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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur February 25th 2013

'Two Forts and a Wedding' - India 3 Mumbai-Udaipur-Ranakpur-Jodhpur-Nagaur-Roopangarh-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Keoladeo-Fatehpur Sikri-Chambal-Agra-Delhi-Shimla-Dharamsala-Pong-Amritsar Udaipur - Kumbhalgarh Fort - Ranakpur- Jodhpur 15th February 2013 There's no peace for the wicked. Our 2am wake-up call put paid to any dreams of lazily holidaying under swaying palms on sandy beaches. There's a plane to catch at 5.20am and our pre-booked taxi speeds through the city's red traffic-lights to Mumbai Domestic - en route to Udaipur. Delightful Udaipur rattles and bangs under the the towering shadow of the enormous City Palace, looking out over serene Lake Pichola and Lake Palace, that icon of Octopussy fame marooned on the lake as if tethered by an anchor, sparkling white in the morning light. At the heart o... read more
Lake Palace Udaipur
Angena's wedding - The Bride and groom

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 18th 2013

A Gateway to India Mumbai- Udaipur-Ranakpur-Jodhpur-Nagaur-Roopangarh-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Keoladeo-Fatehpur Sikri-Chambal-Agra-Delhi-Shimla-Dharamsala-Pong-Amritsar Mumbai (Bombay) 13th February 2013 A sombre cloudless sky greeted us on arrival in Mumbai, defused by localised smog laying heavily over the bay, but after the 1C and snow we left behind in the UK, the 30C of Mumbai is decidedly welcome once refreshed with a cool shower. There is safety in numbers, or so I've been told. That might indeed be true for wildebeast crossing the Serengetti, for vast flocks of birds fending off predators in flight or armies preparing for battle. Evidence, however, suggests it's not so much the roll of the dice but where you choose to roll 'em. Mumbai's 20.5 million people cram this city on the Bom B... read more
Dhobi Ghat
The true scale of life
Street kids

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai February 10th 2013

Mumbai-Udaipur-Ranakpur-Jodhpur-Nagaur-Roopangarh-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Keoladeo-Fatehpur Sikri-Chambal-Agra-Delhi-Shimla-Dharamsala-Pong-Amritsar 'A Package to India' 12th February 2013 It was 1956 and I was home on leave from the Air Force for the week-end. An Indian gentleman knocked on our front door that day, enquiring after my 1939 Hillman advertised for sale in the local paper. I had never met an Indian gentleman before. The Doctor didn’t haggle. We exchanged £100 cash for a hand-painted black Hillman Minx with dodgy cable brakes, rust holes plugged with fibreglass and a dicky head-gasket. A few years later my father sold our suburban semi-detached in Wembley, to the west of London, to yet another Indian, another Doctor - and moved to Norfolk, leaving behind a burgeoning Indian socie... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Outer Hebrides October 19th 2012

Motorhome News from Scotland 3 September 21st – 25th 2012 Berneray – North Uist – South Uist and Eriskay The continuing hunt for Otters, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Whisky Galore! It’s a mere forty minutes by ferry from Leverburgh on South Harris, to the island of Berneray, up there above the tip of North Uist, linked in recent times to South Uist and all the way down to the tiny island of Eriskay, forty miles further south, by a backbone of single-track road and umbilical causeways. The pace of life will have changed here no doubt, from a mere dawdle to very leisurely. With all the time in the world and our home on our backs we chose just to dawdle, absorbing the sights an... read more
The Harris to North Uist Ferry
Traigh Bhalaigh

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Outer Hebrides October 8th 2012

Motorhome News from Scotland 2 September 17th – 21st 2012 The Outer Hebrides. Harris & Lewis 'The Land of 1000 Rainbows' A letter to my sister, Audrey. My dear Audrey, We only get to see you so briefly once a year when you join us for the family ‘garden party’ in July, but we think of you often as we travel, knowing that for you this is another world now beyond your reach. This letter is for you in the hope that within its many images there will be the opportunity for you to join us on our journey. We would love that. News finally reached us of improved weather on the Western Isles, a brief enough window for us to make the dash across Scotland, fingers crossed for sunshine, from our campsite at ... read more
Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry
Narrow winding roads with passing places

