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Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt April 9th 2010

After a very "pleasant" train ride through the lakes district of Austria, we stopped at Hallstatt where we took a ferry across the lake to get to the town. We found a guest house where the owner was super nice and they had a museum of items that were found at the bottom of the lake which included a number of Nazi and war relics! He recommended a good restaurant, so we went. I got fresh fish caught from the lake which was amazing (something about the water conditions as to why the fish was so amazing). We took a walk around the area and came across a "bone church" and Megan made friend's with a cat (what's new). On our hike up the mountain to the top of the salt mines, we saw a dope ... read more
Lake Hallstatt
skulls and bones
Megan thinks

Europe » Austria » Salzburg April 8th 2010

Just over the border of Germany is Salzburg, Austria. It was a cool town to see for a day. We had a lot of trouble finding a room for some reason, which led us to walk a bit with our bags and then eventually just settle on staying in a 6-bed dorm. Luckily, there was only one other person in the room that night...who, by the way, was from Brasov, Romania, sounded a lot like Dracula, and had a dash of creepiness going for him. Needless to say, we weren't murdered. Anyways, we grabbed some beers and hung out on the riverside with all the cool kids in Salzburg and all was well. While doing my laundry, I ran into a guy from a touring band, The Hidden Cameras, and he put us on the guest ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 7th 2010

We took a day trip to see King Ludwig ll's hood. The place he grew up in, Hohenschwangau Castle, was really cool on the inside, it was very ornate with super detailed sculptures and the heating system was pretty rad...basically, the heaters in each room had a crawl space leading to them so that they could be refilled with wood without disturbing whomever was in that room...could you imagine? gee gholly! Kind Ludwig's work-in-progress, Neuschwanstein Castle, was a lot nicer to see on the outside, but not so much on the inside. We had more pretzels and Megan put ketchup on hers...eww. Either way, the whole area was very picturesque and pseudo-Disneyland, and the crowds of annoying ass shitheads elbowing their way to see it, made the whole experience less than ideal...I would not visit this ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 6th 2010

Arrived to Munich! Found a hostel, conveniently located across the street from one of the best beer halls in Munich, the Augustiner Brauhaus! Got us some huge beers and ate on some spatzel. Megan wanted saurkraut, but they never brought it...bummer. They must of thought she was talking dirty to them or something when she ordered it? I also made friend's with a pigeon that came and hung out with me on the window sill of our room...we had a beer. So, Munich offers these free walking tours which we thought might be whack, but it was pretty cool and walked away with some edumacation. We gots to see a lot of areas where some serious Nazi shit went down, which was pretty intense. After all that thinking...straight to the biergartens! We hooked it up with ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach April 4th 2010

We gots on the train to Germany! We stopped in Cologne...gots some coffee and checked out a bad-ass Cathedral! Good thing it was Easter or we may have not gotten in. We get on a train to Koblenz where we took a cruise down the Rhine river, passing different medieval towns with castles n'at, making our way to the small town of Bacharach. In Bacharach (I think their mayor's name is Burt...heehaw), we took a stroll, saw some hobbits and even ate dinner where we were served by a hobbit! It was all pretty cool, but kind of awkward, cause we were the only people there that weren't old.... read more
castle of grey skull?
sinking castle...or an optical illusion?

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 3rd 2010

So, unlike Thailand, there are a lack of 711's (or just convenient stores in general) and it seems that drinking water is a luxury. Anyways, we checked out the Torture museum exhibition which was rad and did some more walking and stuff. Later in the evening, we visited a "cafe" and got lost trying to find our way back to the hotel...not sure why?! When we got back, we got very little sleep cause of very annoying middle-aged women having a party til 3am...I hope that there's no bread left for them in the morning.... read more
horses n'at
...something you might see in Amsterdam.

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 2nd 2010

We awake to our first inclusive breakfast of the trip and we were going to have to get used to it...bread, cheese, bread, cold cuts, bread, jam, bread, yogurt, bread, muesli, bread, juice...bread. No, but seriously...BREAD! So we checked out the famous Van Gogh and dropped by Anne Frank's crib for a sobering experience. I had to eat the quintessential fries and mayo...megan had fries and curry ketchup cause she despises MAYO! I made the mistake of walking around a shit ton in my Van's slip-ons, and my feet got swollen like a fat lady with cankles. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 1st 2010

To our surprise, we arrive with no delays! Neither of us slept on the red eye, so we arrived zombified. We are greeted by cold and rainy weather, but our first impression of the city is amazing! Wearily we find our hotel and all we wanted was to wash our bums, but they tell us that our hotel isn't ready until after was around 10am...sweet! So, we wander around to find some good coffee and pancakes with cheese (a crepe with really good cheese, sugar, and good)! Within 2 hours, Megan asks if we can move to Amsterdam...ha. ... read more
i amsterdam

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya August 26th 2009

Yet another very memorable moment! So we decided to go to a nearby market and check out the food options and it started to rain. We figured, no big deal! Then maybe, within like 20 seconds, it started raining harder than either of us had ever seen. Even though we were still sooo close to our guest house, it was raining too hard and the streets were flooding instantly so we ran into the closest we saw....unfortunately, it was an open air bar below ground level. So we sat down at the first open table we saw, which we soon had to move back from due to the "intruding" rain. We ordered our food and were served beer. As we drank and waited, the rain continued to pour and the flooding on the streets made it's ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Lopburi August 24th 2009

Lopburi didn't have much going on. It was pretty mellow with few food options and a few good sites, but we had one of the most memorable experiences with Lopburi's local mafia of gangsta ass monkeys!... read more

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