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23rd September 2014

Thanks for keeping us posted, Jesse!! Love hearing about your adventures!
22nd September 2014

Thanks again for the wonderful report. Take good care LOve Gramps and Grandma
15th September 2014

Thanks for the updates...I really enjoy reading about your experiences, Jessi!!
From Blog: Week One Done.
10th August 2014

Interesting adventures!!
Jesse, thanks for the current blog...love reading about your life in China and you adventures, job, etc. Your boxes are safely sitting in our dry basement, waiting for their next adventure! Take care and keep us posted!
28th December 2013

And a Happy New Year to you, Jessi!!
Thanks, Jessi, for sharing your fun-filled month!! I enjoyed hearing about your activities, especially the Christmas program?! Hope you had a Merry Christmas, in spite of many events, and my wishes for a wonderful 2014 to you!
27th December 2013

As you can imagine, I can truly empathize. However, I simply can't in my mind's eye, what that was about in China. I remember once doing "Christmas Carol" on a very small stage....I mean small.....where my kids had never been before. We had practiced in a large room.....All everyone did was pump into each other. And, of course, Christmas in the future's grey sheet fell off onto the floor. Anyway. So it goes.....A Happy New Year, Jessi. Be anxious to see you in February. Love ya, Grandma
1st December 2013

Nice place
Hi Jessi, glad you have a nice apartment and so close to work!! I am so happy that you are having the time of your life and seeing SO much! Good for you! We had a busy Thanksgiving...my brother with wife and camper came for a week and a day and Tim was here too (leaves Tuesday). Weather is warm and sunny, more like Indian Summer than December. Of course it was cold and snowy while Bill was here!! In the teens at night. (He is from Oregon and not used to cold!) Not much other news...we just go day to day with work, church and village commitments. Take care of yourself...love the blogs! Love, Joyce
19th October 2013

17th October 2013

see you
isn't that you in Pit #1, 10th row back, 2nd in from the left? :) love ya, grandma
15th October 2013

Jesse, love you blogs...sounds like so much fun! I want a camel ride!! Enjoy!
14th October 2013

As you know your great grandpa (my dad) was in WWII....Anyway, he rode camels while in the war, probably in Sicily and he used to laugh because he said they do spit!.....I guess several caught the camel\'s \'throat clearing\' action several times.....Guess it didn\'t smell too good........Anyway, keep those blogs coming. I enjoy. Love ya, Grandma
28th September 2013

What a great little mini vacation...sounds like lots of fun!!
From Blog: Huangshan
6th September 2013

enjoying your blog, but no sympathy from me about your heat! Will it ever stop being 100 degrees in SA? Loooking forward to your dad\\\'s visit next month. He wants me to watch the Broncos clobber the Cowboys! Love, Gamps
9th August 2013

Our temps have been 103 to 104 degrees for past week!
From Blog: New Digs!
8th August 2013

You sound delightfully happy! I'm so very happy for you. NEVER has there been a boring spot in your life since you were, what, around 18 maybe? Whatever, you are something. By the way, your cousins would love to get your blogs....katie and sara....Jenny, I haven't seen. Sara's baby is due anytime now, making me a great grandmother....ah me.....Didn't send you an invitation to my 80th birthday party on the 24th...Figured you might not come...:) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I love you......Grandma
From Blog: New Digs!
12th July 2013

Jessi, Enjoyed the beautiful pictures and your commentary. What is an FGt and a LLD? Love, Gramps
From Blog: Bamboo Forest
12th July 2013

Disney is almost as bad as the military when it comes to acronyms. I forget, sometimes, that I'm even using a shortened version!!! Common ones that I use are: FT - Foreign Trainer/Teacher LP - Learning Partner SFT - Senior Foreign Trainer (my new position) LLD - Language Learning Director (he's the new kid in town these days!) RLLD - Regional Language Learning Director CM - Center Manager
From Blog: Bamboo Forest
13th June 2013

Yippy ky-ai-a!
You are a mover and a shaker even in China!!! Love,GPB
From Blog: Book the Second
27th May 2013

had to chuckle: In Malta, they never heard of the dog, maltese(which Daisy was) In Italy, when invented, they never heard of pizza....Now, China and its far-eastern cures....huh?.....And as the expression goes, \'this too shall pass\'.....You\'re on the right path....I do meditate and feel strongly that Zen folks do too.....:).....says so in fine print. love ya....grandma
From Blog: Chinese Medicine
8th April 2013

"China bowl"
Jess: Expected the china bowl look but instead haircut very cute --- the razor treatment a good idea! Love, GB
From Blog: Ok Ok Ok
8th April 2013

I (we) think the way you fixed it looks great! Nice work.
From Blog: Ok Ok Ok
5th April 2013

Thousands are screaming to see a pic of the new haircut, including me, so how about it, Jess??? Love, Grandpa Bill
4th April 2013

"THE haircut"
Jessi, you could be writing for people who get paid to be funny! Thanks for the get-better enouragement. Love, Gramps and Grandma Linda
21st March 2013

Good Ramblings
Your ramblings, Jess, are very entertaining --- keep them coming! You seem very happy in your new local. Remember March is Feng Shui month 5 Fri, Sat and Sundays ?!?! Love, GB
21st March 2013

couldn\'t think of a title.....just, hello, love your blogs, those trees are absolutely gorgeous, your friends look darling, and you look great and very very happy.......all fine here.....your folks are taking your grandpa bill to a big barbershop show on saturday for his birthday.....think your mom is glad the show is over, as we always are.....bless you, darlin\' ...... grandma

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