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24th July 2014

i love her! i just cried.
23rd July 2014

Small world...
This is so funny, I was scrolling down through your photos and came upon the one with the white building and shuttered windows and thought it looked very familiar, then the next photo was of a hostal I've stayed in before! It still wins the prize for the smallest room I have ever stayed in. There is a very good chance we'll be in Spain again soon - let us know if you open that bakery... :)
22nd July 2014

I love the pictures !!
22nd July 2014

Ooh I like that game. Ad duh I love Steve Urkel I can tell you more about how my love for family matters came back 7 years ago heheh
21st July 2014

Alway a new view
Seeing the world with eyes open.
21st July 2014

The world grows smaller
The more you travel you realize how small the world is and how connected we are. Now you have a community of travel blog friends from around the world.
21st July 2014

You are welcome!
With experience comes wisdom. Just remember you are where you are supposed to be. I love your adventure and I will be following along.
19th July 2014

Bring it on home...
What a wonderful way for dad and me to start our Saturday morning. We both got such a chuckle from your entry. Again, we both said "only Courtney!" You know what would have been even better? If you'd posted a picture of Pablo along side the image of Jaleel! Our minds are running wild trying to image what young Pablo looks like...everything from tall, dark and handsome to a not-so-green version of Shrek. As the guy from the Sit-n-Sleep commercial says...."you're killing me Larry!" xoxo
19th July 2014

thanks mary jo for your comments
Courtney (: How awesome is that Mary jo found your blog and shared her thoughts and feelings. Happy for her and I am happy for this time you have. Love you mucho !
19th July 2014

lol this made me laugh sorry
ice cream at night I am game (: i love that you have been enjoying your gelato and how fun to eat ice cream and view the city at night ! dog poo classic Courtney heheh but i believe you that the dog poop is everywhere.
19th July 2014

shake your groove thing
Courtney!!! I wish i could have seen you dance i can just imagine it , with a little bit of a dramatic flare . The beach sounded like fun day and I am glad you are enjoying your friendship with Pablo(: the food you describe sounds so yummy i had chicken nuggets for dinner womp womp
19th July 2014

what a beautiful space !!
From Blog: P.S.
19th July 2014

That bath house sounded lovely
I love me some spas and that one sounded lovely. Reading and Music...ahh... food for the soul (: love it Rock on Rock On !
19th July 2014

Nice tips
Courtney I am sorry you haven't heard from me I feel exhausted and things have been busy over here. I want to read all your posts and I plan on sending a email right after. Love your tips on how to save money and your new comfy sandals . hope your sore throat is gone
18th July 2014

Only you...
Honey, I can't tell you how much I laughed reading this entry. All the while thinking that this could only happen to you!
17th July 2014

Lol. That's definitely a Courtney thing to do
Sorry Courtney but this blog post had me dying of laughter . That's definitely a Courtney thing to do lol . I can picture your reaction so clearly in my head right now . Jose and I are having such a great time reading your blog 😉
16th July 2014

Fun in the sun
Hi darling! Dad and I just finished reading your latest entry and some of the comments from your followers. You put a big smile on my face and had dad laughing (I bet you can hear that silly laugh of his). Anyway, my mouth was watering as I read your description of the Tortilla Espanola. I remember growing up with Lala making that for us. When we were in Madrid, I had a tortilla at a sidewalk café and it brought back so many childhood memories. We're both so happy that you're enjoying yourself and just taking in each day. And despite Pablo's young age, he sounds very nice and I'm glad that you've made a friend. But, I knew you'd make friends while you were there--that's just the kind of person you are. We are living vicariously through you and, like a novela, looking forward, with great anticipation, to every entry. And Merry Jo, if you're reading this, thank you SO much for your words of encouragement to Courtney. Definitely one of the great benefits of the Internet--meeting people that we would otherwise never meet.
16th July 2014

Stealing your sun...
It's a cold wet grey day over here in Australia, I loved the few minutes that I was transported to that beach and that table on the balcony. Photos would be great, but words are better :)
15th July 2014

Great stuff
15th July 2014

Live in the moment!
Staying in the moment is vital (even though we'd love to see more photos!) . My only recommendation, and no you didn't ask, but I'd stop focusing on his age. It is truly unimportant. Never too old. You go girl! Ok, now mom really needs that Pablo photo so you've got to post it soon! Really glad you are having a wonderful adventure.
15th July 2014

Cooking class
Have you thought of taking a cooking class while you are there? That might be fun. Or ask Pablo or his family can show you how to make some local foods.
15th July 2014

Absorb it slowly
People watching is part of travel. Going with the flow is important. You are right, don't plan every minute....jus hang out.
15th July 2014

We need more photos!
:) Pablo sounds perfectly entertaining. Yes the hiking boots would have been a good idea. Enjoying your fresh take on things.
15th July 2014

Your blog
I'm having one of those days where I want to be on the road traveling and can't right now. I'm truly enjoying reading about your trip. I appreciate you telling stories about the people you are meeting and your conversations.
From Blog: El Albayzin

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