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Two happy adventurers SKI-ing (Spending Kids Inheritance) around the world.

North America » United States » South Dakota » Sturgis August 19th 2016

Fun fact: public nudity in South Dakota is not illegal. Unfortunately I had not packed any body paint so was unable to take full advantage of this legislative opportunity. Others had more foresight than I, and so there were interesting 'outfits' to be observed on the streets of Sturgis. But I'm getting ahead of myself. There are 600kms to ride from Cody to Sturgis, 300 of them in the rain, over mountains. And a flat tire. We start with the flat tire. We had new tires fitted in Cody and when we went to leave on Thursday morning I wondered why I couldn't turn my front wheel. I thought I'd left my steering lock on. Turns out our friendly tire fitters had pinched the tube as they fitted the tire and it had gone flat as ... read more
Cloud Peak Skyway
Welcome to Sturgis!
Custom Bike

North America » United States » Wyoming » Cody August 19th 2016

It could have been the cold, the unnerving traffic of the last two days, or having ridden 5,000km in two weeks, but by the time we got to Cody, a small town in northern Wyoming, I was knackered. We decided to pull in early and got into our hotel room at 2.30pm. By 2.35pm I was sound asleep. I slept for the next three hours and Andrew made the wise call to have a rest day here the following day. We had an extra day to get to Sturgis as he had booked accommodation for the wrong night. The second accommodation kerfuckle in as many weeks. I was about to revoke his travel booking status, but his error turned out to be a blessing. A rest day! I had packed a skirt for just such an ... read more
Beartooth Pass
Cowboy Boot Love
Rodeo Time

After an early morning start and an hour or so of riding we were ready to stop for breakfast, heading out of Idaho on our way to Wyoming. It was a Saturday morning in a small country town and we were expecting the usual diner-type option. We almost don't have to look at the menu now: there isn't much variety in breakfast, lunch or dinner choices across the country. We stop at a small cafe and immediately notice something different. There is a coffee machine in the corner. A real espresso! A latte! Small joys. Although to be honest I have got quite used to the percolated coffee that is mostly served over here, with the tiny sealed cups of half & half. I did ask someone what half & half was and they didn't quite ... read more
Hiking to Inspiration Point
Intrepid Explorer
Old Faithful

North America » United States » Idaho August 11th 2016

What can we say about Idaho? The people are friendly, the potatoes are famous, and the roads are long and very, very straight. A crazy cyclist we met heading west had told us about a fair in a town on our route, so on our first afternoon in Idaho we stopped in at the Washington County Fair. Cuteness overload as little fellas in chaps and spurs practised their lassoing on a wooden, pull-along cow. There were prize pigs and fancy corn and award-winning apple pies. We were tempted to indulge in the smoked Bbq for lunch, but we had met Ed in Oregon who had recommended us to his sister's restaurant in a town called Council, so we pushed on. Unfortunately we discovered that Ed was probably more enthusiastic about his sister's restaurant than she was. ... read more
County Fair
Route Planning
Craters of the Moon

North America » United States » Oregon August 10th 2016

After leaving Lake Tahoe we ride north for a full day and we still hadn't got out of California. Admittedly we did miss one of our turns, which fortunately led us onto an even better road up through the mountains (thanks Sally!), and we did stop for a swim and a picnic of hotdogs and pie by a beautiful lake. But still - this is a big state. We stop for the night at Burley, a key criteria for choosing our hotel being its proximity to the laundromat. At this stage of the trip, clean motorbike jeans are a real luxury. An early start next morning and by mid-morning we have finally made it. We're in Oregon. Maybe I watched too many Wild West movies on a Saturday afternoon when I was a kid, but for ... read more
Diamond Lake
Making new mates
Beautiful Oregon

It is a joy to finally get off some highways and onto some back roads. We have a 200km ride to Yosemite and we start out on some great roads travelling through farming country in the early morning light. The roads are straight and fast so the k's turn over quick. As we near Yosemite, we turn up toward the mountains, thinking how clever we are to find this lesser known road that on the map looks like it winds its way up to the national park. Generally when a road is winding it is because it is following the contours of hills and mountains, rivers and streams. This road didn't seem to follow these rules and twisted and turned for no apparent reason. The hills were still gentle and rolling and the road could have ... read more
Road to Yosemite
El Capitan
Lake Tahoe Lunch

North America » United States » California August 5th 2016

It was a slow start to the day for obvious reasons. Fog. Definitely nothing to do with the wine consumed the night before. The fog had rolled in across the bay early evening and was still hanging around in the morning. No point getting up early to hit the road when we couldn't see where we were going. And today we wanted to see where we were going: we were riding the famed Highway 1 which runs along most of the Pacific coastline of California. We were planning on doing a couple of hundred kilometres up to Monterey, just south of San Francisco. Our mates in Guadalope had warned us of a fog event on the coast and recommended we layer up. Surely not. This was summer in California. The morning started well, and it was ... read more
It was a big road!

North America » United States » California August 3rd 2016

I'm sure we're not the first to find it surprisingly difficult to leave Vegas. We had thought we'd make an early get away to beat the heat, but accidentally had a big night on the town (those damn lemon drops). Plan B was to spend the day by the pool. After all, it was our honeymoon. So, a relaxing day swimming and recovering was had. However, by late afternoon we could no longer ignore that we had to get back on our bikes and head out of town. By 5pmthe day had cooled from 45c to 43c, and that was about as good as it was going to get. We stocked up on water bottles and took off. It was like riding through a furnace. To add to the delightful temperature, there was a strong wind ... read more
Route 66 Motel
Sitting on the dock of the bay

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas August 2nd 2016

Ernest Hemingway recommended to write drunk and edit sober. I've mastered the first part, but who has time for the second bit? To date we seem to have either partied hard and late, or been in bed by 8pm. There is no in between. So a bit of catching up to do. We transitioned easily to riding on the right hand side of the road, and once I had successfully navigated the hotel carpark with no further interaction with the boomgate, it was a quick ride out of L.A. The speed limit on the freeways seemed pretty fluid, although we haven't quite got the mph to kmh conversion yet so we may have been going a little quicker than we were supposed to. We had our first stop for breakfast at an iHop, 2 hours in. ... read more
Grand Canyon
Missing Donny

North America » United States » California July 29th 2016

Well we always knew this was going to be a big adventure, we just didn't realise we were going to get so much of it on the first day. The day started so well, landing in L.A. (I'm going to use full stops here, to differentiate from the other LA, aka me. Now check the title of this post again) only a little late at 7am and pretty well rested (gotta love a flat bed). Stoked to discover customs was open on a Sunday and so we could pick up the bikes today, get organised and head straight out Monday morning. Excellent start. After sharing the ream of paperwork we had brought with us, we were told to walk over to the guy in the forklift and he'd get our bikes. Andrew was a bit ... read more

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