it all started with meeting my love of my life in New Zealand in Feb 2008. We met at a backpackers l was working at in Napier. We decided to travel together. We did south and north island together by car and 2 months of hitchhiking. We spent 5 months in Queenstown working and living through the winter. We then flew to Australia(my home country) to earn enough cash to fly to Germany(his home country) to spend time with his family and to prepare for his correspondence study he will start in October 09. We have been here in Germany since April 26th 2009 and will be here till January 2010. We hoped to see more of the EU and did see so far Sweden and Amsterdam on our bicycles. Dont have alot of cash so cant see more for now but will in the future. We did however go to the most talked about festival in the whole l hope you enjoy my blog, comments welcome and encouraged. hopefully more will come if l get to see more of the EU. :-)

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris » Sarcelles August 2nd 2011

Day One: Ok so it now has been 2 days here and we have had our good times and our not so good times. It all started at 4pm from Dresden when we couldnt figure which was our bus, but that was not too hard in the end! We boarded the bus and headed first to Berlin to catch our next bus. The itinerary said we were going to arrive in Berlin at 6:35pm and our next bus was at 7pm. When we got closer we noticed that we were getting into traffic and the time was getting closer to our due time!! By the time we finally arrived it was 7:05pm and were freaking but we did see our bus there with the sign Paris on it! we grabbed our baggage as quick as possible ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden July 23rd 2011

So here l am as predicted. l am back here in the wonderful world of Germany with my love Andre. We have been here since flying from the land down under on the 17th of June 2011! Leaving my crazy world behind of long work days, hungry animals, and sick mother l set out for a holiday and a visit to Andres family who have long awaited his arrival since our last departure. Although l miss my family, friends and animals back hope dearly, l am happy to be able to rest and not take on too much responsibility and have no stress right now. Since my last blog alot has changed. l was told by a specialist that l had Crohns Disease and at that point was really bad and l had to take ... read more
Funny hair do

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 29th 2009

Well as most know we made it to the most talked about German festival in the whole world and of course its all bout the beer. Set in the Bavarian region in a lively city called Munich is a internationally known festival everyone must know called Oktoberfest!!! And yes it is just like everyone says and more...much more. This year it started on the 19th of September and ends on the 4th of October. Many people may ask "If it is called Oktoberfest why is it in September?", well luckily l found out...this festival all started with a wedding festival on the 12th day in October of the year 1810. The wedding was that of Crown Prince Ludwig (later known as King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, who graciously invited the citizens of ... read more
the couple we met on the train
our first oktoberfest beer..
ginger bread heart from andre

Oceania » New Zealand September 11th 2009

Just wanted to put up some old photos of us in New Zealand and maybe some from other places...just to look back on the good times we had and to give you a look at some nice pictures l took. enjoy!!! ... read more
farewell spit
Franz Josef Glacier

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Großenhain August 23rd 2009

Well it has been 4 days now and this is my third attempt at a blog the last two got wiped each time before saving...sux! oh well maybe this one will be better. We spent 18 hours on 10 different trains to get from Amsterdam central to Großenhain. it was horrible but we got here and we got here cheapish. we left at 1236pm on the 18th and arrived at 530am on the 19th. We are settling here quite good. Andre parents are away on holiday at the moment an will be back this afternoon. a day or so after we arrived it was said to be the hottest day in the whole year. it was l think around 38 degrees c. which is kinda hot l guess. we went to the pools near by ... read more
Hamburg central
Hamburg central

Europe » Sweden » Gotland » Visby August 6th 2009

We are on a lovely island called Gotland, it is situated off the coast of Sweden. We have been living in a town called Visby which most of it is surrounded by an ancient stone wall and within it it has some building ruins. it is beautiful and we have had some wonderful weather. we arrived here on Saturday 1st august at 3am in the morning. we were very tired after our big bike trip from Stockholm to Nynäshamn where we boarded the ferry to here. we slept through the whole 3 to 4 hour journey. When we arrived we found out that there was going to be a huge Medieval Festival week happening in the town starting on Sunday. We got soooo excited. We found a nice little forest to ourselves with a nice flat ... read more
the island on the island
the island on the island
the island on the island

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County July 31st 2009

Hey Hey, we are in a small town called Nynäshamns which is where we will catch a ferry to Götland, a small island near the east coast. we were in Stockholm for the past 3 days 2 nights minus last night we left and spent the night somewhere else outside of stockholm. it was about 50kms distance except that we were not on the freeway so it probaly took longer distance. We are very exhausted but happpy to be on to götland. we took a train from a town about 100kms from Göteberg, otherwise l think we would still not be in stockholm. l will add more later....... read more
free camping

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Alingsås July 26th 2009

We finally made it from malmö to Göteborg by truck and ´finally around 3am got to sleep next a lake in the bush just up a mountain. We spent the day in town but it was pouring down like the sky was ripped open. we couldnt get wetter than we did. that night we stayed in a camp ground so we could dry off and have a nice warm shower and hot chips too. the people were lovely and very helpful there so it made our stay enjoyable. on Friday we went on a ferry aroun´d the city of Göteborg and had a nice tour of the water areas then we went to the theme park there called Liseberg. it was sooooo awesome we went on loads of rides and did some games (l only ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne July 22nd 2009

ok so we are doing our last things we can do in a house, bath, eating nice big hot meals, sleeping in nice double bed and having internet for free and whenever can use it. We are leaving here at 730pm to meet a friend and coworker of jimmys who works as a truck driver and who will be taking us up to our next town Göteborg. we will probaly arrive there at around 1am and have to find a place to sleep. hopefully we will succeed. we will probaly see a little there then move on up to stockholme the biggest city there and l believe it is the capital...well l think at least. l cant wait till then but for now we must wait and relax. l can add some pics from yesterday and ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Lund July 17th 2009

Some stuff we have done since the whole visa getting are as follows... We went to a car show in town which happens every tuesday. it had also bikes new and very old. l took loads of photos but wont put them all on. probaly send most to ben and dad, they will like them. on wednesday l went to a friend of the families who own horses and went for a little ride on two horses in their arena. it was awesome fun. but was very sore afterwards as it has been bout 3 months since my last ride. one horse was called Di baggio and the other is called Vitesse. they are both dressage horses and very easy to work with. l was soooo happy. then on thursday l went with the same ... read more
The stonehenge look a like
The stonehenge look a like
The stonehenge look a like

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