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28th March 2011

Cmon Loni, I'm better looking than Tom Hanks aren't I?!? Even with my red beard!
27th March 2011

Don't compare Alleppy with the original Venice:D.Aleppy is called the Venice of the East because 1)it was also a great trade port in the ancient times like Venice.Aleppy was one of the main trade ports for Spices 2)here also waterways are the main mode of transportation like Venice.
22nd March 2011
Brettie out climbing the rocks

You trying to do your best impression of Tom Hanks from Castaway???? Think you need a haircut and shave!
21st March 2011

strange 'treedog'
The strange 'treedog' will probably be an 'Asian Palm Civet' ( Malayalam (language of Kerala) it is called 'Marapatti' which literally means 'Treedog'. :D Hope you enjoyed your trip to our beautiful Kerala.Have a nice journey!!!

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