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21st November 2011

An update??
Hey Justin & Kristen...I'm sure you're having a great time, but an update would be great! Hope all is well...Happy Thankgsgiving to you both. Love you, Mom...
14th November 2011

Sounds like a good trip
Hey dude sounds like u guys are having a great time enjoy the rest of your trip have a franzikahner for me. James Ps the niners beat the giants and are now 8-1 I know your not too big into the american football anymore but it's a pretty sweet start
14th July 2010

give Johannesburg another chance
I'm pleased you have enjoyed your trip to SA and have travelled the length and breadth of it and not just stuck to Cape Town like so many tourists do, as you have discovered there is so much more to SA than just Cape Town. One thing I would say is that maybe you should give Johannesburg more of a chance. Observatory is a run down part of the city and so are the areas near Ellis Park and Soccer City, it's like going to London and staying in Hackney and complaining that the city is run down and dangerous! I'm a Johannesburger and I know it might not have the unbelievable beauty of Cape Town but Joburg is one of the most treed cities in the world (the greenery is not so evident now in winter of course) and it is by far the most cosmopolitan city in South Africa (why people say Cape Town is I have no idea!). Joburg is where a lot of people from all over South Africa and the rest of the world chose to live because it's the commercial capital of SA. My friends there are from Peru, New Zealand, Canada, USA, England etc. You need to visit the regenerated parts of the old CBD like Newtown and Main Street and visit the older leafier suburbs like Rosebank, Greenside, Parktown, Parkhurst where there aren't so many shopping malls and you're able to walk on foot and experience the great street vibe..and avoid sterile Sandton at all costs!
4th July 2010

I'm sorry to hear you keep getting sick on your trip! that would be such a problem for me but I'm sure you just trudged right through it. I DEFINITELY would have freaked out seeing all the cockroaches though! F THAT! I can't believe you are getting so lucky to get into all these matches for pretty cheap ticket prices, I'm SO jealous. I've been trying to keep up with all the games and just watching them on tv is so intense, I can't even imagine being at at game live with fans going crazy for their team. Anyways, take lots of pictures at the final! I hope you don't get sick again in your last few days there and I'll see you when I pick you up at Metropark. miss your face!
4th July 2010

I can't understand where you get the energy but I'm glad that you're having your usual good luck. You've had some adventures, I'll be glad to see you safe and sound back home.
19th June 2010

Gald to hear form you again..sucks your sick again..a couple at work aasked me about your blog address..I went to my forst game thurs I think I did good except when I got put on defense ugh..I almost scored and vince scored the winning goal off his head..I'm havin my bday party 2morrow its suppose 2 b so hot but whatev and I believe the boys are comin..Its not gonna b the same without you there thou..Imiss u and Ill write 2 u again..I did good wit typing right??..BE SAFE and I love you
16th June 2010

I'm sad to hear you weren't feeling well but the look on your face in one of the pictures below your blog shows you are still having an awesome time! Don't freeze to death over there during your travels! I knew you should have packed/prepared for this earlier than the day of :-p. It sounds as if Capetown is one of the best places you could travel to, I would love to go but I doubt you would wanna go back there again seeing as if you've been there twice already. Anyways, I hope you feel better very soon and that you continue to have a great time. I miss you so much!
16th June 2010

Sigh of Relief!
It's always a sigh of relief to finally hear from you, I literally let out the breath that I hold until I hear that you're safe. Sorry to hear that you caught something, it's really not what you need when you want to do so much in such a short time (for you, anyhow, six weeks is a short time). Try to boost up your immune system with some Vit. C; try to get some Vit. C tablets somewhere; or drink big glasses of orange juice (if they have it there). As ususal your writing style lets us feel we're right with you, thanks for the adventure. I much rather see all these things through your eyes, rather than personally experience them. You didn't say much about the U.S match, I can't believe that it wasn't uneventful...keep us posted more frequently, if possible. Take care of yourself, STAY SAFE!! We love you!
10th June 2010

the world cup....
npr has been stirring up World Cup Fever for days, perhaps weeks, but now it is at fevers pitch all over! Did you know USA and England played last 60 yrs ago, and we won HA... it's gonna be a good game no doubt. Be safe... especially if So.Africa wins first game over Mexico- look out!
10th June 2010

the world cup....
npr has been stirring up World Cup Fever for days, perhaps weeks, but now it is at fevers pitch all over! Did you know USA and England played last 60 yrs ago, and we won HA... it's gonna be a good game no doubt. Be safe... especially if So.Africa wins first game over Mexico- look out!
9th June 2010

