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14th September 2015

That is a cool story because you went to a desert. You used vivid words like the "sand stinging." Nico says you should bring Cole on your trips.
11th September 2015

That must have been scary, but cool! You did a great job on writing about what happened. You used a lot of detail. We felt like we were in the story.
24th November 2012

I've found that strangers are much more likely to strike up conversations with me when I'm wearing a Brazil shirt of some kind... Also, props on *almost* achieving DJ status!
24th November 2012

Brazil shirts
You're so right, Pedro. It's an easy way to find some random dialogue. Often times, they assume I'm actually Brazilian. then i tell them that Jenn bought the shirt at Target! haha
16th November 2012

Great post Jim. Stuff I never dreamed of! Thank you.
13th September 2012

Your adventures
Jimmy, what experiences you have. Love reading about them.
13th September 2012

Thanks, Steve!
It's been kind of nice thinking back through them. I'm glad you like the posts
16th August 2012

Persian v. Arabian Gulf
My friend Bill O'Brien was in the UAE during the 1st Gulf War and was assigned to brief a UAE prince on the progress of the war. He had a map posted on the wall and noticed the prince was staring unhappily at the water to the east of Saudi that was labeled "Persian Gulf". He quickly said "your majesty, I'm sorry for the error on the map. I know it's the Arabian Gulf, but it's a british-made map, and you know how they are". Now that's how you make points while throwing the brits under the bus.
9th July 2012

Whew. I am glad I didn't know about it when you were going through it, I woulda been sweating along with you. did your boss actually go to Moscow for the presentation?
17th July 2012

yes, my boss actually went. She was much more understanding than i ever could have expected though
30th June 2012

Yuuuummmmy cheeesy bread. Can never go wrong with that. Seems like almost every cuisine has something similar!

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