Flora & Paul Boucher


Flora & Paul Boucher


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central January 12th 2012

Our travels are now coming to an end, and here we are now at Auckland airport awaiting our flight to Seoul, Korea and then on to London. After the hot pools a few days ago, we went to see my old friend Chris from university, who now lives near Christchurch. We had a great night catching up, and it was nice to have a proper bed after the weeks in the campervan! Yesterday we dropped the van off in Christchurch (sad to see it go, but happy to get back to proper showers and beds!) and then caught a flight over to Auckland where we stayed last night. Had some great sushi (again) and wondered the shops. So that's it, the adventure is coming to a close. New Zealand is truly a wonderful place, and we've ... read more
Nice matching jackets!!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Twizel January 8th 2012

Just re-reading Paul's last blog entry .... It we thought we were achy after the sea kayaking, that was nothing to how we are feeling this morning. River boarding in the Kawarau gorge yesterday was fantastic ... It involved floating down a river gripping on to a bodyboard, negotiating white water rapids and large rocks. Then once we had done this we were pulled behind a jetski to an area where there were rock jumps, water slides and rope swings to play on. Paul jumped from a 12.5 metre rock which was VERY high! despite having already jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet this holiday that was too high for me. Paul refers to it as my 'fear of small heights'! After that we sat by the gorge to watch jet boats taking groups ... read more
Paul in hot tub

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown January 7th 2012

We're now near Queenstown after a couple of contrasting days in and around Milford Sound. We arrived into the Milford area a couple of days ago, and stayed in a basic, but fantastic camp spot next to a stream and fields of purple/blue/pink flowers (flora doesn't know what they are called). The sun was out, and we had a lovely evening. The next day we drove into Milford Sound, which is actually a fjord, and is very impressive. Unfortunately the weather was very grey and there were a lot of sand flies around! Worse though, was the amount of planes and helicopters taking off - literally around one a minute for the scenic tours. The sound of the engines was really distracting and Milford Sound seemed a little disappointing. Later that evening we went on a ... read more
Kayaking on Milford Sound
Milford Sound
View from the road to Milford Sound

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka January 3rd 2012

Today we decided to take the plunge and do a skydive! We're in Wanaka, and when we woke up this morning the sky was blue and the sun was out. We'd briefly discussed doing a skydive after watching Helen's videos of hers when she was in NZ, but Flora had been ominously quiet about them recently. However, after planning our route for the next few days it became clear that it was now or never, so we made the phone call and at 2pm found ourselves at the airport. Next door to the airport is a transport and toy museum - perfect for me to distract myself with! The most random selection of classic cars and toys all crammed into a series of warehouses. So after you've perused the vintage selection of star wars toys, you ... read more
Paul Skydive
Because words just don't do it justice ......

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef January 2nd 2012

Well its been a few days since we've been in touch, so firstly Happy New Year to you all! We entered the new year 13 hours ahead of you this year, and have had a great 2012 so far. We have lots of news to catch up on since we last blogged. On our last morning in Kaikoura, we woke to a grey day which promised drizzle so we pressed on towards Christchurch and found a motel on the outskirts of the city before picking up the campervan the next morning. During our stay there were 2 small earthquakes - one at 10:50pm, which we felt, and apparently another at 5am. Only lasting a few seconds, but still quite an experience. So we were fairly glad to collect the camper and leave the city the next ... read more
lunch on the go - check out the view outside the window!
New Years Eve on the beach
In an ice cave

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura December 28th 2011

This morning we went whale watching. We were slightly unnerved when we turned up to find a ‘seasickness warning’ against our trip. It was quite choppy out at sea, with waves of around 2 metres, but it was made worse by the fact that we were required to stay in our seats indoors until we got to the place where the whales had been sighted. Needless to say that it wasn’t long before some people started to make use of the white paper bags in the seat back pockets!! Not us luckily! We got to see a huge sperm whale which swam along the surface alongside the boat for a while before diving back to the depths. However we both agreed that the highlight was getting to see a huge number of dolphins playing around the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura December 27th 2011

Another driving day, as we drove from Golden Bay in the north of the South Island to Kaikoura on the east coast. We passed through very varied scenery - beaches and mountains and vineyards and coastal cliffs. We stopped for lunch at 'The Mussel Pot' in Havelock for some HUGE green lipped mussels which are the speciality of the town - Paul had his grilled with cheese and bacon, whereas mine were boiled in garlic and white wine. And then on to Kaikoura, famous for its wildlife. We saw some seals basking in the sunshine this afternoon and have booked a whale watching trip for tomorrow. You can also pay to swim with sharks if the mood takes you. Weather is still sunny - car's thermometer got to 26 degrees C today, but looks like tomorrow ... read more

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! We woke up to a cracking sunny day, and decided to start it off with a swim in the sea! Apparently the sea temperatures here are around 22 degrees, but it felt very cold! Still went for a swim though - it'd be rude not to! The rest of the day flew by in a flash, great food, presents were awesome and even managed to squeeze in an afternoon Christmas film! Today (boxing day) we took a sea taxi to Abel Tasman national park where we went for a short walk to find a picture perfect deserted beach. Usually this area is very busy at this time of year but the recent storms seem to have made it very quiet! Had a picnic on the beach, read ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Nelson Region December 23rd 2011

Hey Everyone, we have just heard the news about the earthquake in Christchurch today. We are fine and were on the north island at the time. We crossed to the south island this afternoon though we're still some distance from Christchurch -beautiful ferry crossing in the sunshine.During the crossing we were related to the full range of emergency drills for the crew, which involved demonstrating the abandon ship klaxon and rescuing an imaginary casualty from the sea. You'll be glad to know that they passed the test with flying colours. On our way to Richmond for the night. Happy Christmas, F & P. xxx... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Wellington December 22nd 2011

Spent yesterday and today relaxing in the sun in Wellington! Great city and have spent many an hour wondering around the te papa museum. Also found a fantastic sushi bar which have frequented twice now! Just about to go to the ferry to make the crossing to the south island and will spend tonight in Nelson before heading on to Abel Tasman for Christmas. Not sure how the Internet access will be, so if you don't hear from us then have a fantastic Christmas and New Year everyone!! xx P&F... read more

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