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20th June 2009

Stumbled upon your blog whilst researching for my own trip to Laos at the end of the year..... It's great to read all the little things I need to be on the look out for! Nice pics by the way! :)
19th June 2009

Love the dive shots :)
One of my favourite places in the world - happy travels.
18th June 2009

More awesome photos! You have such great knowledge about what you are seeing. With us, its more of a 'wow, cool fish - uhh...what is it?'
18th June 2009

love the pics - so glad to hear you got permits. So you went with Scuba Junkie then - recommend them? we are looking for someone to book with ready for when we get there.
18th June 2009

Hey girl, Ek is seker jy is nou moeg om net engels te lees, hoe gaan dit skat. Ek sien jy geniet julle paradys vakansie oppad Nieu See;and toe. Geniet dit want die 7 kinders gaan jou vreeslik besig hou.. Liefde, Belinda
17th June 2009

all the pic were so cool..im sabahan..hope to see more tourist in my country..sabah malaysia..
14th June 2009

picture number 10 is so cool! almost looks fake.
14th June 2009

Just saw your post and notice you are on day 138ish. thats cool. I'm on day 130, but go home in two days. anyway a bit random, but have fun on your trip!
8th June 2009

Nudi, Nudi, Nudi, Nudi...Need I say more!!! Looks like an awesome place to dive and you are welcome to send the plane tickets for us to youn you at any time - economy class will do! Love you and keep ons swimming swimming swimming swimming!
7th June 2009

Hi Guys Soooo happy you got your Whale Shark. I just found your blog and your pictures look great. Thank you for the nice write up and I hope your trip and your dives continue to be amazing. The Reefers Dive team
6th June 2009

fingers crossed for those dive permits!
6th June 2009

Hey hey!
Hey gigantors hahahahha, How's life in Borneo? Did you already do the jungleriver trip? I'm in Bangkok at the moment. Had a good time in KL with some chillin and parties. I did the trip to Bkk by train and bus and it was awesome! I felt like a celebrity aswell although i missed the comfortable way of travelling of a real celebrity hehe...:) Toi toi toi and hugs from a chilling Marije! Ps, i'm going to look for a swimming pool here. You inspired me.
4th June 2009

love the photos of the orangutans. I cant wait till we are out there and can enjoy all your are enjoying for ourselves.
4th June 2009

enjoying your blogs
Hi, we are enjoying reading your blogs as we are off to Sabah in a couple of months, and plan to do many of the things you have been doing. Any extra tips and hints would be most welcome! Or companies to use / avoid etc. Keep enjoying your trip!
2nd June 2009

A course of leeches!
For ailments of the constant traveller I prescribe a course of leeches. Dit klink yucky en hy is huge! Moet admit ek het lanklaas 'n leech gehad. Die jungle klink heel interesant. Enjoy die spon julle!
30th May 2009

ur quote
i know the feeling!!! nothing beats it!!!
30th May 2009

God promise
God promises that those who are mocked and persecuted will be blessed! See God blessed u with more boldness!!! U guys and ur faith is inspiring!
21st May 2009

He He He!!!
Hi julle, die roller-coaster was awesome! Dis weird om die video te kyk en julle stemme te hoor, ek mis julle sommer nou baie! Julle speelies is cool, ek wil ooook!
15th May 2009

Hiking to Boh Tea Estates
I remember hiking the same trail...except we were playing Fox and Hounds, where I and a couple others were the foxes, dropping peices of paper every 25 meters or so to lay a trail. The hounds were the 1st through 6th graders, who followed a half hour behind. After awhile we heard them catching up, so the foxes hid off the trail, and the hounds proceeded swiftly by, without our trail to follow. They ended up at the Boh planatation. I'm still amazed that we didn't loose any kids in the jungle! Glad your are enjoying yourselves. By the way, this is where the British SAS conducted their jungle training.
13th May 2009

Cameron Highlands
Glad to see you took my recommendation to visit the Highlands...much cooler though still very humid. Thanks for the pictures. I can't recognize Tanah Rata. I enjoyed eating at the Smokehouse, with its old English atmosphere. Enjoy your hikes. Make sure you see the tree ferns. I remember hiking all over the hills in 1967 looking for Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk King who went missing. We never found him.
8th May 2009

Awesome Awesome Awesome! Wat meer kan mens sê! Dis seker die laaste boodskappie wat ek vir so 3 weke gaan skryf, so moet my nou nie te veel mis nie! Julle fodies lyk great - baie mooi geneem, en julle klim outfits lyk awesome! Ek verstaan heeltemal die koop koop koop, nou dat ek begin goed kry het vir travel sal ek meer moet travel since i've got the gear! lol! Hugs Maatjies!!!
6th May 2009

Cool trip
Hi daar. Lekker om julle avonture dop te hou. Wou nog altyd vir my kamera 'n underwater housing gekoop het. (freakin cool.) Ook lekker om te hoor hoe God julle sëen. :) enjoy vir ons droëbekke se part.
5th May 2009

Love the mall
Wow, ek kan imagine hoe mens die hele dag in so electronics mall kan rondloop en window shop, of jou budget destroy.
5th May 2009

een beentjie!
Cute! Ek gaan die vakansie van julle onthou as die een waar ons besef het Talita was 'n pragtige pient vlaminkie in haar vorige lewe - ek maak n collections van 1 been phodies!! Mis julle baie! 4 slapies dan is ek ook weg! JIPPPEEEE!!!
2nd May 2009

baie cool video - baie baie cool shark!

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