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9th February 2018

Glad to see that you will continue to blog about your travels...
In the final analysis, it's for ourselves. I've been waiting for you to Skype for an interview.
18th October 2017

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10th March 2017
Hong Kong

Very interesting blog. Thanks for sharing such useful information here and nice snaps.
From Blog: PP in HK!
10th November 2016

Dili is somewhere I'm considering visiting soon. From Jakarta, its only a skip and a hop to Bali and then I can be there. Your writing might just have made up my mind. Many thanks.
14th September 2016
New York

Love NYC
I love NY every time I come here I love it more. Little information to people who are first timer, book your hotel and car service well advance. I stayed at times S area where all the actions are. Hilton was a nice hotel so was W hotel. I also used Daisy Limo I found it online and it is a reliable limo service http://www.daisylimo.com/teterboro-airport-service.html
2nd September 2016

You survived!
What a nightmare over such nothingness! Good that you got to visit the beauty of Kyoto to calm your frayed nerves. Best wishes on Macau being easier than HK. Keep moving--yes! I need to be out of Peru in a week, but I can't decide between Bolivia and Ecuador, but how great if this were everyone's worst problem. Happy travels!
From Blog: The permit
19th July 2016
El Nido

We loved our time there. So amazing. Thanks for the memories.
17th July 2016
El Nido

Incredibly beautiful!
I've often found that in the midst of breath-taking, natural beauty, the little nearby villages are often poor. My reasoning has been that if they were richer and had the money to modernize, they would also probably have destroyed a lot of the nature in the process. But it's a scandal that some of that tourist money doesn't make it back into the community for a clinic and services for the community.
18th July 2016
El Nido

Yes, hope the best for the Phillies, its a nice country...
19th February 2016

Naked Asia
Your blog certainly puts this part of Asia in a different perspective ;) thankfully I didn't have a chance to experience any of that and hoping I won't need to in the future. Thanks for sharing! :)
19th February 2016

If you will ever go to a Japanese spa you will probably have to :) Happy you enjoy the reading
19th February 2016

Haha not even close!
17th February 2016

A good read...
...but Japan is now definitely at the bottom of my bucket list! :0
17th February 2016

Thanks! Actually its one of my fav countries, just pointing out some cultural traits which seem weird to me. Give it a try, I love Japan
24th January 2016

Good post!
very interesting post just made me keep reading it. http://www.iconicdubai.com
22nd December 2015

So many places and so little time
Glad you are sending his message....ok, the war is over. Sounds like you met some interesting people. Glad you are feeling better and enjoying the exercise.
17th December 2015

Kindred souls
We are with you man..."Goosebumps, the shift, the transit, the beautiful change that makes my life worth living." We know that feeling well and live for it. Currently planning a winter trip and are so excited of what maybe. Thanks for wording it so wonderfully.
16th December 2015

Region in my bucket list. Thank you for your useful comments and tips.
17th December 2015

Happy to help, make sure you spend some time there, there is much more to see than I expected! Need to go back at some point
15th December 2015

A hidden gem
I guess we'd better get there before others discover this wonderful land. The glimpses of Budva are wonderful. Can't wait to walk those narrow streets.
17th December 2015

I was really surprised myself, Montenegro topped all my expectations! Go for it!
9th December 2015

Lost in translations
... a deeper meaning...very nice thought. Always so hard to pack for those changing temps. Flip flops in Switzerland won't fly. We may go to Switzerland in the next few months and we had been warned about the prices. Love your references to medieval fairytale land. Happy traveling.
17th December 2015

Swiss weather is definitely out of control haha, if you go in winter at least you know what to expect! Its a great place, enjoy your trip!

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