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Africa » Swaziland » Manzini March 16th 2014

Manzini, Swaziland (March 16, 2014) We are settled in the George Hotel in Manzini , and it is Sunday - our last "pre-work" day. Full team planning meetings begin tonight and then we start going out to join the HIV/AIDS task force to do homestead visits. We will break up into teams to bring HIV/AIDS patients food (nutrition is a big problem), conduct medical examinations for any medical issues they may be having and to simply spend time visiting with them. Teams of medical, pastoral and support personnel go out in "kombi" vans with buckets of food and a medical kit to patients that are part of the HIV/AIDS Task Force network. The visits are made to patients' homes and may be in towns or in remote homesteads. The group that is here is organized by ... read more
Colorful spin tops
Early Morning Poolside

Africa » Swaziland » Manzini March 15th 2014

Manzini (March 15, 2014) We spent the evening at a Celebration Dinner with a large group of Swazi leaders - partners with the Nazarene Mission here in Swaziland. This interesting group of church, education and medical leaders gave us an interesting glimpse into all that is going on in Swaziland. Of interest, we happened to arrive in Manzini on the day that the Prime Minister was getting married in the Stadium in Manzini - several of our hosts had been at the wedding earlier in the day. We were served a great traditional Swazi meal and entertained by a cappella songs performed by some very talented singers. If I can figure out how to upload to YouTube I'll send a glimpse of their performance.... read more

Africa » Swaziland » Manzini March 15th 2014

Manzini, Swaziland (March 15, 2014) We made it to Manzini from Johannesburg...traveling on the Megabus Tours large comfy bus rather than the Kombi's we usually use. It gave us quite a bit more leg room, room for the luggage and seats reclined nicely so those of us just a little shy of REM sleep could catch up. The border crossing between RSA and Swaziland was interesting - quite backed up from what we experienced in prior trips. We checked through en masse with 20 passports all in one pack. We stopped for lunch right inside the border at Ngwenya Glass company where the blow all kinds of glass objects made from old Coke bottles' glass. From there it was a short 50 km to Manzini and we've now checked into the George Hotel - familiar to ... read more
Border Crossing on RSA side
Immigration in the Kingdom
Market on Swazi side of border

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg March 14th 2014

Johannesburg, RSA (March 14, 2014) We've all arrived safely in Joburg, and gathered up our luggage, cleared immigration and customs, exchanged money and met Barbi Moore at the airport. We're staying the night at the City Lodge - not the one at the airport but a newer one just a couple of miles away. A Megabus picked us and our luggage up and now we're paired up and settling in to the hotel. Dinner tonight in about one hour, then we'll all crash I'm sure. We get up early for breakfast tomorrow and head out in vans to the George Hotel in Manzini, Swaziland. The trip was long and tedious, but uneventful. Its impressive how they are able to fill every seat in the plane these days. We arrived about 20 minutes ahead of schedule - ... read more
Waiting for DAL 200
How fast are we going?

Africa » South Africa » Limpopo March 14th 2014

Johannesburg, RSA. After a 15 hr flight we landed uneventfully in Joburg! Good to be here. All bags customs.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta March 13th 2014

Atlanta, GA - After a smooth flight and a rocky landing in the crosswind, we made it to Atlanta in great spirits. The residents think we're half way of two flights done. After a quick lunch, we split up and a few of us are at the Delta Sky Club courtesy of our fearless leader. Good place to relax, charge up and get some internet access...and Garrett popcorn. Three and half more hours and then some serious flying. Jacob has homework...fiendishly writing to finish before we board so he can download it to his professor. Still waiting for Paul Chen to join us from SFO. Then we'll be the Magnificent Seven!!... read more
Jacob, Evan and Blake
Sky Club on the Ground

North America » United States » Oklahoma March 13th 2014

Delta flight 5484 boarded and left OKC's Will Roger's World Airport (WRWA) on time...all seats full, seven of them with the DMEI contingent. Members of this years team are fronted by our fearless leader, Dr. Brad Farris - neuro-ophthalmologist extraordianaire, and well know in international circles as the Numbah Won Doctah! Myself and Dr. Don Stone are faculty members joining the team with two senior residents: Dr. Blake Isernhagen, winner of the People's Choice American Idol award when he joined us in China a few years ago; and Dr. Evan Allan- Chief Resident. Dr. Farris' son Jacob - a veteran of several Global Eye Care trips - is also along. He is finishing up his studies in international marketing at OU. When we get to Atlanta, we'll be meeting up with Dr. Paul Chen to round ... read more
1/30th of the way there!

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City March 13th 2014

March 13, 2014 (Oklahoma City) - There are advantages to getting to the airport early. Advantage #1: Easy Check in. No line up when I got here just after 7:00 am. Two friendly agents to greet and guide me. Ticket agent very interested in what we were doing (she goes to Costa Rica to do mission work). She didn't charge me to load up the my two a huge suitcase full of cataract surgical supplies. No line up at security and TSA√ made it a breeze. TSA Agent: "Do you travel a lot?" PLH: "Well sort of...I guess I do". Agent: "I've never seen a Canadian with TSA√!" PLH: "Now you have." :) Advantage #2: finishing up all the email tasks left over from yesterday. Advantage #3: Recharging everything possible! More soon.... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City March 12th 2014

March 12, 2014 (Oklahoma City) - I'm ba-a-a-ck! The Dean McGee Eye Institute's Global Eye Care Program (GECP) will be returning to Swaziland for another eye care mission trip leaving tomorrow. We are joining the Bethany Nazarene GO team for a fourth year, and look forward to evolving plans laid out in previous trips. In addition to the educational and clinical exchange program and the HIV/AIDS Task Force work, this year will include planning meetings with a national coalition of eye care providers, philanthropic organizations and Ministry of Health representatives to finalize and adopt a vision care plan for the country. Drafted by the GECP, the National Eye Care Plan adopts the tenets of the World Health Organization's VISION2020 Plan to eliminate preventable blindness in Swaziland. We'll keep you posted on developments as we go along...ou ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu May 27th 2013

May 24, 2013 (Chengdu) One of the restaurants we went to on Wednesday night had traditional Sichuan cuisine, served to traditional live Chinese music. There was this guy hanging around in a bright yellow outfit, long mullet haircut with a teapot with a long (I mean long) needle nosed spout. He didn't do much until the end of the meal when he came out to entertain us with a routine - part dance, part physical prowess, part intimidation - spinning and gyrating with the teapot, launching it toward unsuspecting clients, just to catch it before it caught anyone, and then deftly pouring tea (behind the back, backward over his get the picture). A Chinese version of a slam dunk contest!... read more
Pouring tea the hard way
Over the top...
Spot of tea?

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