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H Quick

I'm a qualified teacher about to start an epic adventure working for Disney teaching English to children 3-11.
This blog will be my communication to all my friends and family back in the UK as I'll be having withdrawal symptoms from not being able to contact and keep up to date through Facebook.
My friends and family are reminded that my Skype address is georocks345

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I've now been in China for over a year. Get ready for some fun adventures popping up over the year.

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou January 15th 2015

So I’ve just gotten through the door after a pretty smooth flight back to China and I thought what better way to end the trip then by writing the blog about it. I had promised myself some time to finish Chelsea’s trip and the Philippines whilst I was back in the UK but never got round to it. I don’t want to dwell on the bad moments of the trip so I’ll quickly summarise here and then babble on about the good bits for ages after. I was very nervous about going back, the reason I really came to China for work was to get away from all the negativity and demands of others who were happy to take, take, take but weren’t willing to help when I needed the most. This past year in China ... read more
Spending time with my sister
My Best Friend!!!!!
Christmas day

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 18th 2014

I have to say it feels very weird that in this month last year I was celebrating my 25th birthday and telling all my friends and family that I had accepted a job working for Disney and that I would be moving to China in December. Not to mention that I was drinking beer with the comedian Ed Bryne whilst working at a bar in Salisbury. It has come around so fast, especially when I add all the trips I’ll be taking soon. With my sister arriving mid October and leaving on November 1st its only 2 weeks till I go to the Philippines for my friend Casey’s wedding and then only 4 weeks after that till I’m home for my annual renewal contract leave. Disney Land – Round 2 of the year, Round 1 of ... read more
Charmaine and I
Rocking it with Buzz
Bettering the viral video with 3 girls 1 cup

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou October 11th 2014

So not a lot happened in August for me to bang on about really. At work I did a travel event for the students as one of our referral events. I took the higher level students whilst Yoshie did the lower level. The TG wasn’t actually that great so I basically turned it into a geography lesson and changed the target vocab up a little. It was so good that our newest member of the KW family Annie an SFT used my plan for when she had to teach it. Shark Bait Hoo Ha ha have been rocking quiz night recently, doing very well with the uber geeky questions, and those involving Britain. I think after the great cheese debacle Frank the quiz host knows not to try me anymore haha. I’ve been planning, booking and ... read more
Mr Pancake house how i've missed you
Western style chinese food
My fortune reading

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou July 31st 2014

My last blog was a quick jumble of what’s been happening since I last wrote so I thought I’d give some more details about some of the things I wrote about amongst new things too. As I write this its 79 days till my sister arrives in Hong Kong for a 2 week stay with me. I’m so excited I could pop, and I know she feels the same too. If it wasn’t for the wonders of the internet and having WeChat I think I would have gone insane not hearing her voice (or the whinging) and keeping up to date with things back home. I have some big plans that I want to put into place and hope the few extra days leave that I’ve requested will be accepted so that when Mouse arrives they ... read more
Sticky head ;-)
Fun time with Sasa's present
KTV event

Asia » China » Guangdong » Guangzhou July 16th 2014

Woweee what a crazy couple of weeks. So much has been going on since I moved from Hangzhou to Guangzhou. My flight down was fairly smooth. I had to pay some money towards excess baggage having already sent 4 large postal bags worth of stuff down ahead of me. I’ve only been here 6 months and arrived with just 2 suitcases and my laptop and left with so much more. I hate to think what the situation will be like when I eventually leave China, I’ve picked up so much stuff. I’ve found a DVD shop near my work place and have already amassed a collection of TV series, the ladies are lovely and get me what I ask for if they haven’t got it by the next day. So I’d best fill you in from ... read more
Team Starwars
Quiz Night with the crew
3 moves later and happy with the apartment

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Ningbo April 22nd 2014

So much like the trip to Suzhou, Ningbo was on my list of places to go see. Of course I didn’t realize I’d have to pack in so many places in such a short time but still an adventure is an adventure. And it just so happened that when I was covering for people at Wulin I had the same weekend days off as Rebecca so we went off on another adventure together before I left. We had decided that we’d catch a super early train (it’s the weekend no one gets up before 11am on their days off, let alone my working days haha) and therefore caught the 8am train to Ningbo from Hangzhou East station. My public transport was super slow and the Hangzhou East station is a bit further away than the usual ... read more
Scouting how we love it lol
First of many silly photos
Bang that drum

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou April 10th 2014

Trip to Suzhou – China’s Venice When I found out that I would be transferring in May I knew I had to get my ass into gear and do some exploring outside of Hangzhou (the trip to Hong Kong does not count) Its April now and although I’ve barely seen everything that Hangzhou has to offer – to be fair some of the so called tourist spots don’t really interest me, I knew I needed a break and get out of the city. One of the onboarders that I met in December works in Shanghai and I knew she was itching to do some exploring to as she has yet to escape Shanghai. On my to do list having looked through my handy Eye Witness Travel China book were Suzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhen. They were simply ... read more
The hostel room
Wondering around
Wondering around

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou March 22nd 2014

Hello Everyone It’s been a month since the last blog but not much has really happened in that time that has been overly exciting to write about. I’ve been covering some classes for people on holiday which have all gone well. For most of April I will be covering holiday at the other center in Hangzhou the Wulin center where I did the first lot of Winter Phonics Camp. It has made me slightly stressed as I have to plan lessons for classes I don’t know but I guess once they are done, they are done and if they are good I don’t have to worry about planning that lesson again. I got my confirmation a few weeks back about my transfer to Guangzhou. So my last day at the Xiaoshan center will be Monday 12th ... read more
On the pretty bridge
Leifeng Pagoda
Leifeng Pagoda

Asia » China » Hangzhou February 13th 2014

I’m really not sure where to start. Having 2 weeks off for Chinese New year couldn’t have come at a better time. I was able to switch off reground myself (before flying up and down the country haha) and actually start to settle into the Chinese life that I have been thrown into. So let’s begin this week’s blog of events/trials and tribulations Home is where the heart is: It always happens that when you are the furthest from home, when there’s nothing you can do but watch/read things happening that you really feel at the lowest point. Receiving the email that my mum went in for surgery and there were complications but then having to email a million different people to find out what is actually going on creates an uncontrollably panic deep ... read more
Hong Kong Island
heading in

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou February 1st 2014

18hrs of Phonics AHHHH!!!!!! Well apart from covering the lessons I had a few weeks back I haven’t actually done any real work since arriving in Hangzhou, that was until I got a message from my centre manager saying that the other centre (the one thats actually in Hangzhou and not fake Hangzhou like us) needed someone to take a Level 2 winter camp phonics lessons. Now there has been numerous meetings and emails and chats in our staff room about the phonics winter camp but I took no mind to it at all because it was all sorted and arranged before I even arrived so I wasn’t involved with our centres. So the fact I was given the opportunity to get involved was a little daunting at first. I was asked on the Saturday when ... read more
main meal take 2
The Gang

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