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13th November 2011

Very interesting blog about Kigali, and some great photos too. I am going to Kigali in April next year, and your blog has given me some idea of things to see. Happy travels!
12th November 2011

Love this!!
Keep the beautiful photography coming!
11th November 2011

Very Nice
Pictures Is Soo Nice Dear I Like
9th November 2011

Fortunately you only lost money (not your passports)and could continue your trip...great story...and surprised they let you film it...that's a bonus..!
8th November 2011
t was a great opportunity to attend an African wedding and see a village celebration of it. Of course it is quite different than ours and it was a life experience.
4th November 2011

Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to say I think it's great! I'm doing a volunteer project in Kenya next year, after which I'll be travelling in Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda/maybe Tanzania, so it's really nice to read your stories :) Thanks! Lisanne
From Blog: Pearl of Africa
27th October 2011

Is rafting over?
Hi guys, I rafted there nearly two years ago. Put it simply, Zambezi had more rapids, way more...but the three tops rapids were simply insane on the Nile? I saw the dams being built. So, is it all over already? Sad , as this rafting was just out of this world...
26th October 2011

Nice to see such a positive blog on Kenya...Eldoret bravo
25th October 2011

hello, nice story and I need to find out about this couchsurfimg thing I believe :) good luck on your trip.
16th October 2011
Children in prison

stranded in nyahururu
Good evening chris and diana, im glad to hear that after my intervention, you got to Eldoret safely. Being a gorvenment servant, i had to do everything within my reach to ensure that you got to your destination not only safely but also without paying an extra cent. I hope you will not forget me soon, especially after travelling with you in the very horrible journey from Nyeri to Nakuru. I miss your adoring hug diana, i hope i wil see once more. thanks
15th October 2011
Children in prison

About as separated from freedom as you can get...only connection a small window looking caught that moment...exemplary
15th October 2011

A public transport journey to remember...
...but for all of the the wrong reasons! Glad that you survived this experience with only a few shaken nerves, it could have been far worse.
12th October 2011

That is about all I can say....WOW !!! What an experience of a lifetime ! You both will have so many stories to tell about all of this. Keep safe....and there is no baby yet. Love Mum xxx
11th October 2011

From a regular reader
Once again a great blog and the pictures are like I am traveling with you two.
3rd October 2011

Hi Chris, Hi Diana, Got you at last! Kept postponing and I guess I should have visited this blog sooner. Just to recap, we met very briefly in Diani as you were checking out of the Camp site, remember? What an amazing account of your trip... Even more amazing is the camera work. The pictures are fantastic. Congrats to both of you. You depictions of your adventures are so real and very credible; you paint a very honest picture of my country. It makes a wonderful read and you guys are very very interesting. Your account of the visit to Marafa is very hilarious, ha ha ha... I wish was in the background to watch it all. Anyway, hakuna matata!! I am very proud to have met the both of you, even if for a couple of minutes only. After Diani I came back to Lamu! Yes, Lamu!! This is where I work - in a Community Development project giving technical assistance to Government departments. (Details later, if you don\'t mind) My home is in Eldoret in the Rift Valley, towards western Kenya. Well, I haven\'t read the whole account of your voyage (quite a compilation) but believe me I will spend sometime every evening to trace your trip from start to present. A little about Lamu, just an update... Its really sad that things got out of hand. The government has shut down all links with Somalia along this frontier, sea, land and air and intensified patrols - a little too late, I might say. The French hostage is reported to have been rescued while two Kenya Navy officers are missing after the rescue mission. We are all advised to keep away from potentially dangerous situations. Well, so much for now. Please feel free to get in touch at any time. I\'ll be glad to address any queries and offer opinions while you are on your adventures. Most of all, God Be with You, Diana and Chris, Cheers!! Kizito
From Blog: Bella bella
30th September 2011

wow good post the pics were awsome im puting this trip on my bucket list ~great post~
29th September 2011

really nice
relly nice pic....
29th September 2011

really nice
relly nice pic....
29th September 2011

Hey hey Jason, Well compared to Nairobi it is very safe. Overall it is fine but still need to be a little wary but this is mainly at night time. We think this is the case for most towns in Kenya but during the day you'll be fine. Just pickpockers may be following the tourists around. It is a nice city but head to the beaches, very nice here! Good luck mate and have a good time
29th September 2011

Very interesting, especially since I\'m heading off to Mombasa next April. I\'ll have to keep my wits about me to fend off the shysters, especially as I\'ll be by myself. Out of interest, how safe did you feel in Mombasa, when you were simply walking around town? Thanks...
27th September 2011

Thanks :)
Hey Jens, Thanks for the comments.. Nice to read a message from fellow travellers!
25th September 2011

Stunning pictures!
Wow, you have some great shots on here. That lion panorama is gorgeous. Well done! Cheers, Jens
23rd September 2011

It's interesting to hear that Kenyans take advantage of CS to promote their travel agencies, the same happened to me in Fiji. I guess you gotta be really wary and cautious who to stay with, and read the experiences thoroughly. Nairobi doesn't sound like an enticing place at all, but staying in the hotel and waiting to be picked up for safari seems a bit too paranoid to me. I guess if you use common sense when walking about town, you'd be fine.
23rd September 2011

Keep them coming !!
Great story....Everyone loves to hear what you 2 are up to...take care and keep safe, Mum xx
22nd September 2011

Great blog!
Beauty blog guys, great pics too. I totally agree with you that seeing the people of different places gives you a much greater experience than seeing the sites. I love that pic of the traffic in Nairobi by the way, it reminds me of Dar. Anyways, great blog and enjoy your safari!

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