Blue Jay


Blue Jay

Why do we like to travel? I think that the answer changes from place to place that we visit. Sometimes it is for new experiences. Sometimes it is to enjoy weird and exotic foods. Sometimes it is to visit various natural wonders. Sometimes it is to see places that we have only read about in books and seen on TV. Sometimes it is to see birds and animals they we have never seen before. Most often it is a combination of the above😊.

And most importantly because we think it is a lot of fun!

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town September 10th 2012

After waking up the first thing that we do is go to the roof terrace for a panoramic view of the area. On the way up we notice the drawings on the wall of the Manor throughout its history. The views from the top are beautiful and we enjoy the cool and sunny weather until we have to go down for breakfast. Today we have more time to examine the interior decorations which are quite interesting. We wander around until we find the breakfast room where for the first time in some time we can order something different than eggs - crepes and pancakes. Before leaving the room we enjoy the views from the terrace... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town September 9th 2012

This is the last morning in Africa outside of Cape Town and we eat our eggs (what else?) on the terrace overlooking the bay. Unfortunately the cat doesn't do a repeat visit of the laptop bag while we check the weather forecast and are a bit dismayed by the fact that there is a 50% chance of rain for the day. As we start to move the luggage to the car we see a bit of movement in the foliage next to our door and checking a bit more carefully we discover that a penguin overnighted there and is unhappy that we discovered him. He does all kind of movements which should be threatening but we think are quite cute. Now we know why we heard donkey-like noises all night in front of our door. photo=729055 ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape September 8th 2012

After a night during which we woke up a few times to the braying of penguins both in front and behind our room we went out to the nearby terrace restaurant where we had our free breakfast. The view was nice and the food was good but the most interesting encounter was the hotel cat coming and sitting in our laptop case. We had to use the laptop here given that the Wifi connection was not working in the room but at least we got as a prize a black cat. The cat was very friendly and did not want to leave the laptop case until the server decided to take her away. Afterwards we went to the nearby gift shop which had quite a few interesting gift ideas most of them related to penguins and ... read more

Africa » South Africa September 7th 2012

After waking up we start packing and then go to breakfast which is a bit later in South Africa compared to Namibia. We are the first people in the breakfast room so we get very personal service in the small breakfast room. There is also a small souvenir shop with interesting souvenirs including rooibos tea. Everywhere on our trip we had rooibos tea for breakfast so being in the heart of the rooibos producing area we splurged on a few packs of tea. Stepping outside we have time to admire the bird feeding area with lots of interesting birds and the huge tame parrot that is the mascot of the inn. There are also the three dogs that try to eat the scraps that fall from above when not running outside to play in the main ... read more

Africa » South Africa September 6th 2012

In the morning it is getting warmer and after packing we first walk around the house and then do a short hike on the hiking trail near the house. The flowers are opening and it looks beautiful as we walk through the meadows. There are quite a few different flowers but most of them are drowned out by whatever dominant flower is in the area - in this case yellow flowers. We stop a few times to take close ups of some of the more interesting flowers on the trail. After the short hike we drive to the main building for brea... read more

Africa » Namibia September 5th 2012

We are awoken by the birds that overnighted in our bungalow as they sing for a short while and then leave. After about an hour we also go outside and walk the 10 min walk to the main cabin for breakfast. The red mountains are nicely illuminated by the rising sun and there are birds in almost every tree chirping and looking active. The lodge has one of the largest breakfast rooms that we have seen on this trip however the offer is very similar a buffet plus an a la carte egg dish. There is a nice large mural on the wall next to us showing the area that we have driven through the prior day and we can even see the ruined train stations where we stopped on our way. However what we like ... read more

Africa » Namibia September 4th 2012

Waking up there is still time till breakfast so we take a short hike up the closest mountain to get a better view of the farm and the surrounding area. We see the goats again, this time cooped up in an enclosure and the mountains are illuminated beautifully by the sunrise. There are birds waking up and chirping in the bushes. The breakfast is buffet style and quite good and then we leave going south. However before leaving the farm we pay a closer visit to the goats and take a few close up pictures. The dirt road is empty of other cars but we notice quite a few ostriches enjoying the spring and some o... read more

Africa » Namibia September 3rd 2012

As we wake up in the morning we are surprised to see two balloons in the distance just starting to rise towards the sky. For one we can see how it is filled with hot air before being launched. Our deck appears to be a magnet for various birds singing or just preening. As we finish packing we enjoy a nice sunrise, this time from our cabin and not from the road as the day before before going to breakfast. As usual the breakfast consists of eggs and a buffet of various cheeses and hams and fruit juices and is quite good. Afterwards we try to get a porter to carry our bags to the shuttle as we were instructed to do but in the end we decide to carry them as it is easy on ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei September 2nd 2012

Today we wake up early, at what has been previously 5 AM, but unfortunately in Namibia it was the night of the daylight savings change and it is actually 6 AM according to the new time. Luckily both our kayaking guide and the receptionist at the lodge mentioned this else we would have been surprised by the change. We get our breakfast pack and start driving towards Sossusvlei, first on the private road of the lodge and then on the paved road. As a background the road between the gate and the end of the paved road is about 50km long and you are not allowed on it until after sunrise unless you stay inside the park as we did. In that case you can leave early and drive stress free and catch the sunrise over ... read more

Africa » Namibia September 1st 2012

Today there is no hurry so we wake up later and eat the regular breakfast out on the terrace. There are lots of birds singing in the trees around us which is quite enjoyable. Again we eat eggs but at least we had a break the previous day. After that we pack and start south towards Walvis Bay and then SE towards Sesriem our next stop where there is a huge accesible field of sand dunes which is well known in Namibia. Passing through Swakopmund we take a few more photos of the town including of the lighthouse as we have to pass through the entire city again. Right after leaving Swakopmund in the direction of Walvis Bay we notice a row of camels close to the road, probably a tour of the dunes in the ... read more

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