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I Hail from Boise, Idaho. Im 18 experiencing my first international travel and extended stay on my own.

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi August 13th 2013

We departed Kakamega at five in the morning(we were supposed to leave earlier but someone had trouble waking up at 330am) , for the long bumpy drive on the rough roads to the capital city of Kenya. Anton, Francis, Our pilot Evans, and I were the rough riders. The drive was a long and tiring one, we for the most part the guys slept, but i had to stay awake to keep Evans the driver awake. We Arrived in Nairobi; navigating Nairobi is a nightmare unless you know where you are going luckily for us Anton knew the city like the back of his hand. Anton attended primary school in Nairobi, before being shipped off to pre-cadet academy. Nairobi’s main city roads are concentrated into large roundabouts rather than controlled traffic lights. These roundabouts cause major ... read more
Kenyetta tower
Mobile Meat Bike

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega August 3rd 2013

Waking up in a Rustling, but Silent home is a godsend all in its own. Tying my net so it dangles almost a foot above my blanket is a habit, a learned trait that is developed through repetition. I walk into the kitchen to Melissa’s smiling face and a happy greeting “Good Morning, did you sleep well?” I get my cup of coffee, eat my toast and enjoy my self in the ambient African morning its quite and perfectly peaceful. Usually I finish my routine of coffee and a walk around the grounds to see the chickens and walk to work, but today I ‘am going to Anton’s place. The drive out feels like the video game Grand Theft Auto we are flying down the road like Anton has stolen his own car! The ... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega July 28th 2013

Today was a good day to be in Kenya; we went out to Anton’s forest sanctuary. This paradise is located about a 15-minute drive away, just right on the edge of Kakamega rainforest. The Kakamega rainforest is a Protected rainforest forest; so admittance into the forest is prohibited unless you pay for an entry card. Anton’s land borders the forest boundary line. This plot has been transformed from an industrial sugar cane field, into a thriving ecosystem full of life that was originally removed for cash crop farming. In Kenya the farmers cash in on Sugar cane, because it grows well and pays even better. This is not a sustainable process for the locals because they dedicate most of their usable farmland to grow sugar, but you cant feed your Children sugar cane all year. I ... read more
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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Kakamega July 25th 2013

This entry will be about my First day working in Kenya. Kenya is a Beautiful place with people everywhere, I’am located in a small town called KakaMega. Kakamega is about 40 clicks from Kisumu; which is the 3rd largest city in Kenya. I am staying in A very nice two story house which is located inside a compound; that is 360 degrees fully walled in with a main gate and a guard. The home is Beautifully designed with a custom floor plan, low and high window vents that provide a very nice breeze that keeps the home very Crisp feeling. Melissa, Carol, or the varying daytime guards always attend the house. They are all very friendly and nice; Plus Melissa and Carol cook dinner every night and the food is to die for! Seriously though I’m ... read more
Frank & Sylvia
John inspecting stove
producing family #1

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 21st 2013

The Bull fights… Where do I Begin; I knew the fight would be really gruesome, but holey hell. So a single Bull is released into the ring, and is super aggravated. The Bull runs around the ring looking to kill something, and charges the first matador that comes into sight. The matadors are dressed in a Traditional one piece; sporting the bright colors, sparkles and flare. The Matadors dance with the bulls, Literally Dodging a thousand pound charging bull by inches. The masters of deception that they are; trick the bull over and over with the same trick(Toro Toro). Once the bull refuses to fall for the empty cloth; they bring out the horses. A single man rides a horse Dressed in all gold sporting a large sun hat with a stiff brim, and Toting a ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 20th 2013

Casino time! Madrid only has about three large casinos, all the rest are small Mom & Pop stores with slot machines and poker. We went to the Grand Madrid Casino that was a nice place, but in no way compared to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas you walk into a casino and the whole bottom floor of the hotel is full of Gambling people smoking, and drinking as they play. Right outside of Madrid in the Grand Casino people don’t smoke while they play, they in fact barely drink! The drinks are not free you have to buy your drinks and smoke in the Smoking room. The Smoking room was unlike anything I had ever seen; it was like being in a giant plastic bag being inflated by the smoke from the smoker’s lungs, and Fans. ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 19th 2013

Flamenco, What is that? This was my thought exactly; when I first heard that is where we were going to dinner. Turns Out Flamenco Is not a Spicy Traditional Spanish Dish, but a type of dancing. Flamenco In my words is like “Spanish Tap Dance” the Performers wears special shoes; that have a hard wood soles. The Flamenco dancers dance on a fairly small stage, about a 10ft square. On the stage are three guitar players, three beat keepers, Three Female dancers, and one Male dancer. As performance starts the beat keepers join the Guitars on Stage; the beat keepers act as percussion (Clapping) and Vocals for the Dancers. When these beat keepers sing, it isn’t like a song but a Melody combination of (Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do) along with some Spanish ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 18th 2013

My Sleep Patterns have been so Jacked since getting to Spain. Going to bed at 3am and waking up at 3pm, its a bit crazy to do, But its the only time I Can facetime Friends back in Boise. Today I actually made it to the Pool around 1100am, and it was Hot out! The temperature outside had to be in the upper 30's Which im not 100% sure on the exact conversion to fahrenheit but I would say its close to 100 degrees. So I spent a Good chunk of my Afternoon by the pool Roasting. Then we decided to go out on the town, so we ventured to to Plaza Mayor, where we found The Mercado De San Miguel.We ate at a traditional Spanish Cerveceria called "Bar Eduardo" is an Outside dinning Cerveceria located ... read more
This Guy!

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 17th 2013

First full day in Madrid and to kick it off we decided to walk around, and see if we could find a place to find my mother a new cell phone. She had dropped her phone in the cab from the airport to the hotel(at least thats where she thinks she left it anyways) and we have not heard anything about it since. After talking to the front desk; we got an idea of the area, and turns out there is a very large shopping mall within walking distance. So we set out in search of the mall, and only if we knew what was in store for us when we found it. We found an entrance into the mall we took an escalator down into the mall and started walking down an inactive corridor filled ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid July 16th 2013

6:15 am waking up to Breakfast being rolled into the room, I've got a kink in my neck from the couch, and I only slept for four hours. I make it to my feet grab my clothes that I had set aside(having packed my bag that Night) climb into the shower and wash up. Im ready to go and I look out the balcony window and see that its Cloudy, a wee bit muggy outside. It reminds me that I'am sad to leave London, and she is sad that Im leaving too. So we make it down stairs in the lobby about ten minutes after seven, their is a cab waiting outside bags ready to go. The Cabbie was not to talkative to us, but rather on his cell, because of the barrier between us and ... read more
circle pool
The Sheraton Madrid

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