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Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 27th 2012

27 September 2012 Thursday. This was our first full day at sea, with four more to go before we arrive in Pago Pago, American Samoa. So we slept in to 8 am and had breakfast at the Windjammer Café above the bow of the ship before touring the ship to see what was on offer. We also perused the daily Compass schedule to see what events we might want to attend. I relaxed by the pool until the first event…Progressive Trivia at 10:15 am…which will be ongoing for the days we are at sea. A group of people called me over as they were short one person. Our team is “Oz and US,” there being three Australians and three Americans. Anyway, the American couple had been on the cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu, and half of ... read more
45 Pool deck on the Rhapsody of the Seas
46 Chefs preparing lunch on Rhapsody of the Seas sundeck
47 Dinner on the Rhapsody of the Seas

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Lahaina September 26th 2012

26 September 2012 Wednesday. The cruise ship arrived off Lahaina, Maui by 7 am. After breakfast we caught the first tender to the port, and the shuttle to the rental car company. I really wanted to go to the top of the Haleakawa volcano, a National Park, but Mike, Betty, and Linda didn’t think we would have enough time to drive there and back (about 6 hours) before the ship set sail. So I reluctantly gave in. The rental car agent recommended we drive the 90 minutes to Twin Falls on the north side of the island on the Hana road. We got there and found the jungle trail to be very muddy. The girls decided to wait at the car while Mike and I hiked to the falls. In addition to the mud, we also ... read more
32 Lahaina, Maui
33 Linda at Lahaina, Maui
34 Baldwin House, Lahaina, Maui

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu September 23rd 2012

This has been a very important year for us. Our daughter Rosanna married Evan in June and now we were celebrating our 40th Anniversary, both in high style and very much budget busters! But you got to do what you got to do. We have been planning this trip for over 330 days in order to use our frequent flyer miles for the flights. Originally, we planned to use our miles to fly from Colorado Springs to Sydney, Australia, with a free stopover in Auckland. We would then spend about a week in Australia and three weeks in New Zealand. However, when I set a goal to visit 100 countries, and then discovered what a deal repositioning cruises were, we changed our plans to: - fly into Honolulu a couple days before the ship sailed and ... read more
2 Bob on Waikiki Beach
3 Bob at Hale Koa Pool
4 Hale Koa Hotel Waikiki

I thought my next blog promised to David and Merry Jo about the glories of traveling around Colorado would inspire fellow TBers to visit. However, three days after returning from the wedding, fire broke out in Waldo Canyon, located between our home in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. It quickly got out of control. In three days it has grown to cover almost 5000 acres and has closed down US 24, the only direct route between the two cities. Firefighting resources were quickly brought in from all over Western United States, as the fire was declared the top priority in the country. The fire is now within four miles of Woodland Park, but was being managed by the firefighters. However, late this afternoon a thunderstorm (more of a windstorm) blew the fires from Rampart Range down ... read more
Fire as seen from the street in front of our house
The firestorm on Rampart Range
Waldo Canyon Fire with close air support

North America » United States » Virginia » Falls Church June 17th 2012

9 June 2012 Saturday. Crossing the Great Plains. In 1895, following a visit to the top of Pikes Peak, the mountain that looms a mile above Woodland Park, Colorado (where we live), Katherine Lee Bates penned the following lyrics in America the Beautiful: "O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain!" We descended from the "purple mountain majesties" down to the "fuited plain" otherwise known as the Great Plains that stretches from Colorado Springs to Kansas City. We did not see any fruit; mostly "amber waves of grain." So we consulted Webster's dictionary to see if one of the definitions of great is fruited. Websters defines great as: 1) notably large in size; 2) large in number or measure; 3) remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness; ... read more
Evan and Patrick just before the Wedding Procession
Patrick (Evan's brother and best man) and Evan leading the Procession in the Wedding
Steve (officient) and Evan (groom) watching as the Wedding Procession begins

North America » United States » Virginia » Falls Church September 1st 2011

We moved to Colorado six years ago and this would be our first trip back to our former hometown of Falls Church, VA. Last year we drove back to Blacksburg, VA for our daughter Rosanna's graduation from Virginia Tech, but not to the DC area. We were not looking forward to another long drive back east. This would be my 12th and 13th times for crossing the Great Plains by car...I hadn't been counting as I am not trying to establish any sort of record here, but my daughter Tamara asked so I had to try to recollect. But this time we are going to meet Rosanna's future in-laws and to make final decisions regarding her wedding venue and the caterer, etc. so that as Father of the Bride I know how much this wonderful occasion ... read more
Old Bents Fort
Trade goods in Old Bents Fort
Old Bents Fort

North America » United States » Wyoming July 18th 2011

My daughter Rosanna visited us from Virginia from July 12 - 26. The primary reason for her visit was to pick out a gown for her wedding scheduled for next May or early June. Her first day back we made appointments at several bridal shops, and then the next day she tried on many gowns. She found two finalists, and took the next week to decide. On July 17 and the morning of the 18th, Marilyn and Darryl visited with us on their way from Viriginia to California. 18 July 2011 Monday. So at noon Tamara, Rosanna, Will and my grandson Liam, and I loaded into the car and headed north for the six hour drive to Casper, WY on our way to Grand Teton and Yellowsrone National Parks. Rosanna was the first to drive. The ... read more
Liam and Tamara at our hotel in Casper
Liam and Will sleeping on our long drives
Tamara and Liam at the cafe in Dubois

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Banbury March 30th 2010

27 March - 30 March 2010: Saturday through Tuesday. I am consolidating the blog for the last few days in England as the number of pictures I took for these days was about the same as I took for any one day before. 27 March Saturday. We left Kent by mid-morning, headed for Bath. Despite the occasional shower, we covered the 140 miles to the Bath exit of the motorway in 2 hours. The only slght mishap was a stone hitting our windshield causing a slight chip which would cost me $45 when I turned the car in (which was cheaper that the $48 insurance would have cost me for four days). It took another hour to drive the 10 miles into Bath and find parking...what a zoo. By then we were famished, as we hadn't ... read more
Wool auction house in Chipping Campden
Thatched houses in Chipping Campden
Tamara at Windsor Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Sevenoaks March 26th 2010

26 March - Friday Sunshine again. We stopped in East Grinsted for a McDonalds sausage and egg McMuffin because it was the convenient thing to do. We then walked to a bookstore to buy an AA road atlas. We could have just flipped a coin to decide which way to go as we just wanted to see the countryside. However, we headed in the general direction of Bodium Castle, a National Trust property that has a nice tea house and gift shop. Seeing at least one castle in England is mandatory, so we checked off that square. We then headed to Rye, one of our favorite towns, for a walk, some shopping, and delicious fish and chips. Then it was across the Romney Marshes, and through many quaint villages to our next Premier Inn hotel near ... read more
An ancient street and houses in Rye

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Volterra March 25th 2010

25 March - Thursday Another early start. We discovered that this was market day in San Gimignano. The route from our apartment to the outdoor cafe was lined with stalls selling everything from fresh produce to shoes and clothing. It made for a colorful beginning to the day. After another cappuchino and pastry we walked back to the car and then drove the winding roads to Volterra. Tamara wanted to see where the Twilight - New Moon movie was filmed. I told her that it was filmed in Montipulciano where we had lunch the day before ... apparently the real town of Volterra, although very picturesque, was and not good enough. She did not believe me. We walked all over town looking at each tower to see if she recognized any from the movie. Another Hollywood ... read more
City Hall in Volterra

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