Glad to see you're safe...we're still in Aruba; it's hot here...water is beautiful, we're having fun! The resort is beautiful, and the island, which is only 19 miles long, has to be the safest island we've ever driven. The food is very very expensive, as well as the alcohol. Soccer frenzy is all over, not as much as where you are, though, I'm sure. Think about you often, have a great time....have fun, be safe, we love you!!!
8th June 2010

glad ur safe
HEY..we've been waitin for this..I'm tryin not to type text form so you can understand..the weather here is beautiful i think ri gets a llil bored sumtimes thou..there's soccer everywhere...even in the restaurants theres signs n balloons n in the bathrooms stuff taped on mirrors, everywhere u look is world cup..also international film festival 4th-11th we went yesterday..richard gier is here...we did shoppin 2day were at the nicest resort here the RIU villas..glad ur there n safe there was a stampeed at a nigeria game gram got nervous..im gonna go up n tell mom u wrote so she'll read this shortly..lookin 4ward 2 ur next blog..BE SAFE at the games!!.love ya
8th June 2010

I really enjoyed your post about The Black Desert, White Desert, etc. I haven't been to Egypt but I can't wait to go, even though I hear mixed things. I really wanted to go to South Africa for the World Cup but couldn't swing it, so I'm glad to read your details about it, and to hear how proud the locals are to be hosting it. My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, commentaries, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at dirty-hippies.blogspot.com, or email me at dirtyhippiesblog@gmail.com. Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
8th June 2010

Sounds like a lot more fun than the U20 in Montreal, which was pretty fucking great to begin with. Glad that you're doing this properly and for such a long time, I would expect nothing less. Randomly, I'm interested to see your reaction to the Japanese if you ever make it to Japan. You speak frequently of the kindness and hospitality of middle eastern cultures and I'm curious to see how they compare. Very different I'm sure, and would be curious to see which you prefer. Have a blast man. -Owen
8th June 2010

I would expect nothing less from your trip thus far. As usual, your comments are fund but I'm glad to be here. Vaya Con Dios
29th June 2009

Justin When I was at Gulfoss it was frozen it's beautiful thanks for the taking the pics
8th April 2009

Hi Justin,
It's fun to think we were at the same time in Zanzibar...it's a small world. Peter
17th December 2008

Yay, it's party time!!
Can't wait for your arrival back at home...and especially looking forward to all those parties!! Welcome Home!!
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10th December 2008

awwww! look at the dog! haha
25th November 2008

EXTREEEEEME JENGA!!!! here's to the best night yet !
14th November 2008

Awesome Pics
The one called "Lake" is great - perfect composition dude! all of them make me think how much i love working in nj right now...of course that is sarcasm... keep takin great pics!
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10th November 2008

omg just looking at the snake wine makes me queasy
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28th October 2008

Just wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday Justin!! And say we sure miss ya at the lunch table, you and your bowl of pasta.
26th October 2008

Well first HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I meant to write to you friday but we had jen and marks house warming party which was really fun i picked up john every1 was very excited to see him. Gaynell and a bunch of other people said to say happy birthday but i cant remember exactly who. Todays pretty exciting cause were gettin the stove,micorwave,washer,dryer,dishwasher delivered. I cant wait to eat oodles of noodles. We've been eatin a lot of take out and gram brings us food evrytime she comes and i was doin laundry at ericks house. It sucked not bein able to cook for 2 weeks. Your def gone at the right time. Nothin else really excitin happing same old stuff. Biggs from firk asks about you every tuesday and doc brought his mug from europe and poured his beer in there haha. Him and keck had a bday party but i babysat riley and amy went. The weathers cold already its suppose to b in the 40s this week. I cant wait til you come back so you can drop me off at the door so i dont have to walk thru the parkin lot. Your last blog sounded like you had the time of your life. But its time for my nap now ill talk to ya soon. Miss ya and Love ya lots!!!!
24th October 2008

Birthday Boy
Justin, All of us from G section want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! We didn't forget about you! When you get back, we will be sure to celebrate as you know we don't like to miss a birthday luncheon! Take care and be careful.

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