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11th September 2009

It was so cool hearing from you again. Your adventures are amazing! Glenda wanted me to tell you and Aaron that her daughter Jessica passed her board exam and she is now a registered nurse! Keep those adventures and pictures coming! Miss you guys! Rick Barnett
From Blog: Mozambique
12th August 2009

Have really enjoyed your last two travel blogs. What an adventure--love the pictures!!
11th August 2009

Zambezi River
The story and pictures are spectacular! I'm sharing these stories and pictures with everyone I come into contact with here in Gallup. Keep safe! Am looking forward to your next adventure. Thanks, Rick
11th August 2009

Beautiful Botswana Safari
The safari story and the pictures are really cool! What an experience! Can't wait to see how the others react to reading and seeing these pictures. Keep them coming! Be Safe! Rick
11th August 2009

Hello, I was in Zimbabwe a week ago staying with friends in Bulawayo to be exact. It is sad how the people are suffering due to the economy. People that are fortunate to have a jobs earn between $40 to $100 US monthly. This is not enough to feed a family of 4. There is so much talent in Zimbabwe it is a shame that government does not recognize such. Beautiful pictures.
11th August 2009

Hi Susie and Aaron, Great photos. So glad ya'll are getting to do this. We all love and miss you guys. Stay in touch. Susie I didn't know you knew how to ride an ostrich! :-) Vicki
28th July 2009

final Stops in South Africa
Everyone here looks forward to me giving them your comments and beautiful pictures---They return them and say they can't believe you guys are really in Africa. We really appreciate you sharing your experiences. Be Careful! Have Fun! Miss You Both! Thanks, Rick
20th July 2009

Port St. Johns
So glad to get your notes and pictures--I share them with all my friends---We are all thinking about you guys. Take care--Be careful! Miss you! The pictures of you both really help! Rick Barnett
20th July 2009

Let me know where I can meet you!! I will be there in a heartbeat......Happy you both are having a time of your lives. We all miss you.....Be safe! Hugs, your sister Lea....
18th July 2009

Sounds like you both having an absolutely wonderful time!! I'm so happy you are getting to have such an awesome experience--have been thoroughly enjoying the travel blogs!
9th July 2009

These are some unbelivable pictures. Looks like you guys are having fun.
8th July 2009

Wild Coast
The pictures come out so clean and clear---just so happy for the two of you! Please enjoy each other every day! Love hearing from you! Love and Miss you both! Rick Barnett
From Blog: The Wild Coast
30th June 2009

Keep those cards & letters coming!
It is just great seeing you both--and hearing about your travels--pleae keep them coming! I'm so jealous! Miss you both! Rick
30th June 2009

Ostrich Farm
How fun it must have been at the ostrich farm! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!! Have fun and be careful.
15th June 2009

looks like you guys are having a good time. thanks for pictures and updates dave g
3rd June 2009

What a wonderful time it sounds like you're having! I'm happy for both of you to get to have such an awesome adventure!!
3rd June 2009

keep it coming
Wow how beautiful, I'm so happy for you Susie. You still look the same as in high school, and you deserve it, I Love you girl.
2nd June 2009

I'm so happy for both of you, stay safe and be sure and write alot about the pictures.
From Blog: Ready to Go!
22nd May 2009

Have a great time and be safe. If you need anything-hollar
From Blog: Ready to Go!
21st May 2009

A dream, yes...but I always knew it would be a reality for you two! You both deserve this...worked hard for it...and waited long enough! I'm happy for you guys...enjoy the adventure, and my best to both of you! Bill
From Blog: Ready to Go!

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