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire September 28th 2012

Motorhome News from Scotland I September 7th - September 16th 2012 Teesdale (Co Durham) - Scotland - Trossachs - Balmoral - Perthshire - Aberdeen - It's just the way it happens sometimes. This travelling bug I mean. If you have a minute or two to spare I'll tell you how it goes. Sit over there, on the sofa by the window. Somewhere around this time in September it's Penny's birthday. Penny is an old friend and we're about to discover just how old she is when we get to the celebration party at the remote home she shares with hubby, Roger, up on the moor in Teesdale, County Durham. The prospect of a four-hour-plus drive from home prompts us to take the motorhome and stay at the local farm with Steph, Richard, three or four magnificent ... read more
Loch Katrine
The stubble fields of Perthshire
The Grampians

Europe » Poland June 22nd 2012

Motorhome News from Poland III 11th June 2012 Poland - Krakow - Wieliczka Salt Mines - Auschwitz Germany – Meissen - Colditz ‘Lest We Forget’ A visit to Krakow would not be complete without one final bugle call; a visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine a short distance out of town. Perhaps you've heard of it. If you have, you might tell us how it's pronounced! There were only the five of us that evening for the last ‘English’ tour of the day at 5 pm - we were joined by a young couple from Hungary and our English speaking guide, Margaretha. “Call me Margaret,’ she said as she led us to the top of the stairs. The exhausting two-hour tour took us down the 360 steps to the first level at ... read more
Wieliczka Salt Mines

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian June 22nd 2012

Motorhome News from Poland II 6th June 2012 Hunting for Bison and Wild boar - sent to the Salt Mines and Chasing Dragons in Krakow ‘I remember’ I remember every moment of our last visit to Poland, though the faces of our group of birders are long forgotten. I remember the ancient forests and crystal rivers, the many birds I had never seen before, and I remember the man who never sleeps; the man with the sparkling, intelligent eyes and the ragged beard; bursting with energy, excited by everything around him - my kind of guy. Sadly, we’ll not get to meet Marek on this trip as our paths will cross on different days. It is ten years this month since we were last here. The hay meadows still feast the eyes with ... read more
Hill of Crosses
Dojlidy Fishponds
Bialowieza primeval forest

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region June 1st 2012

Motorhome News from Latvia Latvia Chapter I 28th April 2012 We're slowly becoming acquainted with the local currency but there's not enough time to make friends with all the coins and notes, the value in £UK or the price of food and diesel. In Lithuania it was Litas, and in Latvia it is Lats. To make life easy, we brought some of each with us and hopefully we can get home with pockets empty of both. The Latvian and Lithuanian languages are rather more to our liking than Polish. There are less W's, Z's, I's and O's and for some strange reason we seem to be able to understand a few more of the words. Not that it matters too much. English is spoken and understood by most people and information in English is shown as ... read more
Ventspils beach
Long tailed duck!

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 1st 2012

Motorhome News from Lithuania Lithuania Chapter I Saturday 28th April 2012 Once again we turn into new territory; up into the Baltic States beyond Poland, edging our way northwards towards the southern shores of Scandinavia and the western fringes of the old USSR; to delve into the history, the landscape, wildlife and culture aflicted by invasion from all sides for centuries. Is that why we continue to travel; to learn more about that which is beyond the horizon; that Christopher Columbus feeling I was talking about? There's a little bit of the old Soviet Union tucked into the corner of the Baltic coast to the northeast of Poland, leaving us little choice of roads northwards into Lithuania. Some roads run through the small Russian enclave of Kaliningrad that gives access to the Baltic Sea when ice ... read more
Bird ringing station at Vente
The Lithuanian coastline
Minija house

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