex's words exactly) (Jay thought it was a bit cheesy). But apparently Guinness is good for you so we had it for breakfast. We've decided we are done with Ireland for now. The ferry ride over isn't cheap so we won't exactly be island hopping. We plan on meeting up with Chris and Jim again in London on the 24. So we have until then to do some family research into the Craigs (Jay's gypsy heritage). We will most likely camp, but we are hoping for a hostel. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 15th 2008

Wow, what a trip we have been on the last few days! We managed to hitch rides out of Limerick (we caught a bus to Limerick from Dublin) on the 12th I think. We made it to the town of Dingle, which is super cute. But one of the fellows who drove us part of the way was a tour guide in the Dingle penisula. He told us we should go to the Blasket Islands off the town of Dunquin. So the next day we hitched there because the busses wern't running. We caught a water taxi accross with the intention of spending the night on this deserted island with it all to ourselves. However there were a couple of 'Grand' Irish girls camping there. They invited us over for some drinks and we took them ... read more

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