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27th August 2008

Time to move on
Okay, I've had enough of your Middle East adventures; it's time to move on. I'll feel much better when you get to Europe. We're laughing about your feet; it seems like there's always an issue with them on vacation. In particularly we're referring to Punta Cana, remember? Have fun as your adventures continue but please STAY SAFE!!!!!!! Love you and miss you lots!! mom xoxo
27th August 2008

best quotes
Justin the phrase 'disappointing fish' from an earlier blog still makes me chuckle on a daily basis- but I think my new favorite is .. I't took me about 5 minutes before I decided I had enough of the Dead Sea". I wonder if Death Valley will have the same affect? Only one way to find out... you go there and let me know- lol Keep safe
26th August 2008

Those pictures are amazing. It sounds like you're having a blast. Be safe. -Meaghan
26th August 2008

that picture at the dead sea...
literally just had me laughing out at my desk. i can only imagine what it translates to... stay safe!!!
22nd August 2008

Your adventures are so exciting to read !!! I cannot imagine what it is like to actually live thought it. Glad to see that you are having a great and adventurous time. We all miss you and hope you stay safe! Pauleen and G-section
From Blog: Goodbye Africa
22nd August 2008

hey there traveler... im totally enjoying your trips vicariously thru your blogs. it sounds like youre having an amazing time! dont forget my postcards!!! hahaha. stay safe. love ya b.
From Blog: Goodbye Africa
21st August 2008

Hey bro :)
hey...congrats you've reached #30 that passports gotta be pretty thick now..mom and dad are driving me crazy with the house and also moms sharing a bathroom wit me and amy..yea theres 4 bathrooms but she'll only use ours so if you haven't guessed we clean it like 3 times a week so its up 2 her expectations you know there sayin "if you don't like it leave"..i can't wait til you get back so they can pick on you 4 awhile :)..amy's been workin on your room in the basement i'll tell ya what you got it made down there..well i guess thats it 4 now i'll give ya more gossip next time..love ya lots
From Blog: Goodbye Africa
20th August 2008

we miss u at mcboss
hey just, how is it goin i missssssssssssssssss u so much joey looks like ur staying safe and have a good time. lol cool pics make sure u send more next time smart guy u've been there for 80 yrs and you only put up 2 pics lol and we were lookin forward to seein a whole shit load!!!! love u n hope to see u soon keda
18th August 2008

I just wrote you a long comment but i had 2 tell you these pictures are great it's like so hard 2 believe your ridin a freakin camel in the desert with a scarf on your head haha..and those kids are so cute but it's kinda sad lookin at it..but seriously not enough pics we need more so so start clickin
18th August 2008

Hey bro..again your crazy..i'm tryin 2 type normal n not text message form so you can understand what im writin :)..so congrats climbin that big ass mountain i'm glad you made it i knew you would..the girls in the record room miss you..im gonna put up a paper on the bullten boards at work of your blog address cuz every1 keeps askin me where you are and how you are and i really don't know where the hell you are except just africa haha..i haven't seen the boys at all there like workin and bein responsible n not comin out n stuff i gotta go visit them..but i guess thats it not much gossip..junes out 4 3 weeks so works good and gas went down about 20 cents but how bout my insurance went up $190 more a month since we moved 2 ewing crazy right so i switch insurance next month..but i'm so glad you'll be back 4 the winter cuz i am so not drivin in the snow..ok i took off work 2day but phils cleanin my car and then i'm goin 2 grams 2 weed yea sucks without your help hurry back..miss you love you..oh yea where are the pics of more animals i wanna see lions n stuff damnit..til next time :)
17th August 2008

All I can say is, WOW! I'm really impressed, but not surprised, that you made it to the top. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. I don't know many people that would be able to do half the things you're doing, especially alone. I have a lot to talk to you about when we get back about road trips. Be safe!
16th August 2008

