Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn

Hayley Quinn

So my time overseas has almost come to an end. 8 months living in Dublin Ireland, 1 year 3 months living in London and extensive travel throughout Europe and now I am about to embark on my final journey home to New Zealand. 4.5 months travelling through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia then home sweet home! September 3rd I hit the shores of New Zealand and what better way to celebate being home than being part of the RWC. Follow my great adventure.....

Asia » Thailand July 3rd 2011

Monday 30th May & Tuesday 31st May 2011 - Days 1 & 2 I woke up at 5:30am I guess because I was aware that I had to be up early to pack and get myself ready for my flight to leave the Middle East. I couldn't really get back to sleep so I sent an email to mum and then got up and had a shower. Jess and Jen were awake by this stage and then Di came down to say hi and bye. Shortly after Di turned up Kev turned up with Pop, to my surprise. We went wondering to get some breakfast and met Emma and Dre on the stairs on the way down. I had a great fruit cup for breakfast which is just what I wanted. The taxi van with Nathan ... read more
My HUGE bed!
The resort pool
The loungers on the beach

Africa » Egypt June 30th 2011

Thursday 26th May 2011 - Day 34 Oasis Unfortunately my "normal" spaghetti bolognese dinner the night before had not agreed with me and I threw it all up during the night so I was not feeling in the best form. Turns out Jess had not been well either! I was all packed up and at reception just after 10am. We got two mini buses to where the feluccas were docked. We had been told by Dave a few days prior that we needed to split into two groups. We knew there was quite a few that wanted to spend the whole time drunk, having already planned their two days worth of drinking games so I opted to go on the quieter felucca, getting rowdy when we wanted to. So on felucca 1 was: Me, Jess, Jen, ... read more
My Felucca team
The Felucca in action
Me enjoying a beer

Africa » Egypt June 28th 2011

Friday 20th May 2011 - Day 28 Oasis We were stopped during the night by yet another police block and kept there a lot longer than we should have been but thankfully were aloud past this one. The drivers were told twice to stop at places in order that we could get out, have a stretch and get something to eat but they didn't stop. Dave got really angry with them and eventually we stopped but the prices of everything were through the roof so most people just went to the bathroom and got back on the bus again. We finally got to Luxor at 2pm having been on the bus for 19 hours!! Our hotel was very basic and some of it was being renovated so it was a little all over the show. It ... read more
Two Statues
Our mode of transport to the Nubian Village
The Nubian House

Africa » Egypt June 27th 2011

Saturday 14th May 2011 - Day 22 Oasis Breakfast was anytime until 12 noon which was awesome as it meant we could have a sleep in. Breakfast was really good, we could pick whatever we wanted off the menu which was anything from fruit, omelette to a full cooked breakfast - I went for the full cooked breakfast of course! After breakfast Dave took us down to a local dive shop. Given that we were in Dahab for 7 days instead of the original 4, there was plenty of time for people to complete their open water or advanced dive courses. Even though I haven't been diving before, it's not really my cup of tea so I opted to do snorkelling instead. After the dive shop we wondered around town just to have a look. The ... read more
The Blue Hole
A Camel drinking a can of coke!!
Mojito Bar

Middle East » Jordan June 26th 2011

Tuesday 10th May 2011 - Day 18 Oasis I got up at 6:45am to make sure I got a hot shower which I did. I got back to the room just before my alarm went off at 7am. I had been designated as the alarm for everyone so as soon as it went off I turned the lights on and ushered everyone out of bed, to their delight of course! I packed my bag and headed down to breakfast which was pretty average - bread, an egg and some apricot jam. I had a piece of plain bread and a juice. We all then made our way down to the road to jump on the bus, our new mode of transport for the rest of the trip with the truck being gone. Me, Jess and Pop ... read more
Me at the top of Mt Nebo
The Dead Sea
Me floating in the Dead Sea

Middle East » Lebanon June 25th 2011

Friday 6th May - Day 14 Oasis/Lebanon We arrived in Istanbul at 6:30am, an hour earlier than expected. Jess and I went back to the Sultan Hostel where we had first stayed and asked them if it was ok to leave our bags there for the day. They happily obliged and even let a couple of the others who had not stayed there leave their bags too. The 8 of us then met up and went off to find breakfast. Given it was so early there was very little open and as it was also starting to rain we needed to find somewhere inside which proved to be rather difficult. In the end a few of the others decided to go across the bridge to do some shopping instead so we went our separate ways and ... read more
A bombed building
Me & Jess
The Holiday Inn - built 4 months before bombed

Middle East » Turkey June 24th 2011

Tuesday 3rd May - Day 11 Oasis The 5am start was pretty rough, I hadn't been up that early in weeks! We had organised a beach roster so that everyone got 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. The usual card games and backgammon were played as we made our way to Goreme. Goreme was the craziest little town I have ever seen. As we drove in there were hundreds of little cappadocias - pointed rocks that people had lived in years ago, some people still living in a few of the more modern ones. We made a quick stop at the hot air balloon place so that those who were doing it the following morning could register and pay. I opted against the balloon ride, it just didn't jump out at ... read more
Our rock accommodation
Our cave room

Middle East » Turkey May 26th 2011

Thursday 28th April 2011 - Day 6 Oasis We were up early setting sail for a place called Pamukkale. it was a short truck drive, only about 4 hours. We were camping in the ground of a hotel which was cool as it had a pool, restaurant and seating area which we were allowed to use. They even opened up one of the rooms so we could use it for the toilet and shower - I was looking forward to a nice hot shower! I hung up my washing that did not dry at Attila's but noticed two items missing, a black cardie and some black tights which I released I had left hanging over the railing at Attila's, damn it!! Jess and I went off to explore and find somewhere to have lunch. As we ... read more
Me standing on the hills
Calcium Hills
Calcium Pools

Middle East » Turkey May 23rd 2011

Saturday 23rd April 2011 - Day 1 Oasis I had a pretty crap sleep last night as a guy was snoring like a lawn mower! I had to put my music on full crank just to drown him out which clearly didn't assist with the whole sleep thing. Eventually I got up at 7:30am, headed down for breakfast with all the Oasis crew and at 8:30am we were on the road. The truck that would be our home for the next 37 days was parked outside the city in a truck park but it only took us about half an hour to get there. There we met Fanny. Why a huge yellow truck was given that name was not exactly explained to us but once it is named it stays forever we were told. It was ... read more
Oasis Truck
The seat layout
The Beach

Europe April 26th 2011

Wednesday 20th April & Thursday 21st April 2011 After a rather big night saying goodbye to my friends at O'Niells I was feeling a little under the weather but I managed to make it to the Cambodian Embassy at 10am and thankfully they had my visa and passport all ready to go. I made my way back to Lisa & Tim's via the supermarket to pick up food for my final night get together. I then double checked I had everything, emailed Mum my itinerary as requested and did my final pack - weighing in at approx 18kg! My final night get together consisted of drinks & nibbles with Lisa, Tim, Braden, Jenna, Laura, Jo and Katie. We sat around chatting about our adventures over the past year and a half and made plans to see ... read more

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