Ewa Forowicz & Carl Nordstrand


Ewa Forowicz & Carl Nordstrand

Africa » Kenya April 16th 2011

The end is near… We have about ten days before we have to go back. Ten days is still enough time for a lot to happen so I’m not going to summarize anything yet. However I am going to tell you how we have been spending our last few weeks and how we are most likely going to spend the days that are left. We left Nairobi to Momabasa (as I have already mentioned) and we ended up staying three nights in a small Hotel next to a mosque in central Mombasa. We didn’t do much in Mombasa, apart from walking around the old part of the city and looking at souvenirs. However one of the days we decided to go south of Mombasa to one of the beaches. Having no idea of what places were ... read more

Africa » Kenya March 19th 2011

So we have left Uganda behind us. We took the bus from Jinja to Nakuru and stayed there for two nights before we headed off to Nairobi. The first impression of Kenya wasn’t good. It took us sooooo long to cross the border and nobody informed us where we had to go to find our bus again, so we came last and the driver was a bit upset. But once we arrived in Nakuru we were blessed with a beautiful sight… a normal Supermarket. Not one owned by Indians which only has weird imported things, but a normal supermarket chain filled with normal, “European” things. Then on the way to Nairobi we came across another godsend, a taxi-bus that actually only took as many people as there were seats!!!! (Don’t get me wrong Kenya has its ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja March 8th 2011

Last day in Uganda. What will I never delete from my memory? • Riding on an old, rusty Boda- boda (motorcycle) with two more passengers without helmet and on a sketchy, dusty road where you would normally only use a 4WD- car or quad. • Delicious chapatti and African chai. I love it more than pizza! • Traditional, lovely and colorful dresses worn by all Ugandan ladies. Even women selling potatoes or working in the field look quite amazing with their almost carnival outfits. • Hundreds and hundreds of children playing on the streets and greeting us every time we walk by. However, leaving our new African family and new established NGO is thousands of times more difficult than leaving Uganda. We did a great deal of work. Within two months we managed to create the ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja March 4th 2011

The reason why neither of us has written anything in the last few weeks is because we haven’t had internet at home. We don’t know if it’s because our hosts have failed to pay the bill or if the internet company have done some mistake or both, it’s quite difficult to get any straight answers. Nevertheless you haven’t missed all that much. We haven’t gone on any more excursions or done much sightseeing. We have mainly been working. The reason why we have spent so much time working is that we are planning on leaving next week and want to get everything done. Our main project has been the new webpage. We have pretty much been writing the entire content, taken all the pictures and formulated the composition. Now it’s all in the hands of our ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja February 15th 2011

We have been working hard the last few days. We have two big ongoing projects that we have taken responsibility over. The first is as the organization has changed name from Uganda Children’s Hope Foundation to the Giving Circle Africa, then we are launching a new webpage. The UCHF was a Community Based Organization, but the GCA is intended to be a Non Governmental Organization and therefore there has been some restructuring, mainly spearheaded by Ewa and I. So we thought that a new and fresh webpage was a good start. So we are in the process of getting all the content done by the end of the week and then we will have our ‘webpage guy’ set it up. So hopefully we will have it running by the end of next week. The second project ... read more

Africa » Uganda February 8th 2011

We went on our second little adventure this weekend, this time a little further than last time. We took the taxibus from Jinja to Mbale, and what was supposed to be a 2 hour drive turned into a 3 hour nightmare. The best thing with these taxibuses is that on the outside of each of them it says “Licensed to carry a maximum of 14 persons”, yet we have not seen one with less than 20 passengers. This time we were 25 people in the taxi and one goat! It’s all about making money and the passengers are treated like cattle more than anything else. They want as many in as possible and the bus needs to be full all the time or the driver will not go. So half way to Mbale we stopped in ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja February 4th 2011

I’ve been writing a lot about some of the activities that we have been doing. So this time I thought I would write a little more about the everyday life here in Uganda, more specifically my sleeping habits, or lack there of. I have always thought of Africa as quite a hectic place, specially the cities. But I thought one could easily find places to escape and relax. Well I’ve been here for nearly three weeks and I haven’t found any peace yet. There is always some noise screeching in your ears. This would be a typical day described in its acoustic form: 05.00 The roosters start their morning call. It’s like they are greeting each other. Our rooster starts, the neighbors’ answers, then another joins in and so on. 06.00 Ewas alarm goes off and ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja February 4th 2011

My feet are killing me! Apparently they are not as resilient as the locals. I was invited to play football with some of the boys from the village. Playing football here means barefoot on a pitch that is a mixture of dry grass, dirt and stones. So in other words murder for my feet. But it was a lot of fun. We started off playing “piggy in the middle” until many more came and we started playing a match. The goal was a brick that you needed to knock over in order to score. Nobody took the time to learn my name, or even speak English so I could understand. The only thing I could understand was “Mzungu” which means “white man” (person), and it was often followed by a collective laugh. But don’t think I ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja February 3rd 2011

Work from 8 till 16 in an air conditioned office with a bunch of young professionals eager to put their ideas into action? NOT HERE. We wake up as early as the roosters start to crow and without even thinking of having breakfast we focus on work. Many things to plan, organize, write, prepare, think through and talk over! We’ve been thrown in at the deep end. The organization is quite young so it doesn’t have any structure. The responsibility for drawing up the statute, introducing policies and dividing competences among the bodies of organization forces me to treat this work very seriously. Carl’s work isn’t much easier – on one hand he works on issues linked to budget and on the other – he tries to create a business model. How is everything going? Not ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja January 31st 2011

Let me introduce you someone really special to me. Alien - a 3-years-old princess who cries the most and laughs the most of the whole family. She is one of 30 kids who live with us under the same roof. An orphanage can seem a sad place, but because of Alien it’s the most alive place on the earth. I have gotten used to calling her Princess. Why? Because even barefoot, sitting on the ground and playing with a stick she has a sort of elegant grace about her and above all she loves attention. She wants sweets, she wants to be carried, she wants to see everything and she wants to be hugged. If she doesn’t get what she wants – be careful – because she could scare the biggest lion in Africa with her ... read more

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