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Africa » Kenya October 20th 2015

After getting a great nights sleep and a hearty breakfast we met up with Francis to head in to the park. We headed out from the lodge at 8:00 and returned at 4:30.  The inbetween was a spectacular, unbelievable, amazing day of wildlife viewing. The pictures attached probably will tell the story better than any words, but we'll try. There are no real roads in Maasai Mara. Just a bunch of dirt off road trails. Some more heavily travelled than others. We started off the day with photographing some Gazelles, Impala, Wildebeest, Topi, Warthogs, and Zebra. We heard some Elephants in the woods but couldn't see them. Then we crossed paths with three hyenas. Sarah called them cute and Francis told her how their jaws were the strongest in Africa and watching them devour an animal ... read more
Cheetah catching his breath

Africa » Kenya October 19th 2015

We were up at about 5:30 am. I had slept like a baby. Sarah not so much. Our hotel had an awesome buffet with potatoes, beans, spinach, pancakes, sausage. They were all prepared differently than back home but all still good. A cab picked us up at 7:30 to go to the Kenya Walking Survivors office. We got to experience rush hour in Nairobi. Of course there was the heavy traffic where there really aren't rules, but what really stood out was the amount of construction.  There were thousands and thousands of people building stuff everywhere and mostly by hand. There were also thousands upon thousands of people walking to work. And these weren't short walks. Everybody looked like they were walking miles. But that didn't impact their attire. Everybody was very well dressed with dress ... read more
Hotel View
Our Van

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province October 18th 2015

Yesterday morning at about 6:30 we got a cab from our house to the bus station. Denver to DC was an easy 3 hours. We had enough of a layover to eat and then we were off to Zurich for a 7.5 hour flight. They had TVs, although Sarah's sound didn't work so we had to run a splitter off of my sound and try to time up the movies. Worked great for Inside Out (Katy, really funny movie but I can't see the kiddos watching it) but not so great for Jurassic World (sorry Cliff, it just wasn't good). Switzerland was all clouded over so we didn't get to see the Alps. About 2 hours later we were on our next flight from Zurich to Nairobi...for another 7.5 hours in the air....ugh. Swiss Air was ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center May 28th 2012

So begins the last stop in our 3 month trip. We arrived in Quito at a bus terminal we weren´t expecting to be dropped off at, leaving us to wonder exactly where we were. Thankfully a information kiosk was available, open, and able to point us to the public transit system that would take us into town. We chose to spend our time in Old Town Quito because 1) it seemed way cooler and 2) safer. Forty minutes later we pushed and shoved our way off the bus and arrived at parada Santa Domingo from where we began the exhausting hostel search. An hour and a half later I was on the brink of a meltdown, Matt was Grumpy McGee, we were sweaty and exhausted yet still we had no hostel. Everything we looked at was ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Baños May 24th 2012

Baños is an interesting name for a town. It means "baths" in Spanish and refers to the plethora of hot springs that are in and around the city. However, baño is the word for bathroom. The town of Baños is nothing like a bathroom, but the name overlap always struck me as odd, especially when I ask at restaurant in Baños "where is the baño." Anyway, the bus ride from Riobamba was a quick 2 hours. Once upon a time it was only an hour ride, but Ecuador determined one of the volcanos on that route to be active. Well, this never got published and we never finished writing the entry, but the pictures are nice and we are gearing up for another trip so publish it is... read more
Carihuairazo Volcano (5020m)
View from our first hostal
Chinese checkers

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Riobamba May 22nd 2012

The long awaited departure from Guayaquil had finally arrived and we returned to the ankle-spraining bus terminal to hop a ride to Riobamba. The 5 hour trip took us away from the hot & humid city and up into the lush and much cooler Ecuadorian highlands filled with farmland and rolling hills. We took a cab downtown to find a hostel, agreed to the first reasonably clean and cheap one we saw, then walked/hobbled to the train stain a few blocks away. We planned to take a rooftop train ride down ¨devils nose¨, a steep switchback mountainside outside of Riobamba. After finding out the price had increased significantly ($11 to $25) and that it was no longer possible to catch the train from Riobamba but instead a 2hr bus ride outside of the city, we declined. ... read more
Soon to be town square

South America » Ecuador » West » Guayaquil May 18th 2012

Sarah enjoyed her new book, Precious, while I tossed and turned in the airplane seat feeling awfully sick on our flight back from the Galapagos. Our plan when we landed was to go to the bus terminal and figure out how to get out of Guayaquil as quickly as possible, although in all likelihood it would have to be the next day since we did not want to show up in a new town at night. We had already spent way too much time in Guayaquil and neither of us really liked Guayaquil. After claiming our bags, we tried walking over to the bus terminal. It is only 1 km away, but the directions we got were not great and we ended up in a cab. The cab arrived at the terminal, but disaster struck shortly ... read more

Sarah and I were up and on the deck at 5:30 to watch the sunrise. It was a bit cloudy so we did not get a spectacular sunrise. Still, it was nice to look out over the glass-like ocean as the colors changed. To the north we could see Chinese Hat and the new lava flow on Santiago. It feels like ages since we were there, yet at the same time it was like yesterday. We motor east now, for our last visit, a dinghy tour around Daphne Major. It is a pretty small island so the boat tour did not take long. About 10 years ago it was possible for small groups to do a land visit, but not any more. It sounded like there are a ton of blue footed boobies that nest in ... read more
We will 40 years...
Sunrise over the Beagal Islands
Moon over water

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santiago Island May 16th 2012

We arrived at our anchor point some time over night. The ride seemed fine and when I woke up the seas were so calm I couldn't tell we were even on a boat. Sarah had been up for about an hour, watching the sunrise. Her report on wildlife: a sea lion burped. I went up to the top deck to watch for a little too before breakfast and only saw two penguins in the water. Otherwise things were calm. Today is our last full day. I can't believe it is already here. I wish we has more time, but at the same time I am completely satisfied with our trip regardless of what the day brings. It just doesn't get much better than this. This morning we are visiting Puerto Egas on the west side of ... read more
Puerto Egas
Fur sea lions
Scary Lobster!

Success! I do not know if we are all just getting use to the boat, but everybody handled the 11 hour motor well. We arrived to our anchor spot at Punta Espinoza a few minutes before 7. We are anchored about 200 meters off the shore of Fernandina, yet we can still see the bottom of the ocean., Just in the few minutes of taking in the scenery before breakfast we saw two endemic species, the lava gull that was flying around the boat and landing on the dingy, and the flightless Comorant swimming and fishing in the water. The Comorant can really hold its breath a long time. There were also two sea turtles and a sea lion near the boat. That combined with beautiful views of Fernandina on the west and the Wolf and ... read more
Marine Iguana with young
Marine Iguanas with Fernandina volcano in the background
Flightless Comorants

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