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Ella Ennos-Dann

I am currently spending the third year of my law degree abroad at Kyushu University in Japan and I am taking this amazing opportunity to begin my life long ambition of travelling the world! This blog is mainly for friends and family to keep them up to date with what I've been up to but also as there are not many blogs about Fukuoka, hopefully it can be of use to anyone looking at travelling here (and any where else in the world that I end up).

Asia » Japan » Miyazaki June 28th 2015

Miyazaki is a small city in the very south of Japan in the south east of Kyushu. It is known as a popular honeymooning destination for Japanese couples because of its sub-tropical climate. It takes about 4 hours to get there from Fukuoka by bus (very short compared to some of the bus rides we took in SE Asia!) and since I want to see as much of Japan as I can whilst I'm here, I thought I'd go check it out. One of my Japanese friends is actually from Miyazaki so she helped us book our bus and told us some of the best places to go. We took the first bus of the day so that we'd arrive in Miyazaki early and have the whole day there. Unfortunately however, the rain was absolutely pouring ... read more
The freakiest robot - he was so realistic
Miyazaki Shrine
Shopping arcade

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao June 7th 2015

As a country I had been longing to visit for such a long time, the Philippines did not disappoint. I could have spent months and months there exploring all of the beautiful islands but unfortunately, I only had a week. Therefore, with that week, I intended to pack it full whilst still allowing myself time to relax and do, quite frankly, nothing other than sun myself on the white sandy beaches. We had decided that we would fly to Cebu since it was the cheapest place to fly to from Fukuoka and due to its close proximity to other islands such as Bohol where we spent the second half of our week. As our flight got in late (after a loooong 8 hour wait in Seoul airport) we spent one night in Cebu city in a ... read more
White Beach Sunset
Mango shakes - staple food in the Philippines!
Kawasan Falls!

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima May 24th 2015

Hiroshima is famous for being one of the two cities in Japan where an atomic bomb was dropped. In addition, as a much flatter city that Nagasaki, the damage caused in Hiroshima was even more vast so it has become the more famous of the two. However, after visiting the city, it was clear to me they there is so much more to it than its sad history. The city itself is one of the nicest I've visited in Japan, it was very modern whilst still keeping elements of Japanese tradition. We were very lucky because our Japanese friend, who is actually from Hiroshima, offered to show us around so we had the best tour guide possible! Due to time constraints as we had lots of field trips and various weekends away planned, we only had ... read more
Real artefacts recovered from the atomic bomb rubble
Miyajima Island
Itsukishima Shrine floating shrine gate & a deer

Asia » Japan » Tokyo May 3rd 2015

Golden Week in Japan is a lovely time at the beginning of May were there are a cluster of national holidays which give people a few days break (and sometimes even a whole week) from school or work. I spent my golden week in Tokyo since a friend I met travelling was visiting Japan. Despite visiting Tokyo for the weekend for my 21st, I felt that I hadn't spent long enough there to truly get a feel for it. I had not experienced the proper nightlife of Tokyo and I hadn't been to many of the big attractions. So this time, I made sure that I saw as much of Tokyo as I could and I really loved it! However saying that, I don't think I could live there. We spent so much time walking around ... read more
Views from Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
Views from Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
Asakusa shrine

Asia » South Korea » Seoul April 27th 2015

After visiting and loving Busan, I was so excited to go back to Korea and to visit the capital for my friend's birthday. We didn't arrive until late on the Friday evening and when we finally made it to Hongdae, where we were staying, we had a nightmare finding our hostel. It turns out the address they had put on the hostelworld page was incorrect which meant we ended up in completely the wrong place. A Korean lady saw us looking lost and offered to help us. At first she also took us to the wrong place and I must admit after that I started to doubt her. However eventually, after a bit of a walk, we arrived at our hostel. I don't think we'd ever have found it without her! It was so kind of ... read more
fried chicken!
being filmed for Korean TV

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka April 4th 2015

As I arrived back at my flat after my travels I was greeted by trees with branches bursting with pale pink flowers. At last it was cherry blossom season! Or sakura season as its known in Japan. I was so glad I hadn't missed it. Since arriving in Japan, I'd heard so much about so much about the sakura, it is loved by every one here. There is a real build up to it and sakura products begin popping up everywhere; special coffees in Starbucks, beauty products and every poster begins featuring the pretty flowers. Every year Japanese people all over the country wait for the few weeks when the trees are at their full glory so that they can go out and hanami in parks and local sakura viewing spots. The word 'hanami' translates literally ... read more
saved picnic spots

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu March 29th 2015

A nice welcome back from travelling was our first field trip of the new semester to Beppu. Beppu is a famous onsen town (hot springs) and is somewhere I'd been looking forward to visiting for a while. Our first stop was Usa shrine. I was really lucky to come back to beautiful blue weather which made it a pleasure to walk around the vast gardens of the shrine. The shrine itself was maybe one of the best I've seen so far in Japan. It was a really deep redy-orangey colour which was emphasised by its contrast with the blue sky. Whilst I was there I got bought one of the fortunes in order to see what my luck was like! I asked one of the Japanese tutors to translate it for me and this is roughly ... read more
Our hotel room for the night in the Ryokan
The first course of our banquet dinner

Asia » Cambodia March 28th 2015

My first impressions when driving through Cambodia from Ho Chi Minh was 'my god this place is poor' and this view was only further supported with the more of the country that I saw and the more Cambodian people I spoke to. To me, it seemed to be the poorest country in South East Asia that I visited but nevertheless, it was still incredibly beautiful. I had been really worried about crime and getting things stolen in Cambodia after hearing numerous horror stories about handbags and phones being literally pulled out of peoples hands on the streets by people on bikes. I suppose this is a direct result of how poor the people are there; whilst most Cambodians I met were really really nice people, it is kind of understandable why some of them become opportunistic ... read more
Sihanoukville - our Otres Beach bungalow
Koh Rong

Asia » Vietnam March 15th 2015

After booking Vietnam and beginning my research about where we would travel, I quickly learned that 11 days was NOT enough! However, I knew that with careful planning, I'd be able to see a good amount of it and what's more, internal flights from as little as £9(!!!!!) meant that we spent less time travelling and more time exploring each city we visited. My favourite thing about this country was that every city we visited had a completely different feel to it, to the point each could be it's own country! It seems only right to start with the 25 hour bus journey I ended on from my last blog.... I had read some horror stories online but what was more nerving was the fact that there were so little information about the journey in comparison ... read more
No Man's Land

Asia » Laos March 5th 2015

I don't even know where to begin with blog post... Laos was the most beautiful country I've been to yet. Every time I catch myself looking through my Laos pictures (which is more often than I care to admit), I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside and an urge to jump on the next flight there! It's funny because before starting my year abroad, Laos was the one country in South East Asia I wasn't too bothered about seeing. It's landlocked so as a sun, sea and sand worshipper I thought it wouldn't be the place for me. However my mind was changed randomly in Bangkok airport as I was waiting to board my flight home to Fukuoka in January after I got talking to some guy who had been travelling for 23 months and told ... read more
'Big Gold Thing' (Pha That Luang)
Vang Vieng
Our little bit of luxury

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