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Getting ready for 11 months around the world!

Asia July 7th 2009

Started week 4 with a 2 day slow boat down the Mekong to Luang Prabang in Laos. The boat was full of Westerners and quickly decended into a drinking/chatting party on a boat atmosphere. Had to take a few minutes out here and there to appreciate the limestone cliffs, rice fields, and spawling mountains the river was winding through. Stayed the night in a village who's name i forget but where the electricity goes off at 11, so if your not in your guest house there's a good chance you'll end up in the Mekong. Luang Prabang is a nice little Colonial French town with colonial little streets and a lot of Baguetts (god bless the French!) It also has one of the most superb Waterfalls i've ever seen. Takes about 30 minutes to climb and ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang June 27th 2009

Started week 3 with 10 hours in Lopburi, a place famous for having a renegade band of Monkeys that live in the North of the town and terrorise tourists. Which i promptly learnt to be true when a monkey tore my shopping bag and made off with my pack of Smokey Barbeque crisps, git! He then sat on a lamp post watching me while he ate them. Ah well. Spent the day with a German dude called Peter,who likes to sing Bob Marley in a German accent, superb!we then hopped on the night train to Chang Mai. Chang Mai was cool. Took a cooking course, got to cook 5 dishes and eat them. I can reccomend 2 full curries before 11am as an effective hangover cure if you were out drinking untill 5am the night before. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya June 19th 2009

Having escaped the trappings of Bangkok, i started the second week by making my way up to Kanchanaburi and the banks of the River Kwai. Spent a glorious 3 days in Kanchanaburi. Took it easy in a Hammock on the Banks Kwai and went to visit the Tiger temple, where you get to stroke actual tigers. Got stared at by a Boar Pig, which was pretty scary, dont think he liked my hair. I also went elephant riding through the Jungle which was superb, nothing quite as comedy as sitting on an elephants head! Visited Hellfire pass and the WW2 galleries which are pretty good at putting life into perspective. Oh, met another Welsh as well, that makes 2, woo! Made my way up to Damnoen Saduak and spent the morning floating around the floating market, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 11th 2009

"Due to the flight being very full sir, im afraid we have had to upgrade you to premium" Not a bad way to start your year round the world. As much feww food and booze as you can handle. I was gonna go crazy but then i fell asleep for 7 hours, ah well. Touched down in Bangkok around half 3 on Wednesday afternoon. Met some irish people (who else) on the plane, shared a Taxi with them to the hostel. Took a stroll down the madness of Kho San for some tea and a "few beers". Ended up after more than a few beers having midnight Tuk Tuk races with the Irish through the streets of Bangkok. Took a stroll around Chinatown, got a bit lost, got involved with the locals on the ferry. Saw ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Gwynedd » Bangor June 1st 2009

Well, here we are, one day to go! Slightly annoyed that Cemaes Bay is not available as a location on the Blog, must not be the metropolis we locals make it out to be. Everything now packed, rucksack naturally weighs more than i thought it would but shouldnt be a problem. Somethings you only come to realise when your planning a trip like get to spend a lot of time in your local post office, which is always nice and you have to deal with an awful lot of Utility Company based noddy not rights over the phone. But hey ho. So this is it, my last few hours in Sunny Wales and my last night in the UK. 2 years of planning and its finally arrived. Pretty scary but confident it'll probably all work ... read more

Holly Balls! So only 2 weeks to go now. Have pretty much got everything sorted now, all the paperwork done, backpack done, countries very loosely researched, and the Ukulele is tuned. Sorted out my first aid kit yesterday, pick n mixed all Boots premium non branded value range first aid products, a decision i may come to regret. What do i need to do over the next week? I have a feeling i'll be spending quite a lot of time in my local post office, changing money and generally posting things. Spending Christmas with a friend in New Zealand, which will be a few weeks before i head off to South America. So im gonna post my South America Guide book and my Spanish notes to myself in NZ, which i thought was a particulary clever ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Didsbury March 30th 2009

2 months before departure now, lets see in the last month i've been quite a busy bee actually. Never used that expression before. Got myself a backpack, Vietnam and Thai Visa...check me out..and begun my travel vaccinations. I had no idea i needed so many, had 3 on my first visit, 2 on my second, then i need to go back a third time, then get malaria tablets, then go to the private clinic for some extreme disease jab action. Its looking like its gonna cost a fair bit as well, maybe it would be cheaper to just catch Malaria and see what happens. Probably not. Anyhey, think im on my way to being sorted now, just need insurance and to pack my bag. Its starting to get a bit scary real as there's only 9 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Didsbury February 21st 2009

Right then, here we go! Its 3 months before June 2nd when I leave for my nearly year long round the world trip, im sitting here with a cup of tea and this is my first of (hopefully) many blog entries. My trip will take me SE Asia, Aus, NZ, and South America over the course of 11 months - holly balls! What have i done so far, i've got my ticket so flights paid for. Got a tree and a half worths of guidebooks which i've started on, and uh, i've paid for my Inca Trail trip for March 14th 2010 - that is forward planning! Still loads i need to do before i go though. Plans for this next week are doctors to see which vaccines i need, purchase backpack and send off for ... read more

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