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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Genovesa Island May 11th 2012

At 5:30am the boat engine cut off and I could see out the port window that we had arrived in Genovesa and the sun was just coming up. I went up to the uncovered deck to get a look. Everybody else was still asleep. There were thousands and thousands of birds in the sky hovering over the fairly small cliff edge. Three other boats had arrived as well and were anchored nearby, Genevieve (a large sailboat), Daphne, a first class boat we had been offered and knew this week it was a designated charter, and Comorant, what looked to be a luxury catamaran. After a few photos I went back to the room hoping to get back to sleep. No luck, 6:40 rolled around and we were getting ready for breakfast. All the meals are group ... read more
Sea lion pup looking for mom
Male frigate bird
Red Footed Boobie

We were up earlier than we would like given that we did not need to meet our boat at the channel between Baltra (the island with the airport) and Santa Cruz until noon. But when the last bus is at 9 (for $1.80) and the alternative is an $18 cab, up by 7 is the logical choice. We visited our favorite breakfast place one last time (although we may never know the restaurants name) and ordered the usual: pancakes for Sarah and the continental for me. $8.54. At 8:30 we caught a cab to the bus station which, for reasons I can't begin to imagine, is well out of town on the north side. It's as if they are expecting a huge amount of sprawl and to some day have service to Quito... We arrived at ... read more
Upper deck
Joined by a frigate bird
Frigate bird

Today was a chill day. We did not wake up and get moving until 10. We went to our favorite breakfast place and dragged out a long breakfast turned lunch. Continental breakfast turned to cheeseburger turned to coffee. By 2:00 we left with the idea of going back to Tortuga Bay, but within 5 steps of leaving the restaurant the heat of the day destroyed us and we were resigned to trying not to move. That evening we picked up a free wetsuit from Betty. Wow, she is amazing - normally it would be $80 for the week. And then we had a nice last dinner in Santa Cruz with delicious freshly caught fish (likely from that morning). As much as we have loved our time in the Galapagos so far we are both extremely excited ... read more

Tuesday May 8th started with an early rise and the temptation to wake the woman who had woken us the day before. She was the hostel owners mother and had woken us up quite early the day before with loud knocking followed by 5 minutes of uncomprehendable Spanish before she finally gave up at our lack of understanding and walked away. Guess it wasn´t that important. We made our way to the dock to catch our 7:00 boat back to Santa Cruz. I had forgotten to put on my sea-sickness patch, so I popped a couple of pills hoping they would kick in. Another boat using the only dock spot delayed our departure so after the security people had cleared our bags (they check for fruits, veggies, etc.) Sarah went to grab a snack while I ... read more
Pizza on a lava rock

South America » Ecuador May 7th 2012

Today we planned a somewhat relaxing day. It was a very hot day today without any of the cloud cover that made the previous two days more pleasant. We had just sat down for breakfast when I broke my first sweat. The dock was bustling this morning with crews picking up supplies for their ships. We saw the Austrailian couples boat there to pick them and others up today. After looking at the ships for a bit we picked up our snorkel equipment, with fins today. With only one spot on our agenda and the sun re-cooking our already burnt skin already we opted to hang out at the hostal til the afternoon so we would miss the worst of the mid-day heat and be able to walk back around 6 when it starts cooling off. ... read more
Sarah, pelican and sea lion
Heading out to snorkel
Big waves

Today we got up at a leisurely pace and headed down to Galapagos Fishing Adventures by 8:20 to let them know we were ready for our snorkel/dive trip. We did not need to be there for another 25 minutes so we went across the street and upstairs to a restaurant for breakfast. Another continental breakfast with a banana milk shake (gross in Sarah´s opinion). About 5 minutes before 9 the tour guide rushed us out of the restaurant, resulting in Sarah having to chug hot coffee. And of course, two minutes later we sat at the dock waiting for 20 minutes for everybody else to show. At the dock we met a really cool older couple from Australia. They had rented out their house and were traveling for a year solely on the rental income. Nice! ... read more
Los Lobos snorkel spot
Kicker Rock
Scuba time

I awoke about 7 and worked on blog entries on the phone for an hour before Sarah woke up. We got ready and walked down to the tour shop to try on our equipment for Sundays trip. Sarah quickly had fins, mask and snorkle in order while I struggled to try on the biggest wetsuit they had. It was super tight, but most of the time they are for me. I asked if they had something a little bigger but no luck. They said they would look around during the day and asked us to come back at 6. So, after another basic continental breakfast we walked with our rented snorkel and mask to the Interpretation Center, which turned out to be a far superior visitors center than the one on Santa Cruz. The Center covered ... read more
Sea lions
Snorkel area
Sea lions

We woke up this morning and headed down to the dock to find a 7am water taxi that would take us to San Cristobal. We had seen ads for $40 round trip so that is what we were shooting for. Turns out those ads are to Isabela and not San Cristobal and there is only one boat that makes the trip at 7am in the morning and it was full. Bummer, we had woken up so early. Instead, we bought round trip tickets leaving at 2pm that afternoon, the next departure. We took our bags back to the hostal for the day. After a poor imitation continental breakfast at a restaurant across the street from our favorite, we set off for the Charles Darwin Interpretation Center. This time we wanted to do the whole tour, which ... read more
4-5 year old tortoises
Lonesome George
Land Iguana

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora May 3rd 2012

Our morning was filled with another trip to Cafe Hernan followed by some bathing suit shopping, flight change and a visit to the bank so we could pay the rest of the cruise. And again I had way more cash in hand than I really wanted, but being in the Galapagos with it is not so bad. As we waited in line at the bank tour operators were walking in and depositing thousands and thousands of dollards (all in $20 bills) and others were withdrawing the same. Watching the bank tellers count out $5,000 in $20´s for one woman was so bizarre, especially when she turned, walked out the door and strolled down the street as if it were nothing. There is just so much money moving through the Galapagos and walking down the street with ... read more
White sand beach
Shark at my feet
Who is scared of who?

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora May 2nd 2012

The adventure continued this morning as we started the day off walking back towards the docks. We had some appointments with people on cruise stuff, but since we had some time we went in search of food. And to Sarah´s delight her every wish came true when we found pancakes! As a huge breakfast lover she has been in serious withdrawal on this trip and this was a welcome change. Needless to say, this restaurant became a mainstay for us with the pancakes, french toast, good coffee, fresh fruit and juice. As a non-breakfast person I can still say it was quite good, especially the freshly squeezed fruit juice. Afterwards we walked down to the pier. Overnight there was a lot of change in the cove with the number of boats. The water level had also ... read more
Charles Darwin Research Center Entrance
Beach at Charles Darwin Research Center
Beach at Charles Darwin Research Center

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