Phewww!!! It seemed like an eternity from when we spoke (emailed) before you reached Kili to now...the longest wait was from Aug 15th though, when I knew you were flying to Egypt til now seeing this blog. I guess I was expecting a quick "I survived Kili" email. I understand though and I'm trying to remember that it's difficult to find places and the time for blogging. I'm trying real hard to not worry, but that's what moms are for. With all that said, CONGRATS on your climb!!! What a feat!! Hopefully you're finding time to journal your daily adventures capturing your experiences for good reading for the rest of your life. Life is good....for you, and for us. We're settling happily and peacefully in our new home. Can't wait for Dec. 21 for you to join us. I think it will be our happiest Christmas ever. Have Fun...Be Safe...My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday! Love you, Mom XOXOXO
12th August 2008

Good Luck!!!! I love reading ur blogs since nothing of interest ever happens here! And cause i will porb never go to any of these places! Have fun!
10th August 2008

hey hey
So 1st of all your crazy..i would've been crying 4 mom a long time ago..but im gald your having a great time i can't wait 2 see pics..you suck 4 leavin right as we moved it took me 3 hours 2 pack the stuff that you "FORGOT" to do, yea nice job..but don't worry they'll be lots 4 ya 2 do when you get back..you gotta email linda cox cuz these ppl suck n they dont understand that your in the middle of africa n you can't just pick up a phone n call them..I'm still drivin!!..so far so good n the route 2 work from the new house is a lil quicker..so anyways good luck climbing can't wait 2 hear how it was..love you so much..lyns
10th August 2008

Good Luck!
Summit that bitch! Keep posting man, really enjoying the view from far away. I'm taking a road trip in a couple of weeks through Canada...not quite a RTW but it should be good times. NYC-->Niagara-->Toronto-->Montreal-->Quebec City-->Maine and back. Thought about going the other direction and hitting Chicago but don't have enough time and that drive was unnecessarily long without a few days in the city. I do have fond memories of that self-proclaimed murderer giving us a guided tour to the train station. What's the name of that hostel we stayed at in Montreal when we went to see the U20 WC? Trying to find it and I haven't been able. Good luck with the mountain. -Owen
4th August 2008

Just to say hi.
Hi jj i see you r having a nice time, enjoy your self.Everything here is the same,nonething has change.Everyone said hi,and stay safe. Love G-Section
19th July 2008

Missing you...
It sure has been a long time since your last blog...I won't get mushy, but I sure do miss you. I'm glad you're having a great time though. We think about you everyday, even during our exhausting packing for our move. Great timing on your part; you're missing out on all the fun. Your friends are ditching us and not moving your video machine (or whatever you call it)...I let them know they won't be showing up at the pool without taking care of business first, but quite frankly, I don't think they care....oh well....their loss. Everything is good..the move is on track and scheduled for next Friday, one week from today. Everything and everyone is good....So long for now, continue to have a great adventure, but please be safe!! You are in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday... I love you, mom...XOXOXOXOXO
18th July 2008

dude... make sure u take some pictures of some of the ladies on your trip.. clothings optional
From Blog: Now in Windhoek
18th July 2008

Sounding Awesome!
just wanted to say hey and that the trip is sounding amazing!
18th July 2008

Heyy, looks like you're having an amazing time! Everything sounds so crazy but so cool, keep having fun, it sucks here! Be safe, miss ya!
10th July 2008

Hi Justin! It's good to hear you're having such a great time. I would like to place an order for some of that billtong. If you can pick up a few and let me know what it costs I'll pay your mother for it. Thanks for keeping entertained with the blog postings!
8th July 2008

Sounds like you're having a blast
Glad you're enjoying your adventure, and of course this place ain't the same without ya' but it's still the same if U know what I mean. Have some fun for me and enjoy the huddling for heat. Take it easy and be safe Randy
8th July 2008

Glad to see you are having a great time. We (in G-section) miss you very much and anticipate you coming back to MCBOSS...we hope. Be safe and we will look forward to seeing more pics. By the way, we need your Famis password! Oh, Ken said that your leave is not working out like he planned and if you are going to be swimming in African rivers, you better watch so that no critters bite your balls off.
5th July 2008

blog entry
6:37 am Sat- I'm up briefly to feed the cats- the weather has been moderate to disgusting- today the humidity level is at 99.97%- as I was going to check for mail I found yet another empty beer bottle in the yard left over from the bon voyage party we had for Justin 2 weeks ago..... I'm sure he misses us all.... NOT!
4th July 2008

happy 4th
i hope you can blow something up tonight in honor of our fine country. :)

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