Hailey J. Wright


Hailey J. Wright

I am a recent university graduate from Canada and I am embarking on my second trip to Europe. The first time around four years ago it was Greece, and this time I am visiting the UK and France. This may or may not be one of those 'finding yourself' adventures, I'm not sure....but I would like to have a look at a different part the world for a while.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Knightsbridge November 24th 2010

I wrote a thing and it got deleted, but long story short, i'm here, got picked up, went tolondon, then Westcliffe on Sea, then back to London, made a bit of a fool of myself when i couldnt recognize a pound in a handful of canadian change, and then saw touristy things. Tower of london, London Bridge, Tower bridge, Buckingham palace, hyde Park, Harrods (the shop where those guys bought that lion), a posh market thingie where cally got serenaded by a guy with a fiddle. There are castles littered all over the countryside, and i got to see the Sea. Another neat thing is that the light switches are funny here and so are the streets. They're small and so are the houses and cars but it all looks relative, the cars may even look ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Durham November 8th 2010

Counting the Days So far I'm still in jolly old Canada, but I'm in the process of planning for my departure which is fast approaching in only two weeks. Passport has been renewed, insurance is under control, credit card company is notified, ticket is paid and printed and pounds have been ordered. All I need to do is do a little more preparation shopping and then packing. The tentative plan is to head to Essex when I arrive, spend a day there then head back to London to meet another friend. I will do some sight seeing there, the British Museum and a few other things, hopefully not too touristy. Then the following day I'll be off to Brighton to experience the night scene and shopping by the Pier. The following weekend I will make ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens April 15th 2006

Greece, 2006 Athens Aegina Hydra Poros Cape Sounion Tolo Olympia Delphi Mycenae Arachova Epidaurus For my first trip to Europe this was quite the way to start. An absolutely amazing trip that I don't have the time to re-cap at the moment. I will explain in great detail at a later date. ... read more
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