A guy going on the big trip to Brazil Argentina and Chile.

South America » Argentina » Río Negro » El Bolsón March 23rd 2008

El Bolson is a hippie town near Bariloche. We arrive to town to visit the market which happens on Saturday and maybe go on a trek in the area. Before the market we went to eat some pizza (Yael was very hungry and REFUSED to shop before eating). In a small place near the market we ate the best pizza on the trip so far. As it was still a holiday the market was really big and colorful with lots of vendors and shoppers. After shopping for a whole afternoon we decided a trek called ¨Hielo Azul¨ (blue ice) would be our next adventure. The ¨Hielo Azul¨trek is a 3 day trek to a glacier and to see the azul river which is crystal clear. The first two days of the trek were a bit disappointing ... read more
The woods
A small Lagoon on the way
More blue than this does not exist

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral March 13th 2008

1. Go to the most deserted place in the Carattera 2. Raise your finger 3. Wait 4. When it gets dark, build a tent (Pasta for dinner is recommended) 5. Wake up early to catch the morning rides (all those early waking truck drivers, there are lots you know...) 6. Realize there is car around you for at least 50km in every direction. 7. Get a bus back to where you started from so that you can leave the damn caraterra already. The Carratera Austral is a long road from the north of Chile to the lake district in central Chile. The road is bad, but is very beautiful. We thought about renting a car but the prices were high, and the fine of returning in a different place then the pickup was even higher. That ... read more
View from the ferry
First and only ride
In the beginning

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén March 10th 2008

We arrived to Chalten in order to do the Fitz-Roy Trek. The Chalten town is a dead end in the middle of no where. Before entering the town the local sheriff (AKA park ranger - or so he claims) lectures about to keep the park clean and the ice water fresh (don't piss in the river. And I am talking especially to you Israelis). If the ¨Torres Del Paine¨was the Torres of pain, this trek is definitely a ¨Sisi Trek¨. 3 hours up, hour of climbing in the morning to see the sunrise, and 3 hours back down. even though, it was a beautiful trek. It was probably the best effort to sights value a trek can give. As usually many Israeli did the trek in the same time, most of them were people we already ... read more
Yael with her bag
From the mirador
Cool Eyal

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Punta Arenas March 7th 2008

Punta Arenas is almost in the end of the world. We went to see penguins, sea lions and sea elephants. The main problem with this plan was the unpredictable weather. The animals are on two islands which are between the pacific and Atlantic ocean and thus the waves are somewhat unpredictable and could cause problems in reaching the islands. Luckly we ended up with great weather (tfu tfu tfu bli emunot tfelot) and reached the islands on a large speed boat (filled with mostly israelis of course - like everything here). The first island was Marta which was filled with sea lions and sea elefants on its shore and cormorants birds on its top. The noise was enormous. The next island was the Magdallena island which was covered with lots and lots of penguins (even more ... read more
Sea lions
Dugman Habit

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine March 2nd 2008

Our next venture was the W trek in torres del Paine reserve, or like some people call it ¨Torres of Pain¨. This reserve is as big as the whole tel aviv area full with lakes and mountains. Like every good israelis we went to hear what Juan has to say about the trek and decided to do the W backwards. This is a 4 day trek with the last two days hiking with full equipment. The trail was full of people and mostly israelis so we had lots of company and it felt like a high school trip (except the carrying all that weight). The first day was to the Gray glacier (which was actually blue). It is a 11 km walk (of which yael stopped after nine where Eyal did the rest running) back and ... read more
From the ferry
Happy in the beginning of the walk
Gray glacier parts

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate February 29th 2008

On the 28th Yael landed and started her trip with me. I guess this blog now belongs to both of us :) On the following day we took the tour to Perito Moreno, the crashing glacier. We saw it from afar for 3 hours and waited for parts of it to fall into the water while eating sandwiches. When parts of the glacier crashed down we were usually late for the camera and no photograph was taken. It was however very impressive. Later that day we took a ferry to take a closer look at the glacier where we saw the parts crash down from a closer point of view, where we were told that about 30 people were previously killed by the ice falling down in the last 3 years (don't worry mom it was ... read more
Crash boom bang
On the cruise

What has not been said about bariloche? It is a town built on the lake when in the horizon there are mountains covered with snow. The meat here is so good that there is no need to check anything else. The main problem remains the deserts, what do you choose the wonderful ice cream, the superb chocolate or the amazing alfajores. I arrived here on the 18th and will be leaving on my flight on the 27th to El Calafate. All this time i am spending in a hostel call Estacion Sur where the owner martin is a great guy. We have asado nights once every three or four days, he tells us the best places to go to and what treks are best to do. On my first day here i met a girl that ... read more
ghosts in the dark
Laguna Negra
Laguna Negra from afar

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón February 12th 2008

We arrived to Pucon and went strait to the hostel of the israeli guy there - Gidon. He looks like a slick guy that will do anything for your money, but in fact he was very nice and helped us a lot. On the second day there we climbed the volcano Villarrica which was hard to do but the way down sliding on the snow in snow sleds was great and was worth the effort (not to mention the great view). The next day we left for the Villarrica Traverse trek. With the help of Gidon we arranged a car to take us to the start of the trek along with two other israelis (total of 5 guys). On the way there the two guys (Alon and Viko) remembered they forgot to move their flight schedule ... read more
Villarrica Mountain from the bottom
Alon and I with gear on
Top to the Villarrica

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