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10th February 2011

Hi! I have a website (www.thesouthkoreatravelguide.com) and we are just about to put up a HEAP of information about Daegu on there. Your pictures and blog are really awesome, and I just wondered whether you would be interested in becoming a site contributor? We are particularly looking for more pictures of Daegu itself and some of it's top tourist spots, bars, etc (the ones above are great!!), as well as a little more info on a couple of places, and.... bus schedules!!!! If you'd be interested in helping out, please get in touch with us at contactus@thesouthkoreatravelguide.com I hope you like the site! Claire
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10th December 2010

Yep, we freaked out too
Great post on the Dr. Fish. My girlfriend and I went there recently, too, and we giggled like, well, Korean school girls. But it is ridiculously cheap considering how much people charge in the US (at least in the states where it's still legal). Anywho, you can check out our video of the experience here: http://alexpickett.com/2010/11/07/welcome-to-korea-another-sunday-another-tub-of-fish-eating-your-foots-dead-skin/
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26th November 2010
Julie drinking tea

Drinking Tea
Nice picture! Drinking four or more cups of tea every day could be more beneficial than drinking water. They say that tea not only rehydrates you as well as water does, but it can also offer protection against heart disease and cancer. It is commonly thought that drinking tea leads to loss of fluid and may lead to dehydration. But according to researchers, the water in the tea can actually help replenish fluids in the body. Some of the best teas can be found at trentonteas.com. Cheers!
4th October 2010

My son just arrived on Thursday
My son, Jared, just arrived on Thursday to begin teaching English in Daegu for this next year. I saw your blog and thought it would be great if you and some of your friends met and could help him find his way around. I know I'm being a mother and I am sure he is doing just fine, but it would be better to meet some people. Are you staying for another year?
23rd June 2010

I'm glad to see Puddinghead is still making the rounds. Hopefully he'll come to Japan soon! Return to his homeland for a bit! :)
6th June 2010

It's a great shot! :) Ziggy's going to a really enthusiastic family in the first week of July (~the 5th). :) He's such a sweetie. All he wants to do is play. Play with me, play with strangers on the street, play with our neighbor dog ("his girlfriend"). I can't believe I only have 4 weeks left with him!
5th June 2010

My pic!
Hey, this is my photo!!! I took this pic on a dog walk in Daegu! I am so glad someone adopted her!
29th May 2010

Homigot, in Pohang, South Korea.
28th May 2010
Photo 5

Where was this photo taken?
26th May 2010

Haha, really? It looks like the Statue of Liberty drowning to me! :P
26th May 2010

I think it's just the LOST fever that has been happening here in the US of A, but that hand picture reminds me of a crazy desert island.
30th April 2010

Lol. Last weekend was a blast. Tyty. ^^
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30th April 2010

Your pictures are great. My favorite is Ziggy. Send him to Mentor.
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27th April 2010

When will you be around Okinawa? Maybe I'll pop by on a weekend.
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26th April 2010

I really want to try Dr. Fish in Okinawa this summer. And yay for finishing up my package! :)
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15th April 2010

KAPS requires only that the family pay the normal adoption fee (100,000W which covers the surgery to neuter), which, considering most of these animals are purebred, is actually relatively inexpensive. The cost to fly the dog home, on the other hand, will be covered through fund-raising. In this situation, it will be, anyway. I can't say the same for other adoptees. Additionally, Koreans are really big on little dogs. Herding dogs, like this little Corgi, and the bigger dogs at the shelter are much less likely to be adopted by Koreans, especially since they are out of their puppy phases. So KAPS ships to Canada and the US to let supply meet demand. Recently, an Afghan hound was flown over to California to the Afghan Rescue of Southern California, where he will be taken care of and permanently rehomed in the United States.
15th April 2010

Hey Katie, Loved your photos. We need your input. Come check us out! DIRTY HIPPIES is a community blog to help out our fellow budget travelers. We post everyday. We have weekly staples like HOSTEL OF THE WEEK, and book reviews in our WRITTEN FOR THE ROAD section. We have international food recipes and music finds in our DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS section. Not to mention, travel quotes from FAMOUS DIRTY HIPPIES. Heather and Eric have been in the budget travel community for the past twelve years and they are always watching the latest trends. At DIRTY HIPPIES you will find helpful links for accommodation, exchange rates, travel gear, and much more. So if you are interested in budget travel, get on the bus and become a follower at DIRTY-HIPPIES.BLOGSPOT.COM
14th April 2010

Why can't the Tennessee family get a dog in Tennessee?!? Let me run out to Papua New Guinea for a cat...
14th April 2010

I want a puppy! I wish my room were bigger than a Harry Potter-sized closet because I would totally foster a puppy, especially one that sounds like he was named by Chase Fetters! :)
14th April 2010

I knew you were affiliated, but wasn't aware of how closely! I sincerely hope this entry helps clarify things for prospective teachers, as well as shed some light on how things work. :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading, Rebecca, and thanks for the comment. I think it'll answer even more reader questions!
14th April 2010

Applying Directly with CDL (ChungDahm)
Hi Katie! This is great info. I love reading your blog. Just an FYI that Aclipse is actually owned by ChungDahm Learning. I get the impression you're not aware of this. So for all your readers, if you apply to the CDL website, www.teachinkorea.com, unless for example, you already live in Korea, your resume should still come to us--the Aclipse team, thus, the recruitment process is the same. Just so people know there's not any difference. If you're already in Korea, you interview directly with CDL. We have a very close relationship with them since we're all part of the same company; I think this also makes us a little different than most agencies b.c. we're not a third party. We do take third party contracts with other schools from time to time and in that circumstance act in a way similar to other agencies. Hope this clarifies the relationship for your readers who may be thinking about applying with us. Thanks for the honest, wit, and humor in your blog!! I enjoy reading it!!
11th April 2010

Oh my.
You knowing many korean foods ! Awesome , but I recommand, If you really want to have meal for korean foods, Find The Most Famous restrant in Internet. If you can speak korean is more helpful for u, I'll give u The way. Go to The Yahoo, or Naver(Most Famous website in korea) and You can type "맛집" and Get it ! "맛집" means that Famous restrants for delicious. ^^
8th April 2010

Working with Chungdam
I have an interview next week with Chungdahm next week and I am trying to get information about the company. I hear horror stories about how companies are run or how people are paid on time. I was wondering what you could tell me about your experience. Thanks.
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29th March 2010

Awesome pictures KT!!
26th March 2010

Yay for the Ford City Korean town! I still have a postcard from NYC that I need to mail to you. :( I fail at mailing postcards in the actual city where I buy them.

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