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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 23rd 2013

May 23, 2013 (Chengdu) Thanks to all of you that helped me with data that we've been asking for about surgery center and clinic floor plans, equipment lists and vendors. We've made faster progress in some areas than we thought possible, so we're being pushed in negotiations to begin compiling these lists for procurement and budget purposes - a good problem, but tough to deliver the way I'd like to. I appreciate all the feedback from colleagues, friends and alumni!... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 22nd 2013

May 23, 2013 (Chengdu) Over the last seven years, one thing we have noticed - it is getting a bit easier to get a cup of coffee in Chengdu. While there are sporadic Starbucks popping up, we haven't had a caffeinated outlet anywhere near. In previous years we've found a store that had prepackaged Nescafe or some poor soul would have remembered to bring a stash of VIA coffee packets and be forced to share with the rest of the laggards that spaced it off. Fortunately, this year we have a new Taiwanese (so Paul says!) coffee and bakery shop one block away called 85°...we think that's in Celsius and the temperature the coffee is served...but who knows (or cares)...its coffee!? At about 7 am, there's a steady trickle of white folks traipsing down the sidewalk ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 22nd 2013

May 23, 2013 (Chengdu) We have taken some time off from blogging in respect for the disasterous events in Oklahoma - our "moment of silence." We have heard the dramatic and tragic stories from friends and family and are all thinking of and praying for those affected. Our time here has been busy - we've been in many planning and negotiation sessions to advance the plans for the Sichuan Provincial Eye facility here in Chengdu. These sessions can be marathons. First, especially early on in the meetings, we have a certain amount of formality that we need to get through. Next, we have to present some concepts of planning, management and accounting that aren't always familiar to our hosts. Likewise, we have to try and understand their perspective on the impact of the project to the ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 20th 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013 (Chengdu) The best laid plans often need to be changed, maybe even more often here in West China. If that frustrates you too much, you probably won’t survive here. If you adapt, it may present opportunity you never imagined possible. With that foreshadowing... The symposium ran overtime. Admittedly we had started a bit later than anticipated, grabbed a quick sandwich before heading to the SPPH for our meetings. Initially scheduled at 2:00 pm, we arrived around 2:30, but the CCEW team was still at the TCL hotel. The van went to pick them up and after a brief delay we began our meeting. In a rather formal looking atmosphere reminiscent of an international peace negotiation, we sat at long tables, covered in dark green tablecloths, with microphones and each team member’s name ... read more
The Hong Kong-Sichuan Rehab Center
Atrium of the Rehab Building
Main Entry to the Rehab Building

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 20th 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013 (Chengdu) After a welcome dinner and a good night’s rest, we were up early for breakfast at the Tien Chen Lou. The challenge for many of us is to find a) coffee and b) salt and pepper – somehow these are not amenities. Finding coffee has become much simpler with each passing year. There’s none in the restaurant, but we can now find some premixed sweetened whitened coffee packets in grocery stores. One little gem we found is a coffee and pastry store (Paul Chen swears it’s a very famous Taiwanese chain) one block away that brews a nice blend! Then back to the TCL for a traditional Chinese breakfast, various forms of steamed vegetables, noodles, hot sticky meat buns, peanuts, and boiled eggs. The hospital van was there at 7:50 to ... read more
Dr. Lao "Thumbs Up!"

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 19th 2013

May 20, 2013 (Chengdu) We're watching channel 4 live from OKC and seeing the rough weather everyone is under right now. Stay safe folks!... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 19th 2013

May 20, 2013 (Chengdu, China) Yesterday was largely taken up as a travel day getting to Chengdu and settling in to the Hotel Tian Chen Lou on Qing Hua Road. Our hosts graciously met and picked us up at the airport in two large hospital vans for a 30 minute drive to the hotel. The flight was uneventful, and our first impression of Chengdu is always from the air as we're landing - the air was much clearer than it usually is and we actually had some sunshine! The city is changing rapidly...while still under what appears to be a phenomenal construction boom, some of the infrastructure is now finished, the roads were good and it appeared greener than any of the other visits we'd been on. Nice to see. The hotel is a bit of ... read more
The Tien Chen Lou Hotel
Lobby at the TCL Hotel

Asia » Hong Kong May 19th 2013

May 19, 2013 (Hong Kong All checked in and ready to board at the HKG Airport. Built on the island of Chek Lap Kok, an island largely reclaimed specifically for the construction of the airport itself. We have a 3 hour flight to Chengdu and are all looking forward to meeting up with the SPPH ophthalmology team there. The airport is an impressive layout, one of the largest and busiest passenger and cargo airports in the world. Very new and modern, it has all the amenities one could wish for - from Jimmy Choo shoes to Swatch and Starbucks. We fly Air China, which from previous experience has always been a pleasant service oriented carrier...i.e. they serve lunch!... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak May 18th 2013

May 18, 2013 (Victoria's Peak, Hong Kong Island) As Dr. Farris likes to say - "its tradition". Around 5 PM local time we all met up at the Star Ferry landing on the Kowloon side to take the ferry over to Hong Kong island. Dominated by the world's 8th tallest office building - the 88 story International Finance Center, the Hong Kong skyline is an impressive endless line of high rise buildings. As the sun sets, the city's buildings are lit up with a variety of interesting and unique lighting schemes. Viewing this cityscape from Victoria's peak gives one a breathtaking view of the skyline. Many evenings the cloud layer is just above (sometimes just below) you, and the city lights reflect off the canvas of swirling mist and fog. The Peak has a viewing deck ... read more
View of the City

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 18th 2013

May 18, 2013 (Kowloon) After a great breakfast buffet in the hotel, we split into groups and did our own exploring of the Hong Kong area. It is quite warm, muggy and overcast - hot and humid! (30° C; 94% humidity). The CCEW team went up north of the city to see a Buddhist Temple of some repute. Dr. Farris took a group to wander through his Hong Kong 'hood'...those who've been here before know about Regal Jewellers and the Houston tailor shop. Next up for the group is dim sum - a style of Cantonese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim sum is typically served as fully cooked and ready-to-serve dishes carted around the restaurant for customers to choose their ... read more
Hong Kong Weather
The inimitable Peninsula Hotel
Paul and mangos

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