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Travelling from Lake Argyle to Keep River National Park was a short journey, however it took nearly 3 hours. No this wasn't the result of bad roads or heavy traffic, we crossed the state boundary into the Northern Territory and consequently lost an hour and a half. So with the day nearly gone there was just enough time for a walk into the Gurrundalng. This is the Aboriginal name for Keep River N P, and suits it much better I think. It's also the name of a beautiful blue/grey stork-like bird, many of which we saw in the park. Scrambling through rocky gullies and over wooded banks of woolly-butt trees we felt completely alone amongst this beautiful wilderness. The undulating cliff faces and sporadically placed palms seemed to stretch forever with no hint of human habitation. ... read more
Our Camp
Katherine's hot springs
Darwin...swimming anyone?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley January 17th 2011

The Kimberley grasps you. Whether you are just passing through or living here you cannot help feel it's presence. Three times the size of England with only 26,000 inhabitants the rugged Kimberley is such a vast, unpopulated region that each car that passes by can be counted on one hand and waved at fervently with the other. The intimidating heat, beamed down from a sun that feels too close for comfort, tests even the most stubborn of settlers and can reduce you to sweat before you get out of the air conditioned car. The land is unto itself, holding majesty in an area that still feels untouched. Before we entered this huge region we stopped for the day at the seaside town of Broome. On the edge of the barren Kimberley, Broome could not be more ... read more
Takng an alfresco shower at Gekie Gorge
Wonderous Rocks
The Mini Bungle Bungles

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth January 17th 2011

It was 7am, the sun was already burning our skin and the eggs were almost frying themselves without the need of our gas cooker. We had driven 10km on dirt roads jarring our bones to reach Shothole Canyon. 10k doesn't sound much but when rocks and slippery shingle mean you can't pass 20kph it sure feels it. It was, however, worth the rattle and the heat, we enjoyed our breakfast alone in this huge chasm and clambered to the peak to take in stunning views along the long, dry river bed. At 11am we were waiting outside the Exmouth Novotel for our friend Unik to finish her shift. It had been 12 months since we first met Uni and her boyfriend Joni in the ferry ticket queue on Havelock island in the Andamans. We've all travelled ... read more
Me, Unik and Lewi compete for the shade!
There were TWO giant stingrays!
Yardie Creek,finally a water-full creek

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay December 30th 2010

As humpback whales migrated south we were getting further north, along the beautiful and remote West Coast of Australia. The sheer scale of the country tipping the kilometres into the thousands. With tourist brochures and notes from other travellers literally spilling out of the glove box we came to the highly recommended Quobba. The name, sounding like a teasing cricket toss, enticed us to play and we duly pitched up in the midday heat. We had been reliably informed that camping by the beach would be free as the ranger had 'gone home' for the season. This refreshing occurrence was indeed true and we set about finding a spot to camp. The heat outside of our air conditioned Holden was stifling. A dry heat that was made worse by the amount of flies that pestered our ... read more
free camp in style
High waters
Deserted Coral Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham December 28th 2010

Shark Bay is a world heritage site and rightly so, it contains so many wonders within its ample, protected waters. The first of which was located at Hamlin Pools, a sheltered super-saline cove. Stromatolites, their name sounds interesting, the biological and evolutionary significance of these cynobacterial organisms whose presence on earth dates back 3.6 billion years is pretty impressive...But to look at they are simply a collection of lumpy rocks. We respectfully noted the tiny bubbles of oxygen that made their way to the surface and thanked Mr Stromatolite and his ancient relatives for this basic act which made it possible for animal and human life to exist. Suitably better informed about the beginnings of life on earth we left the respiring rocks to it and continued our drive up the cape to Denham. It was ... read more
Eagle Bluff boardwalk
Enjoying a glass of wine at the bow
Morning feeding on Monkey Mia beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Cervantes December 28th 2010

Having been south it was now time to start the long drive north. We stopped in the first town we got to, Busselton, and found a McDonalds in which we used their free wifi. Having been kings in Asia we were now paupers in Australia and had to find a McDonalds just to get the internet and charge our devices. On the way in to the car park, on a hot Saturday afternoon, we witnessed a horrific car crash. A jeep came round a corner too quick and rolled into a pedestrianised green verge. Luckily nobody was hurt. We were having car troubles of our own. It would not start properly but after a call to John at the garage we learned that it shouldn't be started cold on LPG. It was fine on fuel. With ... read more
Strange but Beautiful Limestone Formations
Cooking at a free camp
Ellendale Pools

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River December 22nd 2010

After all the long hours and days spent tracking down the perfect car it was a welcome and astonishing surprise to us that it took mere minutes to become her owners. The stacks of cash that we'd been routinely withdrawing all weekend had exchanged hands, a big bundle of fifty dollar bills swiftly deposited into Stewerts wife's handbag. Now for the transfer of ownership...a cursory look at Lewi's passport and a few taps on a keyboard and the lady proclaimed we were done. It was as easy as that, she didn't even look at his drivers license, apparently you don't need one to own a car in Western Australia! With a wave goodbye to Stew and an excitement bubbling within we drove off, it felt so great to be back behind the wheel again, in our ... read more
Flinders beautiful waters
Leeuwin lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle December 12th 2010

With a tent under our arms and a handbag stuffed with underwear we arrived into Fremantle station. The liberation of leaving Britannia Backpackers still surging through us. It was 11pm and a dark station and empty streets greeted us as did a sense of excitement. The clarity of the moment enhanced by the fact we didn't know where to go or where we would sleep. This was us again. We had just agreed to buy a car and had left the daily cycle of Britannia Backpackers. We were travelling again. We had heard there was a campsite around 'Freo', as the locals call it, but at this time of night there were no buses and we had no idea where it was. We asked a 'hippie' looking lady where we could camp who replied "I just ... read more
Tea and cakes to warm us up!
Catching up on some sleep
Seagulls and the ship

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City December 12th 2010

Flying east back to the west We arrived into Perth International airport at 10pm local time having spent the previous two days gorging ourselves on delicious Indian, Malay and Chinese food in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. We had absorbed as much of the bustling Asian character of these friendly cities as we could, savouring their multitude of flavours, and storing it up until next time. We were feeling very sad to leave Asia, collectively it's diverse countries had been our home for the last year, and on the short five hour flight back to the waiting western world we reminisced about the incredible times we'd had. I was nervous about the re-entry to western civilisation and all the changes that we would be faced with. How can Australia compare with our fantastic experiences so far? Will ... read more
Perth by night
Test driving the Ford Transit
Little John doing his thing

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Tana Toraja November 20th 2010

It was extremely hard to leave the beauty and sanctity of the Togean Islands. Indeed we could all have stayed there forever, but there was still a lot more of Sulawesi to see. We moved from travelling by sea to travelling in a Kijang (4WD) that had a criminally low amount of tread on it's tyres. Having stopped at a garage we hoped that perhaps a new set of tyres may be on the menu but all they did was put the tyre on the other way around and off we went. We then journeyed in the Kijang all day, arriving in Poso under the cover of darkness as the town experienced a complete power cut. By 10pm we were on a rickety old bus bound for Makassar that was being piled up with ice boxes ... read more
manatee tours does mopeds
thee pronged attack
beautiful vista

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