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Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Mt. Kenya August 20th 2009

Today was the beginning of what would soon become a long journey. One that would take us miles across a mountain until we reached its frost bitten peak. We went to the entrance of Mt.Kenya and stood there and paid off the entrance fees for each challenger. We all stood there and were introduced to our mountain guides: Charles, Isac, and Robert. We all loaded up our supplies and got into the jeeps and entered the mountain. We drove across the gentle valleys and it was like looking at an evergreen heaven. The plain was vast and we drove until we reached the forest. We were driving through an open orange paved pathway and we were driven to the half way mark to the Med.Station. We were dropped off and we began the rest of the ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Mt. Kenya August 20th 2009

We all have especially anticipated this moment in the Kenya expedition. The physical challenge of the trip which afterwards had changed me as a person and is one adventure that I made through and probably will remember for the rest of my life. It was dreadfully painful yet amazing. We prepared our travel packs and days sacks and headed out on the buses with Tom and his partner driver, Kamal. We made a few stops along the way for groceries, bathroom breaks, buying coke, and my bus broke down at one point so we had to stop at a gas station to get the engine sprayed with a special liquid so that the bus wouldnt burst into flames. Soon after a "wonderful" six hour trip we finally made it to the blue line hotel which was ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi August 17th 2009

We woke up early in the morning tried, weary eyed, and annoyed and set off to one of the local farmers markets to buy things for lunch like fruits, vegetables, and other various foods . We only sent a few challengers in to retrieve the items because the place was overrun with people trying to sell us things. It was a mess of people and once they noticed foreigneers, which was my fellow challengers and I it was a race to sell us food. I was slightly surprised by the number of people who chased us in the bus and tried to sell us fruits, I wasn't happy to see that people in this country were this desparate to even make barely enough money to survive but later on I saw more and more of this ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi August 15th 2009

As we got off the airport at 6:30 am we realized we were finally at our destination, the trip we have anticipated for so long, we were in Kenya! I was so excited and nervous at the same time to finally be in the country we have been waiting to be in all year. As we looked outside the sky was a gray atmosphere, the roads were aged and cracked, the traffic was hectic but we were in Kenya! Although as we got on to our bus we met our driver who would transport us many times during our trip and his name was Tom. For a bus driver he was a nice guy and a decent driver. As the bus rode through the crowded and busy roads of Nairobi I noticed that the region was ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 15th 2009

We are students of UAS and we are the nine students embarking on the trip of a lifetime. We are known as Team Kenya as we are travelling on June 20th to the country in Africa known as Kenya. We are a team of eight boys and one girl and our names are: Homam Zituni, Abdulla Moaswes, Aya Gadwat, Nader Al-Sayes, Abdel-Rahman Hassan, Fady El-Garawany, Alex Koch, Yassin Al-Shehabi, and Nawfawl Al-Barwani.We will be visiting several cities in Kenya (some of are Nairobi and Naruku) and trying to maintain ourselves in a foreign country on a budget like adults would. It will take strength and determination to pull this adventure off and nothing but pure persistence throughout the two week trip. We will first be climbing Mt.Kenya, the toughest mountain to climb in all of Africa, ... read more

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