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2nd July 2012

Hey, Barbie
You were always a grand Gypsy...always moving on to the next...if you "fall down... get back up again"...enjoy...
9th April 2012

Good Group
Hi Barb...enjoyed having a look through your blog...some nice photos xx
18th March 2012

What a wonderful experience!! I can't imagine a better way to immerse yourself in Balinese culture...lucky you!! I'm glad that you're having a great time and making the most of these wonderful and loving people. Looking forward to hearing some more...Love you and miss you!
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2nd March 2012

big smiles
You look healthy and happy Barb. When work doesn't drain you there is so much to life, I am glad that you are experiencing the generosity of others and living life. It's nice to be included with the real life and see it beyond tourist eyes - the beauty of being included with family & friends ...
29th February 2012

Nice boogie-board .....
By far my favourite picture of you from the NZ portion of your adventure. Keep smiling, Smalls ..... Peace. -Your Sailorboy
29th February 2012

Best day of my adventure!
This still is the best day yet!
24th February 2012

Great blog Barb. Looks like you're having a lot of fun. It's dark, dreary, and cold here so enjoy every bit of that sunshine that I'm seeing in those pictures. Have a great time!
8th February 2012

Just Stop It!
Hey Barb; Your pictures show you having too much fun. Stop It! Try not to enjoy yourself so much in New Zealand will you? Seriously; It looks like you're having a great adventure. You know how. But there's still more to learn. Keep it up. Love; Mike
16th January 2012

hope your having a great time....
Hey there....have a blast, travel safe, it looks like a beautiful place. love you xoxox
11th January 2012

Good travels!
We're travelling vicariously through you, so make sure we have a great time, see lots and soak in some sun.
9th January 2012

Safe Travels
Just want to wish you well on your travels...have fun, play safe, be well..... Take Care and take lots of pics.
8th January 2012

Can't wait to hear about your adventures Barb! Love ya, Kim xoxo

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