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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro July 23rd 2011

It would appear that giving the group the blog password and suggesting they make their entry amusing was interpreted as ´make up an amusing story´. I would like to confirm that everything is fine and I have not had any encounters with baggage carousels! Miss B... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro July 23rd 2011

Well.... Airport was a nightmare, Miss Bennett got caught on the conveyor belt, she was going round and round and round, until someone saved poor betty! to cheer her up we brought her a years supply of hersheys, she loves the stuff. mr beer got jealous and cried. especially after losing tilly during a bet with the peruvian man that he could somersault over an aeroplane. luckily he only broke his back so on the trek he can be pulled around by a donkey... his plan all along as he doesnt like walking, shame he didn´t get the chocolate though. however it´s a shame that betty is still going round and round. She keeps calling for help but we´re too busy lauhging and buying stuff from the duty free. will keep you updated on bettys whereabouts ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ashford July 19th 2011

Welcome to the Peru expedition blog! Hopefully everyone is ready to go and has either a packed rucksack, or a rucksack surrounded by a huge pile of clothes and other essentials for four weeks away!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent August 11th 2010

Just to confirm, we all got back safely on Monday morning after spending most of Sunday in Lilongwe airport after we arrived to check-in to be told that the first of our two flights was delayed by 4+ hours. Photos are being shared online already and I will put some on here at some point. Miss B... read more
Domwe Island
Photo 4
vervet monkey, Cape McLear

Africa August 5th 2010

Hey everyone, having a fantastic time resting and relaxing; but more of that later. Malawi is amazing! We have been up to a lot since the last blog. We spent a week down the south of the country in Mwabvi wildlife reserve. This was our second project phase. We had an immense time being licked by lions and helping out with the building of their new enclosure. It was really rewarding to see what we had managed to achieve. All of us have also had a chance to help feed the lions and one day were taken out into the reserve for a gorge walk. Rather amusing and stressful trying to find our way back! Time is not standing still, our last night soon came round, but what a night. Appreciated Adele's AMAZING cooking - goat, ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Lake Malawi August 3rd 2010

Mount Mulanje defeated us. Ha. As if. We are way harder than a mountain, we shortened the trek from 7 to 6 days and kept our sabbath day. Spirits were high as we crusaded across the rather hilly 'flat' plateau. We never again plan to live straight out of our bags for a week, but the views were amazing and we have proved to ourselves that not preparing is not actually a problem. We have also completed the safari stage - we are also harder than elephants. We were nearly charged at. We kept our cool, of course. Just another day in the African life. We are now on R&R - kayaking to domwe tomorrow, however must dash, sunbathing is calling. Olivia Unsworth-Brown, dictated by Luke Grimes. But apparantly not xxxxxx (More detail will follow unless ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Mount Mulanje July 28th 2010

Full update to follow from one of the group, but in the interim.... Like group A, we also shortened our trek by a day and have come down the mountain a day early, six days proving quite sufficient to satisfy our thirst for adventure! The trek was good fun, if a bit challenging at times, personally I rather enjoyed the 'up' bits but not the descents. I was, however, the exception to the rule and came down this morning like a proper old woman with my walking poles, taking very tentative steps to avoid damaging my rather wobbly knee! Off for a celebratory meal soon and then we will decide how to spend our spare day tomorrow before we head to Liwonde National Park for our safari.... Miss Bennett ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
dawn on Mulanje

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre July 24th 2010

Hello from Group A in Doogle's Lodge Blantyre! The first 2 weeks here have flown by, first at Dzalanyama and then on Mt Mulanje. Our introduction to Malawi was brief as we only spent 1 night in Lilongwe before heading straight for the rural village of Dzalanyama. We started our community project in high spirits, white-washing and painting as if our lives depended on it - so much so we ran out of paint on the first day. The teachers and pupils made us feel completely at home and as if we were part of an extended family. We spent our afternoons surrounded by swarms of children all wanting to play or have a photo taken. On the third day of our visit we were priviledged enough to teach english to a few classes, which was ... read more

Africa » Malawi » Northern » Mzuzu July 21st 2010

Our first experience on an African bus: 4am wake up, breakfast and a short walk to the bus depot in Lilongwe before enduring a 9 hour bus ride to our project site, Engcongolweni School. Many of us found the journey to be tiresome and somewhat tedious; those who could (the minority) attempted a comfortable sleep whilst the others enjoyed absorbing the wonderful Malawian scenery ...certainly an experience none of us will forget (yet also one many of us would not like repeated). Upon arrival at Engcongolweni School we were warmly welcomed by the headteacher, Baxtor, who showed us our toilet and shower facilities. The girls had a good few nights of luxury camping in the classroom whilst Miss Bennett, Mr Linsted, David (our leader) James and I had no choice but to camp it outside (which ... read more
Photo 3
waiting for a free 'bathroom'!!!
Pumping water

Africa » Malawi » Central » Lilongwe July 14th 2010

Well, we eventually made it here, mid afternoon on Tuesday after a flight delay and an indirect flight from Nairobi which added a touch-down in Lusaka (Zambia) before Lilongwe. Somewhat exhausted, the two groups have gone their separate ways - Group A to their first project and Group B spending today finding our way around Lilongwe. Tomorrow we (Group B) are heading north to Mzuzu area to start our project too. Highlights of the day from Group B's point of view was meeting the locals as we made our way around town - so incredibly friendly. We have an early start tomorrow - getting up at 4:30 to take tents down in the dark before leaving at 6 to catch the early bus! Miss Bennett... read more

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