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30th May 2019

Nursing Hospital
Very impressive clinical facility!
From Blog: Hospital Options
27th May 2019

I’ve seen those dolls before on some other Japanese travel vlogs. Such an interesting way to display the shabu shabu/meat for hot pot! That overhead shot of the broth is just stunning. Did you dare venture into the other circle? So many hot peppers!
24th May 2019

Somehow your blogs went to my junk mail--I am now enjoying the opportunity to follow the trip--thanks for the great pictures and dialogue--see you next week!
24th May 2019

The photographs of the peacock dancer alone are mesmerizing. Must have been quite the performance.
24th May 2019

Peacock Dancer
I'll send you the video when I get back!!
24th May 2019

REM sleep or not, I'm sure the bus ride was very safe!
From Blog: Trip to Yangon
24th May 2019

Back in 2008 I would've been too immature and squeamish to try most of the food you've been eating... these days reading your blog has my mouth watering!!!
From Blog: Panzihua Hot Pot
21st May 2019
Dr. Venincasa Examines a Patient

Photo Request
I would love to have photos 3, 6, and 7 for magazine use. We will give you photo credit. Thanks!
20th May 2019

Can't decide which I like better--streaks of dawn or the water lilies.
20th May 2019

My mouth is WATERING!!!!
From Blog: Mushroom Hotpot
18th May 2019

Wow! Does that remind me of Paraguay and Belize!
From Blog: Xichang
17th May 2019

From Blog: Mushroom Hotpot
17th May 2019

My memories of Chengdu don't quite recall so much beautiful green. Wishing I could insert the heart-eyed emoji here... is that so millennial of me?
17th May 2019

I'll take it!
17th May 2019

Chengdu looks absolutely gorgeous! Really enjoying these updates. Hope Chengdu 2019 goes well!
17th May 2019
Huanhuaxi Park

a far cry from Beijing's airpocalypse days
15th May 2019

have a great trip
can't wait to hear all about it!
15th May 2019

Safe Travels!
Looking forward to hearing all about your trip, Lloyd!
20th November 2018
Welcome sign

Awesome !
Doing good work in India! Good for you! Awesome pictures. Miss you and have a great Thanksgiving !
10th May 2017

Good work
Hi Lloyd, So thankful you are able to help so many people with their eye problems. Mom
6th May 2017

Sono contenta di averlo fatto in modo sicuro. Godere!
From Blog: Leaving NYC
4th May 2017

JetSet blogger
Merci de nous garder au courant. C'est toujours agréable de te lire.
From Blog: Leaving NYC
16th April 2016

Wish I was there, too!
Maisy and I were in Chengdu last November to bring home our baby girl, Poppy! We met wonderful people, saw the pandas, ate some awesome hotpot and took in the opera! Maisy will be so excited that "her Doctor H." is bringing sight to the blind in a city (and country) that we love! Safe travels!
21st September 2015

Sounds horrible :( Sorry you had a bad experience with that 15 hour flight!
From Blog: Launching
21st September 2015

how many cows?
Hi dad! Finally getting a chance to really sit down and read everything. Can't wait to see you!

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