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Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Dien Bien January 23rd 2013

There is no chilling sound as the squealing of a pig. Especially at 4am when one is in a deep slumber. But I guess if you want to be one with nature, there are drawbacks. Does it have to be followed up with the barking of dogs and the crowing of roosters? Leaving Son La behind we head further west to Dien Bien Phu, passing through some of the most amazing valleys I have ever seen. Everywhere you look there is a photo. I have run out of superlatives to describe it, so you can just look at the pictures. The tribes people here are long ,thin and elegant as opposed to others I have encountered. All are exceptionally friendly and beautifully dressed in their local costum. Arriving at Dien Bien Phu, we separate with our ... read more
the village
ladies and Thai

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Son La January 22nd 2013

The aroma of spicy breakfast floats through our window. It is 7am and we are leaving Hanoi today. Down on the street we are served steaming Pho sitting on our little plastic chairs. Pho seems to be the national dish served out of every shop front and street corner. It is boiled noodles with meat, spices and a variety of salad vegetables. Very yummy! We are travelling west today, up The Black River Valley, which winds its way up through the mountains to the Laos border. It sounds all very exotic and as matter of fact it is. The bus takes 12 hours but being the flash packers we are we have hired a car and driver for 2 days. Thai is the driver’s name who is supposed to speak beautiful English which may be so ... read more
off to market
pig in a bag
back door view

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi January 21st 2013

From Singapore we fly north to Hanoi, duration two and a half hours choice of airline Vietnam this time, price $150. A feeling of trepidation engulfs me because I have been here before and spouted to anybody and everybody who would listen to me that this is without doubt my most favourite city that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting in the world. On arrival I comment to Thomas how foggy it is. Soon realised that it is smoke not fog. Last time we ventured here it was summertime. This time winter! The burning of rice stubble is the cause. Our driver greets us outside customs, his English nonexistent of course. Who cares! This is Vietnam. Everything will turn out right it; always does; just have faith. The traffic of Nam has changed little ... read more
big load
feather dusters

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina January 20th 2013

Midnight and I am lying on my back in the dry grass, staring at the sparkling stars above. Earlier today, on the back of a 50 kilometre wind and a scorching forty degree day, a raging bushfire has ripped through The Black Range, out the other side and tore off towards Boorowa. Only by the fantastic work of the Rural Fire Fighters, greatly assisted by Elvis the helicopter, and maybe the grace of God, it was halted short of the town. We have just completed a back burning operation to contain the perimeter of the fire and the range is alight with burning timber glowing in the night air. It is quite a sight and I turn to Barry and enquire if maybe this will be like the lights of Singapore. He laughs and suggests that ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket August 12th 2012

Shots of our mystery trip to Phuket. A quick summary....... read more
Local Girl
Life is Tough
Making Rubber

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket August 10th 2012

Only in Asia Freedom is the greatest of pleasures and I am afraid this is something Australia is at times lacking. Don’t get me wrong, we live in the greatest country in the world. But we are becoming so obsessed with what we have and what we can get, that we are strangling ourselves with rules. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. Whatever you do will offend someone’s liberty. That in turn, takes away everyone’s freedom. Catch 22. This where Asia comes in. We have hired motor bikes for the day. $7 Aussie each. No licence required, no one asks “Can you ride or not?” It is presumed that if someone wants a bike, you can ride a bike. A fair assumption I feel. First thing required is to fuel up. For some reason ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket August 9th 2012

THE BEACHES, BOATS, BAYS, BARS AND BOYS’ Author Susan Smith and Kathryn Brown I woke from a long deep sleep; only possible when the mind is at ease and the body full of great food and an excess of alcohol. Holidays are great. It is the taking yourself away from reality of everyday life and replacing it with nothing. No stress, no commitment and most of all, no time. Being punctual is not the most redeeming feature of a holiday. No one knows what hour, day or even what week it is. If you care you shouldn’t be here. Thep, our driver has arrived to take us for a jaunt around Phang Da Bay, which is off Phuket Island and about 100kms north of Patong Beach where we are staying. The bay is full of limestone ... read more
Venturing the Caves
James Bond Island

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket August 5th 2012

Life is a journey not a destination Our travelling companions, the Smiths, arrived at our door at the ungodly hour of 4am. We are spending a few days together. Where we are going, or what we are doing has been kept a complete secret from us, with only a few morsels of information leaked to us over the few preceding weeks before our departure. Clothing needs to be hot and cold, small bags, torches, passports, swimmers, sunscreen and various other random clues for us to go by. We have no idea and here lies the fun. Trust is very important and obviously a sense of humour essential. If we are still friends after this, we will be for life. Walking outside we discover a four wheel drive with caravan in tow. Camping immediately springs to my ... read more
phuket bar

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 5th 2012

I know how Adam must have felt in the Garden of Eden. Anything you have ever dreamed of. Everything you could ever desire is here. But there is a catch, maybe two, the first is money. Dubai is basically in three sections. The first the old town, with the trading port and the creek flowing up the middle. This is Deira. Here is where we stayed for the first few days. Got the feel of the place, visited the museum and strolled through the old souks with a ride on a dhow (not quite as authentic as Morocco). Further along the coast is the business district. Woah! Skyscrapers reach for the clouds. The streets are full of expensive cars. The home to the Burj Khalif, the tallest building in the world, supposedly 834 metres tall, no ... read more
the arabian sea
at the 'authentic' souks
waterfall at the mall

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Bawiti February 28th 2012

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel sake. The great affair is to move. (Robert Louis Stevenson.) After four nights in Luxor the place is becoming a little too familiar. For most people this would be good but I am getting itchy feet. The path we have chosen may not have been the right decision but procrastination does not sleep well with travel. Destination; The Libyan Desert. Now don’t get to excited it isn’t in Libya but also in Egypt. Driving west from Luxor passing banana plantations, fields of wheat and lucerne, sugarcane, potatoes and onions. Children walking to school and the general buzz of life. It soon comes to a halt where the reach of the Nile ends. It is literally a line drawn in ... read more
boy with camel
apart of the family
the moon?

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