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South America » Uruguay » District of Montevideo » Montevideo February 27th 2017

Geo: -34.8939, -56.1568Here we are another sea day. Unfortunately the morning has bleak, cloudy and foggy but at least it is wRm. Supposed to have sunshine this afternoon. We shall see. Watched an entertaining.culinary event. Now we are doing laundry. Tonight is another formal night and the captains cocktail party, as well as meads birthday. We arrived in Montevideo an hour late due to 30 knot winds. This is a busy port for both shipping and tourism. Danny there are huge container ships here and several with Maersk containers. We have a city tour this afternoon.Had a lovely tour of the city of Montevideo. A very clean city with lots of white sand beaches and ocean front condos averaging about $400,000.00 It is a fairly large city with los of big building with really fine architecture. ... read more
Not alone

South America » Argentina February 25th 2017

Geo: -42.77, -65.04Today was a sea day as we traveled to the next port. I slept in and for the first time of the trip. Of course Dave seems to be up at the crack of dawn. No sure where these sea day go.. we attended a video presentation of Monchu Pichu and a port talk. Had lunch an then read. It is formal night so we have to clean up. Dining rooms were crowded tonight. We arrived about 6:30 this morning. Dave out early to watch sunrise and to watch us dock. It is a beautiful day, sunny and to be a high of 82. We are off around noon to an estancia and to see a wildlife preserve which is home to a sea lion den. We left the ship around 12:15. Buses met ... read more
puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn

South America » Falkland Islands February 23rd 2017

Geo: -51.7963, -59.5236Well are three miles from Stanley port in the Falkland Islands anchored in the bay. It is windy and cold. But we are here. Apparently only about 50% of the cruises actually get to anchor here because of the weather. This is a British colony even though Argentina claims it as well because of its closeness them. As recent as 1982 there was war over this. We had an excursion to see penguins today but after talking to crew I decided for safety issues I would not go. So Dave is off to explore on his own. It is a 30 minute tender ride just to get to port. It is very windy and cold. We have sea day tomorrow and back to warmer weather. Supposed to change from forties today to the 70's ... read more
Falkland Islands
Falkland island

South America » Chile » Magallanes February 22nd 2017

Geo: -55.9833, -67.2667We arose early again and headed up,to.15 to watch and have breakfast. Unfortunately we picked the wrong side to sit on. The decision about going around was not made until the last minute, but we did circle the horn. The water was pretty rough going around the Horn but not as bad as I had expected. At one point they did close the outside decks do to wind and spray. There is a naval,station there where a family lives. Can't imagine being that isolated, especially with children.It was sort of cool to be that far south. It took about 2 hours for us to circle and then we were out headed north toward the Falkland islands. We are due to tender there tomorrow. So we shall see. The afternoon has turned out to be ... read more

South America » Argentina February 21st 2017

Geo: -54.7833, -68.2833On the way to Ushuaia we traveled the beautiful Beagle Channel. Mountains. Glaciers, whales, sea lions, and birds. Oh so beautiful.If you have ever seen pictures of Ushuaia, then believe what you saw. The mountains behind the city are snow capped, rugged and jagged looking. The bay here was once an glacier that melted and became the beagle channel. The islands around the bay area are havens for birds and sea lions which we saw our excursion in the afternoon. We didn't leave the ship,til 5:00 and we're back at 7:30 just before the boat left. We sailed out south toward Cape Horn.... read more
Beagle channel
Mountain tips

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Punta Arenas February 20th 2017

Geo: -53.1548, -70.9113Punta arenas claims to be the Southern most city in South America, the end of the world. It is a quaint city of 127,000 inhabitants. It takes 4 hours by air to get Santiago it takes days to get there driving, because you have to take boats, fairies, and roads. There industry includes fishing mining for copper, and tourism. They cannot grow fruits and vegetables so they import them all making them very expensive. The city has 3 universities We actually started today with sunshine, but it faded quickly. We had a 3 hour city tour this morning. Saw the downtown area where there was a market, city center with huge trees, and a large statue of Magellan. We drove to one of the high points to view the city from above. We stopped ... read more
Straits of Magellan
Strait of Magellan

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London February 18th 2017

Geo: 17.3402, -62.7676The trip out of Puerto Montt was so peaceful and calm. This was because we sail in between the mainland and islands. But we are now out in open water and it rough again. Swells are supposed to be up to 5 meters. So far haven't seen that. But we have about 5 hours to go. Hasn't bothered me but it does others. Was a pretty.rough afternoon but calmed down as ship headed in east toward another strait and it stayed that way well into the night but then it got rough again for a few hours during the night. But we awoke to calm waters as we headed up the strait toward the glacier. The weather has gotten much colder and unfortunately it is still raining off and on. The glacier is beautiful. ... read more
Conception strait
Stephens strait

South America » Chile February 17th 2017

Geo: -41.4752, -72.9521After a pretty rough night we awoke to calm seas we arrived in Puerto Montt anchored. This is a tender port. We met in a lounge for excursion at 7:15. The tender ride was about 15 minutes, got off and walked to our busses. Shortly thereafter we were told the port was on strike, but it shouldn't be a problem after they stopped us and got pictures. Well, an hour and a half later we were still waiting. We were lucky I guess because we got out along with about 8 other busses. Most other tours were cancelled. Chile is One of the narrowest in the country's in the world. Puerto Montt is the center of the Lake District. Beautiful lakes were visible from our buss as we drove to Petrohue Falls. Gorgeous! Rockets ... read more

South America » Chile February 16th 2017

Geo: -41.4752, -72.9521Wow!!!!!what rolling seas today. Feel sorry for those who get sea sick. Know captain is trying to make up the three he lost yesterday but......well motion got worse as the evening went on. Thankfully it didn't bother Dave and I, but I will say I was a bit apprehensive. Nice quiet day on board. Had a great formal,dinner last night. Needed that kind of a day after busy days in Santiago and the long flight.... read more

South America » Chile February 15th 2017

Geo: -33.0206, -71.5548Boarded the bus to the ship about 9:45 only to find out about 5 minutes after leaving on the bus the we could not go the port due to a strike at the port. Well I thought we were in trouble then. But strikes down here are not like in the US because it was over about. 2 hours later. But we were delayed enroute and got a free tour of Vino Del Mara and Valparaiso. We saw the resort town of vino Del Mar, the coast, the area and last we saw one of the statues from Easter island which is on loan to Chile. See picture. We then drove north along the coast for a few miles and then turned around. Then we headed back to Valparaiso for a short tour. We ... read more

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