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10th October 2010
Mount Mulanje

Rabbits ears!
16th August 2010

I, appriciate the nature of mulanje mountain.
25th May 2010

Well done!
Good to hear you're back safe and sound. Your blog read very well and was an inspiration! Am hoping to get a government grat to do some drum making in Greece, Egypt and Turkey in 2011. Fingers crossed!
28th April 2010

Home is beautiful
I'm a man aged twenty six.I came from a district where this magnificant beautiful mount lise. I wish to comment in this column about this wonderful mount whish make me proud from where I came from.I love this nature I'm happy to see this page talking about this nature(Mulanje Mount). I love yuo guys Vox
15th April 2010

A section of the lake at Cape Maclear in the south, has been declared the world's first freshwater National Park and includes the peninsula of land and several islands.
23rd March 2010

choose lodgings carefully
Hi,This comment is in regard to the post re;robbery at at dolphin dhow.Be careful when choosing a place to stay in vilanculos.Anywhere south of the harbour is dicey.The bay area- north of the harbour is generally safe but a bit pricey,
From Blog: Mozambique
14th March 2010

Sounds like a wonderful safari. Your pictures are amazing. They remind us of our trip out there. Hopefully, we will get back there one day. All is well in Farmington. When do you guys come back? Are you guys coming back? What an adventure. We enjoying reading all about it and can't wait to catch up with you both in person. Safe travels!
From Blog: Back in Kenya
12th March 2010

Well done Aaron! Finally got your leopard!!!
From Blog: Back in Kenya
12th March 2010

You've inspired me! Have decided that a trip that way is a must. It was great to hear about the schools. Over a hundred children in a class! At the moment I have 18 and think it's busy! Must also see the gorillas, such as shame that they probably won't be able to save them. Great Blog. Keep it up and keep enjoying your trip (I'm very jealous!!!!!)
3rd February 2010

Good to hear from you!
Hi you two. Great to hear that your trip is going so well! You both also look pretty fit and healthy. I miss all of those early morning safari walks. Too much sitting around is not good for the waistline. Late summer over here in Australia and the bushfire season is coming to a close thankfully. Back at work after a long Christmas break. Need to pay for my next trip overseas! Keep up the great blogs. It's fantastic reading! Take care, Danny.
From Blog: Kenya
19th January 2010

The pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for keeping in touch. Retirement is good so far. hope to hear from you soon. Rick
From Blog: Kenya
19th December 2009

Loved that English breakfast story!
17th December 2009

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas. Carolyn, got an invitation to our 30 year class reunion. Will be held on Fourth of July weekend 2010. Just thought I'd let you know in case you hadn't heard. Let me know if you need anymore information on it. Terri
8th December 2009

Hi Aaron & Carolyn
Hi. Remember me? Joe in Las Cruces . . . formerly with Comcast Spotlight. Bill H told me you had a travel blog and I found it. I hope you two are having a great time in Africa.
18th November 2009

Those mountains sound pretty tough. Am thinking of doing the historic WW11 Kokoda Track in New Guinea with my son in 2011. Might have to go to Malawi to practise! Keep up the great reports!
8th October 2009

Malawi - awesome
I enjoy your travel blog and the pictures, it looks like you're both doing well... you guys are living the adventure! Aaron, you need to go back and hike the Mulanje Mtns in 10 years, and watch Carolyn will keep up with you. best regards, mike
8th October 2009

What an experience, I'm so happy for you. Keep the pictures and stories comming,
8th October 2009

Mulanje Mountains
As they used to tell us in the army--No hill for a climber. Beautiful pictures---I need you guys to send future notes and pictures to Charie's e-mail address--as I will be leaving Comcast Spotlight soon! Charie's e-mail address, Rick
6th October 2009

hey kids
Am loving hearing about your journeys. Making me wana do it. Glad your having a great time. Ive moved into a new house and am just working!!! boring!!! but am planning a trip to Italy to go skiiing for xmas and Burlin for NY, so have something to look foward to. Love hearing from you and it looks amazing take care love ya Hannah
From Blog: Mozambique Pics
5th October 2009

Hi there!
Wow, great to hear that you two are having such a ball. Must get to Malawi when I get to Africa next.On holidays here at the moment. It's Spring and everything is in blossom with wild Australian parrots everywhere looking very colourful, but also making a huge racket! Love getting your blogs and the Moz pics look fantastic. Take care, Danny.
From Blog: Mozambique Pics
3rd October 2009

Hello from Sharon
Enjoyed the travel blog very much. I just love the pictures--keep them coming. That totally blows me away about the electric poles being so short!! Keep having fun and stay safe! Love Ya!!
From Blog: Mozambique Pics
30th September 2009

Great Adventure
Hi Susie, Sounds like quite an adventure. Glad all is going well. Love reading your blog. Vicki
From Blog: Mozambique
29th September 2009

Love your information and pictures. What a blast. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun. Can almost imagine myself there. You should write a book on how to make it happen, including all the does and don'ts. Keep having fun.
From Blog: Mozambique
16th September 2009

Sounds Great!
Hi there you guys! Sounds like your trip is motoring along well!. Great to hear about Mozambique. Will have to get there one day. Just spent a week in Australia's snow country teaching some school kids how to ski. Had a great week, but still look back on Africa and think "Wow!"
From Blog: Mozambique
11th September 2009

Hello from Sharon
Enjoyed the Mozambique blog!! What spectacular things you have got to see--keep having loads of fun and be careful!! Love, Sharon
From Blog: Mozambique

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