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26th January 2014

proxy traveller
Eric I see you are on your usual good form! I have only just seen that you have entries dating from August! So I have a bit of reading to do. Best of luck, and enjoyment. Alan
12th January 2014

Happy new year
Exciting day in the life of a South American city. Not unlike Britain really (well, occasionally). Again keep safe, but it looks like you have so far.# If you can change my email address on your blog circulation list I'll get your messages even sooner as I don't look at my fsnet account so often these days. Chris
30th December 2013

Here we go again
Hi Eric - glad to see you are on your travels again which I means that we have completely missed any opportunity of meeting up in 2013 (unless you are popping back for an evening of New Year celebrations in Manchester). I look forward to further missives. Good luck and keep safe. (Please note my new email address but I'm keeping the old one open for a while to capture any stray messages). Chris
28th November 2012

Sorry I missed this earlier blog due to being in Australia in October to mid November. Hope there have been no more medical adventures since your blackout. I've heard of anti-malarials having strange side effects but never heard of anyone who actually suffered one. Havwe a safe continued trip!
24th November 2012

Galapagos experience
Incredible experience, for the moment I am also trying to get a good cruise for the Galapagos islands, I have been looking on the web and I am found the Queen of Galapagos Catamaran Yacht in, it looks nice!, how did you go to Galapagos?, I need some advices. Thanks
15th November 2012

Great blog. Nice photo of a mountain top Inca village that isn't Macchu Picchu (or doesn't look like it). Very friendly looking llamas that don't look as though they are about to spit at you. When Obama was first elected president someone said he looked forward to the day when the USA would get into an argument with Peru over the import of its native animals, just so he could see the newspaper headline 'Obama-llama ding dong'.
1st November 2012

Loco Gringo
Hi Eric Looks as though you are having fun in South America. We're in Centro America ( Guatemala) leaving for Honduras / Panama end of Nov. where will you be????? Regards eric
15th October 2012

Kites hitting free air
Well it's good to know air is free in Peru and that kites can hit it, or maybe that should free air hitting the kites. Come to think of it I'd be more likely to s*** myself on one of those motor rickshaws. Good to know you're finding interesting things to see and do.
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11th September 2012

Theories down the plug hole
Ah, the old vortex down the plug hole trick. Funnily enough I can do that on different sides of the same room in Wales. Did you do a quick calculation of the Coriolis force to show them that there wouldn't be any significant effect? That would draw a line under the hoax. Or maybe through it. Glad you got to Quito though after your trip to the Galapagos islands. Amazing adventure so far. Chris
23rd August 2012

Where are the people?
Cali seems to be missing a population. Did you see anyone apart from the single person poised at the top of the steps, presumably also having failed to find a map? Maybe nobody can find the place because there are no maps. Maybe it's not even on the map and you were in a parallel universe... Hope someone shows up next time.
20th August 2012

Give us an update, Eric
Hi Eric. I'd just like to hear that you're doing okay. Tell us about Ecuador.
13th August 2012

Nice to hear of your travels. The look of Medellin is refreshingly different from my preconceptions. Best wishes for continued safety and interesting encounters. There's probably a joke to be made with the name Medellin but it might be moderated out.
21st June 2012

Hola from Wales
Good to know you got there if only briefly and managed to avoid having your name added to the monument. Have a longer and better time in Venezuela! I look forward to your pictures of Angel Falls!

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