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Asia November 9th 2009

So onto Nepal and into a place of sanctuary, if not normality, from the previous 10 days madness in India. Another long bus ride to Pokhara, which entailed a 10 hour trip to the border, overnight stay and then the bumpiest 12 hour bus journey of my life to Pokhara. All this became worth it though as we arrived in Lakeside Pokhara in view of the spectacular himalayas and the beautiful Phewa Tal Lake. It felt so relaxed and the trekking, traveller vibe was infectious. While Hannah rested (it turned out she had gastro-entinitis), Durks and I (aka Christian my friend from uni) began planning our attack of the mountains, buying maps, hiring sleeping bags and...drinking everest beer (it's the sherpa beer of champions). After a brief delay in our scheduled leaving date, due to han's ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra October 14th 2009

Sorry our last episode ended so abruptly, our connection in Agra wasn't so good and by the end of it we were getting rather frustrated! So I shall continue today... The train from Delhi to Agra was suprisingly the best train we have ever taken - included in the standard price we were given bottled water, newspapers (in english), tea and biscuits and a full breakfast! it was brilliant, and air conditioned too! Arriving in Agra was pretty crazy but after Delhi nothing was too mad or bad. and so our new friendly auto-rickshaw driver Ali took us to our hotel and we crashed out. The only thing we managed to do that day was to go up to our rooftop restaurant (we love them) and enjoy a coca cola whilst looking at the taj mahal ... read more
taj-west gate
dinner time!
Sunrise at the Taj Mahal

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi October 7th 2009

After an emotional yet enjoyable farewell we were off on our voyage across the world...DELHI bound!!! 8 hours later we arrived into a very hot delhi where we were greeted by our hotel pickup who risked his life and ours getting us to the hotel. Delhi is like no other place either of us has ever seen. The traffic is wild, cars, buses, tuk tuks, motorbikes, bikes, cows, dogs and monkeys all on the road and all going in (it seemed) different directions. Children washing on the side of the road next to running sewage and cows lying in the middle of the road creating a smell that gets stuck in the nostrils. Add to this the noise from all the beeping (and indians love to beep) and you get a picture of the sights and ... read more

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